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20 February 2014, 03:07 PM ET
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is developing a military drone capable of avoiding hostile threats on the ground, such as ambushes and improvised explosive devices.
20 February 2014, 02:29 PM ET
Scattered dots of red and yellow decorate what appears to be an icy, blue terrain in this award-winning microscope photo.
20 February 2014, 02:00 PM ET
Using just coiled fishing line and sewing thread, a team of scientists has developed a way to create super-strong artificial muscles.
20 February 2014, 01:08 PM ET
Coiled fishing line and sewing thread work as artificial muscles. Heat activation causes the coils to contract or expand, which can be used to open or close a window to regulate the temperature inside a building.
20 February 2014, 12:37 PM ET
A new map of conversations formed on Twitter reveals that conversations on a topic can take six different shapes, which could be used by social media strategists to improve their reach.
20 February 2014, 12:14 AM ET
For many parents who caved into the pressure and splashed out on a new tablet computer for their children this Christmas, the not inconsiderable initial purchase bill may almost be a distant memory.
19 February 2014, 12:33 PM ET
Drone policy in the United States is heating up. Washington state passed a law this week to limit the government's use of drones, becoming the 10th state to enact anti-drone legislation.
19 February 2014, 12:45 AM ET
Researchers claim that they may have now invented a new, fourth class, which they call Goldberg polyhedra. Also, they believe that their rules show that an infinite number of such classes could exist.
19 February 2014, 12:17 AM ET
Spectators often take the grace and beauty of figure skating for granted. But many don’t realise the speed, power and strength needed to complete the jumps and spins.
18 February 2014, 09:25 PM ET
I wore the Polar Loop fitness tracker for more than a week, running, swimming, working out on an elliptical machine and exercising with kettlebells, to test out its mojo. Here's what I found.
18 February 2014, 05:30 PM ET
A video montage of bears crossing the Trans-Canada Highway.
18 February 2014, 03:44 PM ET
A 12-year-old student from California has created a Braille printer by repurposing parts from a Lego set. The low-cost invention could be an accessible solution for disadvantaged and visually impaired people across the globe.
18 February 2014, 02:23 PM ET
With efficiency, energy costs can plummet.
18 February 2014, 02:00 PM ET
A new technique can visualize the process of genes being silenced in individual cells, and could one day help doctors understand how sex-linked diseases function.
18 February 2014, 01:45 PM ET
A satellite circling the globe captured pictures of the steep peaks outside of Sochi where skiers and snowboarders are striving for Olympic glory.
18 February 2014, 01:12 PM ET
The next generation of electricity cables may well be made from lettuce, based on the innovation of a U.K. researcher. The advance could pave the way to biological computers and bio-robots of the future.
18 February 2014, 01:09 PM ET
Researchers at Virginia Tech studied how fruit bats use their wings to manipulate the air around them. The findings could inspire new designs of flying robots.
18 February 2014, 11:00 AM ET
In work inspired partly by the movie "Avatar," one monkey could control the body of another monkey using thought alone by connecting the brain of the puppet-master monkey to the spine of the other through a prosthesis, researchers say.
17 February 2014, 11:58 PM ET
Isn’t it remarkable that we recognize the fact that the world faces huge problems in terms of water, energy and food security – and yet we tend to tackle these as separate problems, as if they have no interconnections.
15 February 2014, 09:18 AM ET
The AR.Drone has some limitations and frustrating aspects, but this quadricopter is an absolute blast to fly, and even an old guy like me, who’s not a gamer and is totally inept with joysticks, found it simple to operate.
15 February 2014, 09:06 AM ET
A week before Maggie Worthen was due to graduate from Smith College, she suffered a severe brain stem stroke, leaving her unable to move or speak. She was 22 years old. Maggie's doctors diagnosed her as being in a persistent vegetative state. But Maggie's
14 February 2014, 08:51 PM ET
Flappy Bird, a deceptively simple gaming app, has been withdrawn by its creator Dong Nguyen because it is too “addictive.”
14 February 2014, 06:19 PM ET
Whether you're interested in recording high-definition aerial footage, or you just want to experiment with capturing high-flying views, here are some of the coolest camera-carrying drones available on the market.
14 February 2014, 04:43 PM ET
14 February 2014, 03:16 PM ET
The first prototypes of a high-tech suit of armor that could give soldiers superhuman abilities could be ready to test this summer, according to top military officials.
14 February 2014, 10:21 AM ET
Some figure skaters have turned to computer models seeking the slight adjustments that could help them spin faster in air to land their triple axels and toe loops on the ice.
13 February 2014, 10:14 PM ET
BAE Systems has revealed that it has successfully test-flown Taranis, its prototype Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
13 February 2014, 03:20 PM ET
Inspired by the way termites work together to build complex mounds of soil without needing blueprints, researchers created robots that can autonomously build structures and work together without needing supervision or prescribed roles.
13 February 2014, 02:01 PM ET
Engineers have created small robots that can build without a centralized plan. Like termites building mounds hundreds of times their size, they use simple information around them to decide the next step in the construction.
13 February 2014, 01:58 PM ET
A scientifically derived list of people's most important rules for using the social networking site.
13 February 2014, 11:01 AM ET
The U.S. is the birthplace of Facebook, but social networking is more popular among Internet users in more than a dozen developing countries.
13 February 2014, 11:00 AM ET
Internet users are still the minority in developing nations, but social media is already popular.