Amazon Prime Day: The Best Science Kit Deals
Geology Kit
Credit: Ben Franklin Toys

If you have a child who loves to dig up bugs, touch glow-in-the-dark alien blood, or is just curious about how things work, one of these science kits may be for you. Here's a look at what Amazon has on sale today (July 16) for Prime Day for its Prime members. 

National Geographic Mega Gemstone Mine: Kids can become adventurous geologists and excavate their own precious gemstones using this kit. The kit contains 15 gemstones from around the world and comes with its own digging tools. It is currently 30 percent off with a retail price of $20.99 for Prime members.

National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab: Forget digging for crystals, now your child can actually grow them from scratch, using this crystal growing kit. The kit is currently 30 percent off with a retail price of $27.99 for Prime members.

Light-Up Terrarium for Kids: Watch your plants grow with this light-up terrarium. This set comes with an LED light to help watch the plants grow even at night. The kit is currently 38 percent off at $18.71 for Prime Members.

101 Piece STEM Toys Kit: With this 101-piece set, your child will be able to build anything, from a robot to a helicopter to a Brachiosaurus, while also improving their hand-eye coordination and motor-skills. The set is currently $18.71 for Prime members.

ETA hand2Mind SPLASH! Water Science Kit with 23 Experiments: Your child can learn all about the science of water using this complete kit, while also playing with bubbles and colors. The kit is currently $24.95 for Prime members, with an extra 20 percent off deducted at checkout.

Kano Computer Kit: Don't just learn how to use a computer, learn how to build one and code using this make-your-own computer kit, which comes with a Raspberry Pi, an LED light, wireless keyboard with trackpad, memory, as well as stickers and customizable programming challenges. The kit is currently 33 percent off at $99.99. 

Elenco Edu-Toys Chemistry Lab: With this chemistry set, your budding scientist has all the basics needed for 80 in-depth chemistry experiments, from litmus paper to beakers to test tubes. And nothing explodes or burns in these experiments, so parents can feel confident their children won't burn the house down. It's safe for ages 10 and up. The set is currently 39 percent off with a $24.51 for Prime members.

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit: For the little magician in your life, check out this kit that reveals the "magic" behind chemical reactions. Investigate the science behind color changes and other magical transformations using test tubes, wands and measuring scoops. The kit is appropriate for kids ages 6 and up. The deal for Prime members begins at 3:05 p.m. E.T. on July 16; it retails for $12.18, which is 49 percent off.

SmartLab Toys Extreme Secret Formula Lab: Want to know the secret behind glow-in-the-dark alien blood, scratch-and-sniff stickers and that super-stinky smell in the kitchen? This lab kit reveals the answers using everyday household items. The kit is currently 19 percent off for Prime members and retails for $16.19.

Uncle Milton Ant Farm Live Ant Habitat, 60th Ant-iversary Edition, Rainforest Science: Get up close and personal with creepy crawlies with this ant farm. Observe ants dig tunnels, move "mountains" and build bridges. The ant farm is currently 20 percent off for Prime members at a price of $15.99.

National Geographic Mega Construction Engineering Set - Build 35 Unique Motorized Models: Helicopters, Cars, Animals and More - Stem Learning: Let your budding engineer learn to build her own helicopters, dinosaurs and bulldozers with these snap-fit construction blocks, complete with a motor. The construction set is currently 25 percent off for Prime members with a retail price of $29.99.

Wonder Workshop – Dash Robot Coding for Kids 6+ and Accessories: Teach your youngster to code with this fun robot, complete with all the accessories needed. The robot can be programmed to take voice commands and perform loops and sequences. The robot is currently 30 percent off for Prime members at a retail price of $139.99.

Kids First Amusement Park Engineer Kit: Become a roller-coaster engineer with this fun building kit. The kit includes 97 colorful building pieces suitable for preschoolers. It is currently 48 percent off for Prime members with a retail price of $33.56.

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