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The Most Expensive iPad Apps

There are already thousands of apps available for the new Apple iPad, ranging from games to books to apps that help improve your productivity and time management. It would seem as though the iPad can help you with just about anything, but it could cost you. In fact, it could cost you quite a bit. With prices ranging from $39.99 to $299.99, these iPad apps are among the most expensive on the market:

studiotrack ipad app

StudioTrack - $39.99 This songwriting tool is handy for musicians who want to use their iPad to record songs and mix in effects. StudioTrack works with the iPad's built-in microphone and headphones, and tracks can be synched and downloaded to a desktop computer using WiFi. You could have your very own recording studio for $39.99.

stone ipad app

s∙t∙o∙n∙e - $49.99 This app is an art installation comprised of Irish rock wall photography set to Mozart's Piano Concerto 21 in C Major, Third Movement. For $49.99, you can relax with 40 tranquil photographs, accompanied by the soothing sounds of Mozart.

nvrviewer ipad app

NVR Viewer - $49.99 This full-featured video monitoring app works with your Network Video Recorders (NVRs), giving you easy access to NVR video feeds wherever you are. Some of the features include the ability to display multiple live video streams, the ability to pan, tilt and zoom cameras, and to search through previously recorded video. For $49.99, you really can have an extra set of eyes (or two, or three).

superfarm ipad app

SuperFarm - $69.99 This multiplayer game allows you to build and develop your own farm. With a ton of possibilities for customization, this app also lets you go online and play with your friends. For $69.99, let's hope this farm produces some real food, too.

siteclone ipad app

SiteClone Publisher - $99.99 When this app first came on the market on April 1, the price was listed at a staggering $999.99 – almost double the cost of the 16GB iPad itself! A couple days later, the price dropped to $899.99, before settling at the current price of $99.99 (a price drop of $800, supposedly as a promotion). This app allows users to develop programs that can extract data from websites without the use of an Internet connection. While it has many uses, it is mostly geared toward government and business clientele. Considering its original retail price, this app could be a steal. Then again, it's hard to imagine handing over more money for an app than for any of the actual iPad models.

xa1p ipad app

XA1p - $179.99 The XA1p app is a realtime audio spectrum analyzer that retails for $179.99. The app functions uses the iPad's built-in microphone and provides a visible reference for sound, which makes it a useful – albeit expensive – app for people who enjoy mixing their own audio.

proloquo ipad app

Proloquo2Go - $189.99 This app functions as a speech aid and alternative communication tool for those in need. Proloquo2Go provides natural sounding text-to-speech voices with a default vocabulary that includes over 7,000 items. This iPad app, which sells for $189.99, is recommended for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS, stroke or traumatic brain injury.

stalla ipad app

Stalla 2010 Level I, II, III Mobile Flashcards for iPad - $199.99 Another app being sold by Becker Professional Education, this set of mobile flashcards is aimed at people who are reviewing the CFA program curriculum Learning Outcome Statements (LOS). For $199.99, these portable and easy-to-use flashcards let you study at your convenience.

lexicomplete ipad app

Lexi-COMPLETE - $299.99

For $299.99, the Lexi-COMPLETE app is the most expensive medical app currently available for the iPad. This complete medical database includes detailed information on drugs, drug interactions, diagnoses, disease management, patient education, among other features. This pricey app could come in handy for doctors or pharmacists looking for an alternative to bulky textbooks.

beckers ipad app

Becker's 2010 CPA Mobile Flashcards - $299.99 If you're preparing for the CPA exam and need some study aids on the go, Becker's 2010 CPA Mobile Flashcards may do the trick for a whopping $299.99. This set of mobile flashcards includes over 950 cards with questions on important material covered on the exam.

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