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02 April 2015, 04:22 PM ET
Joni Mitchell has said she suffers from the strange and controversial condition called Morgellons disease.
02 April 2015, 01:48 PM ET
Americans who travel abroad are bringing back a multidrug-resistant stomach bug that has caused several outbreaks in the United States in the past year.
02 April 2015, 12:48 PM ET
Engineers at the University of California-Berkely are developing sensors to detect signs of tissue damage before they fully develop. They also hope to develop a pen-sized version of the 'bandage' for nurses to use for spot checking patients.
02 April 2015, 12:20 PM ET
Researchers find that when remembering words, our brain ignores how the word sounds or how it is spelled. We just how the letters of the word look together.
01 April 2015, 05:56 PM ET
A man in Arkansas suffered kidney failure after drinking too much iced tea for many years.
01 April 2015, 05:47 PM ET
North Shore-LIJ Health System's Dr. Jill Maura Rabin breaks down the most common misconceptions. A study of over 6000 babies has shown that breast feeding leads to higher IQ and higher earning potential.
01 April 2015, 04:48 PM ET
The world's oldest person, a 117-year-old woman in Japan named Misao Okawa, died today. Okawa was born on March 5, 1898, and died of heart failure just a few weeks after celebrating her birthday.
01 April 2015, 02:40 PM ET
Night owls may enjoy staying up late, but their belated bedtimes may be a detriment to their health in middle age, a new study finds.
01 April 2015, 07:28 AM ET
A trumpet player learned he had a rare medical condition that revealed itself only while he was playing the brass, according to a new report of the man's case.
01 April 2015, 03:02 AM ET
Everyone needs to unwind, but we don't all do it in the same way. Among the 50 states, it is people in West Virginia who most commonly report taking mood-altering drugs to help them relax, whereas Alaskans are the least likely to say the same, a new poll
31 March 2015, 08:54 PM ET
With this in mind, it makes sense that our bodies' cells could perform well under the harsh conditions of feast and famine.
31 March 2015, 07:01 PM ET
A mysterious condition that gives the tongue a mottled appearance that can sometimes resemble a map of the continents has long baffled scientists, but new research may offer some clues to its causes.
31 March 2015, 04:24 PM ET
Pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks and is divided into three stages, or trimesters, each with unique symptoms and changes in the mother's body and in fetal development.
31 March 2015, 01:48 PM ET
Warning: Graphic Images. Using magnets outside the patient’s body, surgeons can guide small devices within the abdomen thanks to a team of mechanical engineers from Vanderbilt University.
31 March 2015, 06:30 AM ET
It's no secret that we get more wrinkles on our faces as we age. But now, researchers have developed a 3D analysis of the face that can guess your age within a few years, based on your face alone.
31 March 2015, 03:19 AM ET
Children who try a sip of alcohol as pre-teens are more likely to start drinking before high school, a new study suggests.
30 March 2015, 09:47 PM ET
The U.S. could have seen more than a dozen Ebola cases monthly during the height of the epidemic last year, according to a new study.
30 March 2015, 07:24 PM ET
A wound-healing medicine that is suspended in nanoparticles could dramatically help wounds heal faster, researchers say.
30 March 2015, 07:00 PM ET
For men having fertility problems, consuming lots of pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables may be bad news, a new study suggests.
30 March 2015, 04:29 PM ET
The Mio Fuse is a new fitness tracker and training device from Mio Global, a company known for wrist-worn heart-rate monitors.
30 March 2015, 01:37 PM ET
Children and teens from poorer families show differences in their brains compared with wealthier children, a new analysis of MRI scans reveals.
27 March 2015, 06:12 PM ET
Investigators may never know exactly why Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz carried out what is believed to have been a deliberate plane crash in the French Alps on Tuesday, but mental health experts say that any mental illness that Lubitz may have had i
27 March 2015, 04:04 PM ET
A system that records the sounds of every breath and snore you utter while sleeping may offer an alternative to clinical sleep-tracking technology, new research suggests.
27 March 2015, 04:02 PM ET
From focused proton beams to the positioning of patients, new approaches to radiation therapy are transforming cancer care.
27 March 2015, 01:17 PM ET
A group of leading biologists earlier this month called for a halt to the use of a powerful new gene editing technique on humans.
27 March 2015, 12:54 PM ET
If antibiotic resistance develops in one bacterial species in an environment, there’s a good chance other bacteria can pick up that resistance as well and this is a problem for humans.
26 March 2015, 07:27 PM ET
Take a look inside the most complex structure in the universe.
26 March 2015, 04:36 PM ET
Science will ultimately understand the brain, no longer a mysterious "black box" for the mind.
26 March 2015, 02:51 PM ET
The Garmin Swim's best features include its ability to track every part of a swim workout, even drills that don’t require you to take strokes.
26 March 2015, 02:00 PM ET
The Ebola virus that is causing the current outbreak in West Africa is not mutating as quickly as earlier reports had suggested, a new study finds. This finding helps allay fears that the virus could change into a more infectious or deadly form.
26 March 2015, 12:25 PM ET
The human brain is the command center for the human nervous system.
26 March 2015, 11:58 AM ET
You need pond scum, desert-dwelling microbes and other seemingly useless creatures more than you probably think. Pure 'curiosity' research is advancing the quest to understand how brains — including your own — actually work.