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24 April 2015, 07:59 PM ET
Pigs are mammals with stocky bodies, flat snouts, small eyes and large ears. They are highly intelligent, social animals, and are found all over the world.
24 April 2015, 06:44 PM ET
Dr. Oz may need a "miracle cure" of his own if he wants to keep his job. More than 700 doctors say he should resign from his post, an ongoing poll finds.
24 April 2015, 06:40 PM ET
The happiest country in the world isn't in the tropics, and rather than sunshine and beautiful beaches it is known for snowy peaks and delicious chocolate.
24 April 2015, 06:37 PM ET
Every year, the United Nations releases their world happiness report, with this year's index revealing changes in well-being for 158 countries. Here's a look at a list of the happiest and saddest countries.
24 April 2015, 04:31 PM ET
Too much time spent sitting at work and during off hours may increase women's risk of breast and endometrial cancer, a new study from Sweden suggests.
24 April 2015, 04:20 PM ET
Peering into the planet's tiniest ecosystems, under rocks and in our guts.
24 April 2015, 03:20 PM ET
A large melanoma tumor on a woman's chest disappeared so quickly that it left a gaping hole in its place after she received a new treatment containing two melanoma drugs, a new case report finds.
24 April 2015, 03:03 PM ET
Ancient people on Rapa Nui may have rolled giant headdresses onto the tops of giant statues on the island, new research suggests.
24 April 2015, 01:44 PM ET
While the LAWS debate in Geneva was deeper and richer than previous discussions, key definitions – which are needed to word a protocol to restrict them – remain unclear and up for continued debate.
24 April 2015, 12:57 PM ET
A United Nations study shows that the United States ranks 15th in happiness.
24 April 2015, 11:39 AM ET
A juvenile male pocket shark has been identified from the Gulf of Mexico offshore Louisiana. The tiny shark has an orifice above its fin that may secrete either mate-attracting pheromones or a luminous substance.
24 April 2015, 11:37 AM ET
We rounded up a total of 21 GPS watches to find the ones that work best for runners, triathletes and everyone in between. Here are our top picks.
24 April 2015, 11:05 AM ET
Chinese scientists have edited the genomes of human embryos for the first time, confirming a storm of rumors and igniting an ethical debate, news outlets reported yesterday.
24 April 2015, 10:04 AM ET
Scientists have identified a pocket shark that was collected from the Gulf of Mexico, only the second specimen in this genus ever reported, they say. Here are images of the teensy shark.
24 April 2015, 07:07 AM ET
The Hubble Space Telescope is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Here are some of the most amazing photos taken by the iconic observatory.
24 April 2015, 07:07 AM ET
Men with male pattern baldness may be at increased risk of dying from prostate cancer, a new study suggests.
24 April 2015, 06:54 AM ET
Earthquakes threaten roughly half the U.S. population, or more than 143 million people, a new study finds. That number rises when Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico are included.
24 April 2015, 03:59 AM ET
Placing infants in car seats and other sitting devices for naps may put their lives in danger, according to a new study.
23 April 2015, 07:35 PM ET
The Forerunner 620 tracks advanced metrics that serious runners will certainly find useful.
23 April 2015, 07:02 PM ET
People who breathe polluted air every day may have smaller brains, and a higher risk for "silent strokes," researchers say.
23 April 2015, 05:31 PM ET
For many of us, spring has arrived when the songbirds return.
23 April 2015, 05:29 PM ET
An Indiana woman's brain tumor that turned out to contain hair bone and teeth has been dubbed an "embryonic twin," but experts say that such tumors are not really twins, nor embryos.
23 April 2015, 04:15 PM ET
Spring is here, but subtle shifts in timing are having not-so-subtle impacts on wildlife.
23 April 2015, 03:20 PM ET
The limitations in a technique of human-genome editing make it too dangerous to use in human embryos at this point, many experts say.
23 April 2015, 03:10 PM ET
Next month, the New York State Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether two research chimpanzees, named Hercules and Leo, should be considered persons, not property, entitled to the same rights as humans.
23 April 2015, 02:50 PM ET
The recent outbreaks of whooping cough in the United States may be due, in part, to a change made two decades ago to vaccine ingredients, a new study finds.
23 April 2015, 02:34 PM ET
A Columbia University oceanographer calls on drones to help study ice melt.
23 April 2015, 02:02 PM ET
A giant blob-shaped reservoir of searing hot rock has been discovered far below the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park, one that could fill the Grand Canyon more than 11 times over.
23 April 2015, 02:00 PM ET
Modern humans may have arrived in Western Europe at about the same time as Neanderthals went extinct there, according to fossil teeth. The findings suggest modern humans caused the demise of Neanderthals, either directly or indirectly.
23 April 2015, 01:03 PM ET
An NSF funded team of University of Utah seismologists has discovered a reservoir of hot, partly molten rock hidden 12-28 miles beneath ellowstone’s supervolcano. The magma could fill the 1000 cubic-mile-Grand Canyon more than 11 times.
23 April 2015, 11:18 AM ET
The swollen red bottom of a female balloon may not be the signal of sexual fitness that researchers thought it was.
23 April 2015, 10:40 AM ET
The Garmin Forerunner 10 is a GPS wristwatch that tracks distance, elevation, pace and calories for walkers and runners.
23 April 2015, 10:22 AM ET
New earthquake hazard maps released today highlight 17 hotspots where communities face a significantly higher risk of earthquakes.
23 April 2015, 10:12 AM ET
Who hasn't dreamed of having an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter's? While these don't yet exist in reality, it is possible to give people the illusion that they're invisible, new research suggests.
23 April 2015, 09:59 AM ET
Lightweight spring and clutch mechanism, attached to the lower-leg, augments calf muscles and achilles tendon to boost walking efficiency about 7 percent. This test article paves the way for a whole class of assistance technologies.
23 April 2015, 09:36 AM ET
When 11-month-old babies were shown surprising situations. – such as a ball appearing to go through a wall – they quickly tried to test it themselves.