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Amazon Prime Day: The Best Science Kit Deals

Can you dig it?
(Image: © Dan & Darci)

If you have a child who loves to dig up bugs, build rolling robots, or is just curious about how things work, one of these science kits may be for you. Here's a look at what Amazon has on sale today (July 16) as Prime Day deals for its Prime members. 

Live Science will continue to update this page throughout the day with new deals and updates to current science kit deals. 

Spy Science Kit

Embrace your inner 007 and learn about science, with this kit, which offers two exciting mysteries to solve using eight scientific activities. Learn about how crime labs work as you match fingerprints, analyze DNA and test liquids and powders. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Prime Day price: $12.70, a savings of 42% for Prime members

Magical Microbes DoughLab

We wouldn't be able to make bread without microbes! This kit will teach curious young bakers about the interactions of different microorganisms in baking, and how they affect the texture and taste of delicious bread. Kit includes: high-protein flour, dry yeast, baking tins, mixing containers, inflatable gloves, wooden mixing sticks, a measuring spoon, sugar and salt.

Prime Day price: $19.99, a savings of 25% for Prime members

Clickety Flix Retroscope

Take a step back into the early days of moviemaking, with the Smartivity Clickety Flix Retroscope kit. Make "movies" from still images by building a hand-cranked device to rotate images like a flipbook, creating an animated show from sequential photos or drawings.

Prime Day price: $26.45, a savings of 24% for Prime members

Fruit Battery Science Experiment Kit

Did you know that you can generate electricity with fruits or vegetables? This kit provides everything you'll need (except the produce) to turn a banana, tomato, lemon or potato into a working battery that can power LED lights or an electronic clock.

Prime Day price: $7.19, a savings of 20% for Prime members

Optical Illusions Science Kit

You won't believe your eyes when you peer at the optical illusions in this kit. Over a dozen experiments will engage and delight kids ages 8 to 12, teaching them about what makes an optical illusion and how our brains "trick" our eyes by transforming what we see.

Prime Day price: $17.59, a savings of 20% for Prime members

Weird Slime Goo Lab

Immerse yourself up to the elbows in the gooey, gross science of slime. This kit contains everything you need to make squishy handfuls of slime, including slime ingredients; protective goggles, mask and gloves; and resealable containers. "Recipes" for special types of slime will help you create "blood clots," "leech soup," and "rat guts noodles."

Prime Day price: $25.20, Prime members save an additional 20% at checkout

Blast-Off Space Rocket

Reach for the stars with a kit for building a wooden rocket and launch pad, assembled with rubber bands. Adjusting the elastic bands controls the speed of the rocket. Finished models may be customized with paint (not included).

Prime Day price: $19.74, a 21% savings for Prime members

Light-Up Terrarium

Inside this container is a tiny world: a miniature garden which can be illuminated at night by a built-in LED light. The kit includes colored sand, rocks and soil; wheatgrass and chia seeds; whimsical miniatures of a mushroom and rabbit; and tools for planting and watering the seeds.

Prime Day price: $19.99, a 20% savings for Prime members

Jumbo Gem Dig Kit

Any geologist will tell you that this kit really rocks. Grab a chisel and mallet and start whacking away at the "dig brick" to excavate 15 real and gorgeous gems, including lapis lazuli, red jasper, dragon's eye, snowflake obsidian, serpentine and rainbow fluorite. An illustrated gem guide provides helpful digging tips and facts about the gems.

Prime Day price: $14.74, a 41% savings for Prime members

Physics Lab

Kids' faces will light up when they see this kit for experiments in electricity and magnetism. Recommended for grades 7 to 12, the kit includes 56 items for building electrical projects and 21 items for creating magnetic projects. The kit requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Prime Day price: $39.99, a 50% savings for Prime members

Back to the Roots Water Garden Betta Fish Aquaponic Ecosystem Science Kit for Kids

Raise a colorful betta fish (Betta splendens) and grow hydroponic plants at the same time using this educational kit. Kids will learn how an ecosystem works: The fish's waste nourishes the plants, which in turn provide oxygen for the water. This kit contains radish and wheatgrass seeds and a growing medium; water conditioner and dechlorinator; PH strips for testing the water; and fish food (fish not included).

Prime Day price: $76.30, a savings of 43% for Prime members

Magnets! Super Science Kit for Kids

If your child is attracted to magnets, this kit may be for you. With 20 lab tools and 9 experiments, children age 8 and up will learn how magnetic forces work and how they shape technologies that are used every day.

Prime Day price: $29.95, save an additional 20% at checkout

Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kit

Kids as young as 8 will learn about robotics, circuitry and engineering as they assemble these endearing, googly-eyed robots. The kit includes parts for three robot friends: a "reptile robot," a car robot and a doodling robot.

Prime Day price: $18.00, a savings of 17% for Prime members

Amscope Beginner Microscope Kit

This durable metal compound microscope is perfect for beginners. It includes a built-in light for direct illumination as well as a mirror for natural lighting, and provides six levels of magnification: 120X, 240X, 300X, 480X, 600X and 1200X. The kit comes in a sturdy carrying case and also contains sample slides, cover slips, tweezers, a scalpel, specimen vials, and adjustable lenses — everything a budding scientist needs to get started!

Prime Day price: $36.79, a savings of 20% for Prime members

Climbing Vehicle STEM Kit

This build-it-yourself vehicle doesn't need roads. In this kit, kids will find parts, tools and instructions for constructing a 4-wheel-drive vehicle that navigates over uneven surfaces. Recommended for ages 7 and up, the climbing vehicle kit includes gears and a motor powered by a solar panel or a AA battery (not included).

Prime Day price: $18.59, a savings of 38% for Prime members

Bones! Animal Science Kit for Kids

Recommended for ages 8 and up, this kit introduces children to the excitement (and grossness) of using lab tools to pry apart owl pellets — regurgitated balls of undigested bones — to identify the animals that the owls have eaten. The kit comes with a 20-page lab guide and 10 learning activities about using owl pellets to gather clues about owls, their prey and their habitats.

Prime Day price: $29.92, save an additional 20% at checkout

Elecfly Kids' Microscope

Suitable for ages 5 and up, this colorful, easy-to-use microscope will allow young children to observe insects, plants and even creatures that are too small to see with the naked eye. There are three fixed lenses in a rotatable head, providing 6 levels of magnification: 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 400x and 640x. The kit includes 25 specimen slides, a petri dish, forceps, a dropper, a test tube, cover slips, and an instruction manual.  

Prime Day price: $31.99, a savings of 20% for Prime members

Fizz! Chemistry Lab Kit

Pop! Fizz! Kids age 8 (with adult supervision) and up will have a blast learning basic principles of chemistry and testing materials that spark, foam and snap. The kit includes everything you'll need to enjoy hours of chemistry learning and fun, including protective goggles, food coloring, baking soda, measuring cups, spatulas, brushes, a pipette and a 36-page career and lab guide.

Prime Day price: $29.95, save an additional 20% at checkout

Pica Toys Wooden Solar and Wireless Remote Control Car Kit

Spark your child's imagination with a kit that introduces them to fundamentals of electricity and circuits, as they build a wireless remote control car that runs on solar power. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Prime Day price: $27.99, a savings of 20% for Prime members

Mega Fossil Dig Kit

Young paleontologists will really dig this fossil kit, which comes with 15 fossils for them to excavate. The kit includes a chisel, brush and mallet for chipping away at a block that holds fossilized shark teeth, dinosaur bones, ammonites (extinct sea animals) and more.

Prime Day price: $19.74, a savings of 21% for Prime members

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