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In Defense of the Stink Bug (Op-Ed)
stink bug, steampunk, insects
November 19th, 2014
Stink bug. As names go it is a PR disaster, each of the words alone hardly endearing, and wholly off-putting together. Which is a shame because stink bugs have a perky charm, a distinctive style and, for an insect, a surprising concern for their offspring
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City Spiders Are Bigger, More Fertile Than Country Cousins
Humped golden orb-weaving spider.
August 20th, 2014
Perhaps even creepier than spiders are city spiders. New research has found the humped golden orb-weaving spider grows larger and produces more eight-legged babies in urban areas.
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Insect Family Tree Maps 400-Million-Year Evolution
Green lacewing.
November 6th, 2014
Over 400 million years of evolution have contributed to making insects the most diverse group of animals in the world, a new study finds.
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Bugs as Treatment: Coming to a Clinic Near You... (Op-Ed)
treatments, alternative treatments, bugs, insects, parasites
October 18th, 2014
When you’re sick, you want the most effective treatment to help get you back on your feet. But what if that involved bugs?
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Speed Limits Could Save Rarest Dragonfly
A Hine's emerald dragonfly.
August 18th, 2014
Summer speed limits could reduce roadkill deaths for the rare Hine's emerald dragonfly, an endangered species.
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This Extreme Antarctic Insect Has the Tiniest Genome
Antarctic midge
August 12th, 2014
The tough little Antarctic midge has only 99 million base pairs in its genome, making it the owner of the smallest insect genome ever sequenced. The midge lacks repetitive DNA segments once called 'junk DNA,' perhaps because of its extreme lifestyle.
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In Images: The Insect Family Tree
The greenhouse camel cricket.
November 6th, 2014
With over 400 million years of evolution under their belts, it's no wonder that insects are the most diverse group of animals on Earth.
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Robot 'Army' Can Swarm into 3D Formations
A miniature robot army.
August 14th, 2014
Like an army of miniature robots with a highly effective drill sergeant, 1,024 coin-size machines can race into meticulous formation to create three-dimensional shapes.
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