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08 April 2016, 11:50 AM ET
Miniature drones that can morph from flying machines into underwater vehicles by changing the shape of their wings in midair could be a step closer, thanks to a new material that acts as a hybrid between stiff metal and spongy foam.
08 April 2016, 08:55 AM ET
NSF-funded mechanical engineers at Brigham Young University are reducing the number of sutures needed in certain minimally invasive surgeries by applying principles of origami.
08 April 2016, 08:51 AM ET
NSF-funded researchers at the universities of Washington and Michigan find twice as many children as parents are embarrassed about family members over-sharing personal information about them.
07 April 2016, 05:37 PM ET
Humans may need to genetically engineer themselves to withstand the harsh and unpredictable environments encountered during long-term space travel, one researcher says.
07 April 2016, 04:13 PM ET
They say that youth is wasted on the young, but I'd like to amend that. It's wasted on young people who haven't tried on the R70i robotic aging suit.
07 April 2016, 04:10 PM ET
The R70i aging suit made me feel like I had aged about 50 years in 5 seconds.
07 April 2016, 07:40 AM ET
Furniture-retail giant Ikea has unveiled a virtual reality experience that could make decorating decisions easy, at least when it comes to outfitting your kitchen.
06 April 2016, 04:21 PM ET
Scientists have created a new state of matter that seems to split electrons.
06 April 2016, 09:55 AM ET
Turns out humanoid robots can teach humans a lot about being human. People were asked by a robot to touch different parts of its body. Arousal sensors registered higher when subjects touching areas of the robot’s body that are not regularly touched.
05 April 2016, 01:44 PM ET
There may be real cash in your next car, more than just your investment.
05 April 2016, 07:00 AM ET
Touching robots in what humans think of as intimate places arouses emotions in people, but they're not what you think — the resulting feelings are mostly ones of discomfort, researchers say.
04 April 2016, 05:49 PM ET
After strapping on the futuristic Genworth R70i 'aging suit', Live Science writer Laura Geggel got a taste of what may be her own future.
04 April 2016, 09:30 AM ET
If you wish you could replicate the stomach-churning experience of the intergalactic "Star Tours" ride at Disneyland, or feel all the bumps and lurches of "The Simpsons" ride at Universal Studios, you're in luck.
01 April 2016, 12:40 PM ET
The 350-year-old mystery of why pendulum clocks hanging from the same wall can influence each other and synchronize over time may hold even more secrets than previously thought, researchers say.
01 April 2016, 07:21 AM ET
Buckle up, roller coaster enthusiasts! The amusement park Six Flags has joined forces with virtual-reality giant Samsung to bump up the thrill factor of your rides.
31 March 2016, 07:18 AM ET
It's no surprise that water towers store water, but it's less well known that they also store energy.
30 March 2016, 11:54 AM ET
By implanting electrodes into the muscles of beetles, scientists can now precisely control how cyborg insects walk — an ability that may help these bugs carry out complicated tasks, researchers said in a new study.
30 March 2016, 10:18 AM ET
For decades, robotics engineers have been trying to imitate insects. Now, scientists have gone about miniature mobility a new way: Electrodes implanted into this beetle’s muscles let researchers ‘drive’ the bug.
30 March 2016, 07:21 AM ET
Fans of the "Back to the Future" film franchise have likely been counting the days until time machines and hoverboards are a reality, but at least one of Marty McFly's futuristic gadgets — self-lacing sneakers — could soon spruce up your wardrobe.
29 March 2016, 11:43 AM ET
A new unmanned robotic submersible designed by aerospace giant Boeing can operate autonomously underwater for months at a time, according to company representatives.
28 March 2016, 02:31 PM ET
Marine biologist David Gruber and robot-maker Robert Wood are building soft tele-operated grippers for handling delicate animal samples collected by deep-diving remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs).
28 March 2016, 11:12 AM ET
The Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator failed to confirm the Tevatron accelerator’s discovery of a new arrangement of quarks.
27 March 2016, 09:07 AM ET
Scientists have created the thinnest, lightest solar power cells yet — so lightweight that they can be draped on top of a soap bubble without popping it.
25 March 2016, 05:23 PM ET
Georgia Tech engineers are building an appendage that reacts to human gestures and listens to music to pick up timing and tempo cues. Such tools may someday assist surgeons, factory workers and repair technicians.
25 March 2016, 12:14 PM ET
Your home theater may surround you in sound, but wait until you hear sound in true three dimensions.
24 March 2016, 03:36 PM ET
Hikers who have conquered some of the most challenging trails and want to show off these accomplishments can now memorialize their impressive feats in stunning 3D-printed sculptures made from their GPS tracks.
24 March 2016, 12:47 PM ET
Let's face it: it was probably only a matter of time… One of the largest porn websites has announced a new section that integrates virtual-reality tech into the adult entertainment experience.
24 March 2016, 12:24 PM ET
Two pieces of plane debris discovered in Mozambique very likely belong to the doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which went missing two years ago en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, the Australian government announced today.
24 March 2016, 07:27 AM ET
Hypersonic aircraft and weapons that can fly more than five times the speed of sound may seem like a futuristic fantasy, but defense giant Lockheed Martin says it is committed to making these ultrafast innovations a reality.
23 March 2016, 02:29 PM ET
The hybrid Airlander 10 is a giant, some 65 feet longer than the Airbus A380, and will be able to soar the friendly skies for five days when manned and up to two weeks when unmanned.
23 March 2016, 01:45 PM ET
Check out these cool images of the building of the Airlander 10, which will be able to stay airborne for five days when manned. Its helium-filled hull keeps it buoyant while its turbocharged diesel engines let it cruise up to 91 mph.
22 March 2016, 06:27 PM ET
Augmented reality is technology that not only interacts with you, but enhances your senses with images, information and audio.