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18 July 2014, 02:33 AM ET
Natural or bioidentical hormones are plant-derived products closely resembling the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone produced in the body, but not only is the term bioidentical in this context a misnomer, the products pose a serious safety risk.
17 July 2014, 05:24 PM ET
A Florida man may be the first person to become infected with the mosquito-borne virus chikungunya within the United States, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have announced.
17 July 2014, 04:00 PM ET
People feel a stronger urge to drink more alcohol when their drink contains an energy drink, along with alcohol, a new study finds.
17 July 2014, 04:01 AM ET
In treating influenza patients, doctors have prescribed unnecessary antibiotics, while not prescribing antiviral medication for all patients who could benefit from it.
17 July 2014, 03:42 AM ET
Certain asthma medications may slightly restrict growth in children, but the effect is small compared to the benefits of the drugs, according to new research.
16 July 2014, 11:32 PM ET
While the idea that we could be duped by shape-shifting aliens is a great idea for a film, the story echoes a bizarre appeal playing out around Senate elections in the United States.
16 July 2014, 07:43 PM ET
Runners actually save energy by swinging their arms when they run, a new study finds. Runners burn more calories when the arms are held still.
16 July 2014, 06:48 PM ET
Policies aimed at lowering the rate of smoking may also lower the rate of suicide, a new study finds.
16 July 2014, 05:00 PM ET
Niacin, or vitamin B3, is too dangerous and should not be used routinely by people looking to control their cholesterol levels or prevent heart disease, doctors say.
16 July 2014, 04:35 PM ET
According to the National Institutes of Health, there is no convincing scientific evidence that magnets can relieve pain.
16 July 2014, 02:00 PM ET
Putting a new gene into pig heart cells allows the cells to keep the heart's rhythm in check, a technique that might one day serve as an alternative to electronic pacemakers.
16 July 2014, 03:19 AM ET
Most U.S. children eat at least some fruits and vegetables each day, although few eat dark green vegetables, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
16 July 2014, 02:41 AM ET
With the increase of cross-species disease it is important to understand how disease, species-interactions and biodiversity interact.
15 July 2014, 06:01 PM ET
The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a device for people who want to measure their blood pressure at home, and keep track of their readings over time.
15 July 2014, 03:01 PM ET
The fitness tracker company Fitbit announced today the launch of a new collection of Fibit accessories, from luxury fashion brand Tory Burch.
15 July 2014, 02:45 PM ET
Men who had vasectomies may have a higher risk of advanced or lethal prostate cancer, a new observational study suggests.
15 July 2014, 02:39 PM ET
People may not sleep for quite as long on nights when there is a full moon, a new study suggests.
15 July 2014, 01:11 PM ET
Women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant may want to think about avoiding light at night, a new review of research suggests.
15 July 2014, 03:41 AM ET
An Italian skeleton from the middle ages gets a diagnosis 700 years too late: The man had brucellosis, a livestock-transmitted disease that causes pain and reoccurring fevers, and, occasionally, death.
15 July 2014, 03:12 AM ET
A new national report takes a first look at health disparities among lesbian, gay, bisexual people compared with straight people.
15 July 2014, 12:48 AM ET
Space weather impacts many modern-day technologies, but one of the least reported is the increased radiation exposure to passengers on commercial long-distance flights during so-called “solar radiation storms.”
14 July 2014, 05:45 PM ET
Americans' interest in low-sodium foods has declined slightly in recent years, and may continue to drop in the future, according to new research.
14 July 2014, 03:05 PM ET
People unsuspectingly choose friends who share parts of the same DNA, a new genetic analysis finds.
14 July 2014, 01:44 PM ET
New research shows stress may make people burn calories more slowly, suggesting a high-fat comfort food may be the wrong way of coping with stressful events.
14 July 2014, 04:26 AM ET
The youngest infants are at greatest risk of SIDS from co-sleeping with a parent or other caretaker, while younger infants face an increased risk of suffocation from blankets, pillows and stuffed animals.
13 July 2014, 12:34 AM ET
Olfactory receptors in the skin can accelerate the healing process.
12 July 2014, 04:56 PM ET
Our understanding of fats is evolving.
11 July 2014, 04:54 PM ET
A student in Taiwan who left disposable contact lenses in her eyes for six months straight developed a rare and serious eye infection that ultimately took her vision, according to news reports.
11 July 2014, 04:14 PM ET
There is enough evidence to support the use of probiotics to treat four conditions, doctors say.
11 July 2014, 01:54 PM ET
Compulsive sexual behavior may have the same patterns of brain activity as those associated with drug addiction, a new study finds.
11 July 2014, 01:38 PM ET
Three spiders that have reputations as being "venomous," or having bites that can kill human tissue, may actually not be so harmful, recent studies show.
11 July 2014, 01:25 PM ET
Although cigarette smoking isn't nearly as popular with teens in the United States as it was a decade ago, that doesn't mean teens don't smoke. A new study finds that a more exotic form of tobacco use, hookah smoking, is on the rise among U.S. teens.