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23 June 2014, 10:35 AM ET
Fishermen captured video of the lengthy shark off the coast of New Jersey as it stole their chum bag hanging on the side of the boat.
22 June 2014, 04:37 PM ET
The shocking news that Satao, the much-loved African Elephant who lvied in Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park, has been killed and butchered for his tusks highlights once again the terrible and unsustainable toll of poaching elephants for their ivory.
20 June 2014, 04:50 PM ET
Good news for great whites: The sharks are on the rise off both the east and west coasts of the United States, two new studies show.
20 June 2014, 03:37 PM ET
There are more than 3,000 species of snakes in the world and there is at least one type of snake on every continent except Antarctica.
20 June 2014, 01:46 PM ET
Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society, of the United States talks about the benefits of having dogs come to work with their owners.
20 June 2014, 01:05 AM ET
Meat-producer Cargill has decided gestation crates have no place in farming.
19 June 2014, 11:20 PM ET
Jaguars are large cats that can be found in North, Central and South America. They are identified by their yellow or orange coats, dark spots and short legs.
19 June 2014, 07:09 PM ET
Move over Triceratops: There's a new horned dinosaur in town, and its cranial ornamentation is even more impressive than the three-horned dinosaur the world has come to know and love.
19 June 2014, 07:46 AM ET
A major oil and gas company has pledged to stop plumbing for oil in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, after the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and United States authorities pressured the firm to halt operations in the region.
18 June 2014, 11:52 PM ET
Crayfish, like honeybees, show human-like responses to stress and anxiety.
18 June 2014, 06:44 PM ET
After returning to the lower Colorado River in 2012 after a 22-year absence, the endangered razorback sucker fish is now spawning in Grand Canyon National Park.
18 June 2014, 05:00 PM ET
Scientists have found spiders that hunt fish on every continent except Antarctica.
18 June 2014, 05:00 PM ET
A surprising number of spiders quite literally fish for their meals. In fact, a new scientific review found that fish-eating spiders live on every continent except Antarctica.
18 June 2014, 11:13 AM ET
Not all sauropod dinosaurs were long-necked giants. Now, researchers have found miniature fossils that belonged to adult sauropods, revealing the processes that led to dwarf dinosaurs.
18 June 2014, 10:00 AM ET
Oxytocin — a chemical commonly known as the "love hormone" — might help strengthen the bond between man and his best friend: the dog.
18 June 2014, 09:53 AM ET
A bachelor party hiking in New Mexico stumbled across a 3-million-year-old stegomastodon skull, the prehistoric ancestor of mammoths and elephants. The skull is one of the most complete mastodon fossils ever discovered.
17 June 2014, 09:02 PM ET
Rats can recognize the what-might-have-been.
17 June 2014, 06:04 PM ET
From Shakespearean sonnets to impassioned speeches to lovers' whispers, human language is an amazingly rich form of expression, whose evolution has long puzzled scientists.
17 June 2014, 01:03 PM ET
The club of fellatio-loving animals just gained a new member: bears. Scientists have observed a pair of male brown bears in captivity in Croatia that regularly engaged in oral sex over several years.
17 June 2014, 09:32 AM ET
Male zebra finches prefer to form lifelong pair bonds with other males if they're raised by their dad alone, new research shows. This mate choice is likely the result of males "imprinting" on their fathers, researchers say.
16 June 2014, 07:09 PM ET
Four new foals have been born from frozen horse embryos, which could enable selective breeding programs in the future.
16 June 2014, 03:01 PM ET
Female spiders that live socially in colonies may adopt "warrior" or "nanny" roles, similar to how insects can form soldier and worker castes, researchers say. These findings could shed light on how differences in personalities can help divide up labor.
16 June 2014, 07:59 AM ET
A bachelor party came across a part of the the fossilized skull sticking out of the sand at Elephate Butte State Park.
13 June 2014, 08:02 PM ET
Training's not just for dogs — with the right approach, your "problem" cat can be trained to behave.
13 June 2014, 04:48 PM ET
An ancient ancestor to the Arctic fox has been unearthed in Tibet, lending credence to the notion that ice-age mammals fanned out from the plateau.
13 June 2014, 01:17 PM ET
Peru's Amazon rainforest is extensively contaminated from decades of oil and gas drilling, researchers reported.
13 June 2014, 11:48 AM ET
They're baaack — in zoos around the world, animals are taking to the field — or at least, the tank or the food bin — to predict the results of World Cup games.
13 June 2014, 10:21 AM ET
Don't forget the small Owl Monkey Dads on Father's Day. According to Stony Brook University Professor Patricia Wright, fathers within this and other small monkey species are very devoted to their offspring.
13 June 2014, 09:42 AM ET
In a display of cruelty to animals, a coyote is shot 3 or 4 times and then the hunter released his hounds on the defenseless animal.In a display of cruelty to animals, a coyote is shot 3 or 4 times and then the hunter released his hounds on the defen
13 June 2014, 08:29 AM ET
More than a million years ago, hippopotamuses paddled across a shallow pool in the region that's now northern Kenya, occasionally scraping their feet on the sandy bottom. Today, researchers have fossil evidence of the hippos' fleeting swim.
13 June 2014, 03:55 AM ET
Patricia Wright of Stoney Brook University explains why owl monkeys are devoted fathers and nocturnal.

12 June 2014, 03:59 PM ET
The ancestors of humans and chimpanzees may have begun genetically diverging from one another 13 million years ago, more than twice as long ago as had been widely thought, shedding new light on the process of human evolution, researchers say.