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Cyber Monday Asics deals: Find the best deal on running shoes

Cyber Monday Asics deals: Product image of Asics shoes
(Image credit: Asics)

These Cyber Monday Asics deals are the perfect buy if you’re looking to splash out on your workout wardrobe. Asics is a huge name in the fitness market, and with these discounts, you can ensure you’re running in high-quality shoes next time you step out of the front door. There is a range of deals on women’s and men’s shoes to take advantage of today, in a whole host of different styles, meaning there’s bound to be a shoe the right fit for you. 

Importantly when it comes to searching for running shoes on sale, Asics is also well equipped with shoes for different gaits. That means that you can pick up a Cyber Monday Asics on sale deal that will support you, and push you on to smash your personal best. To find out exactly what kind of support you need, check out our article on gait analysis for more. 

There’s also a range of Asics available for all different budgets, so whether you’re just testing what suits you or an ultramarathon runner, you’ll find a great deal here. Keep checking back to find Cyber Monday Asics on sale over the weekend, and avoid missing out on a shoe that’s perfect for you. If you still want to shop around a little, then head over to our best Fitbit prices and running headphones deals for more. 

Cyber Monday Asics on sale

, now $99.95 at Amazon
Today's Best ASICS Deal

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 27 - was $160.95, now $99.95 at Amazon
Save $60 on this pair of ASICS men's running shoes, precision-engineered for the best performance. They feature ASICS Dynamic DuoMax Support System for enhanced stability and support.

, now $95.56 at Amazon

ASICS Women's Gel-DS Trainer 25 Running Shoes - was $130.00, now $95.56 at Amazon
Save 26% on selected sizes on these ASICS Gel-DS running shoes at Amazon. They feature Propulsion Trusstic Technology and FLYTEFOAM Technology for lightweight, breathable cushioning.

, now $119.95 at Amazon

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 27 - was $160.00, now $119.95 at Amazon
Save over $50 on this pair of ASICS women's running shoes, precision-engineered for the best performance. They feature ASICS Dynamic DuoMax Support System for enhanced stability and support.

, now $134.99 at Sports Direct
Today's Great Deal!

ASICS GT-Xuberance Ladies Running Shoes -was $179.99, now $134.99 at Sports Direct
Save $45 on these Asics GT-Xuberance Ladies Running Shoes with an engineered mesh upper with enhanced ventilation, reflective detail and a DuoMax Support System and GEL Technology that attenuates shock and creates a smooth transition.

, now $40.99 at Walmart

Women's ASICS HyperGEL-YU Running Shoe - was $99.99, now $40.99 at Walmart
Save $60 off these ASICS HyperGEL-YU Running Shoes which feature HyperGEL Technology beads integrated into the midsole that provide exceptional cushioning. Seamless materials reduce friction and irritation for more comfortable runs. 

, now $89.00 at Walmart

ASICS Womens Gel-Nimbus 22 D - was $149.00, now $89.00 at Walmart
These updated ASICS Gel-Nimbus shoes feature a comfortable mesh upper with modern supportive technology, and responsive outsole to let you get the best out of every run.

, now $29.99 at Walmart

Unisex Asics Gel-Lyte Runner - was $90.00, now $29.99 at Walmart
While sizes are limited, you can save $60 on these sleek and stylish sneakers that are suitable for casual wear and light running. Gel technology makes these shoes super-comfortable and breathable. 

, now $49.99 at Walmart

Asics Gel-Cirrus33 2 Running Women's Shoes - was $79.99, now $49.99 at Walmart
Save $30 on these Asics Gel-Cirrus 33 running shoes at Walmart which are ideal for long distance runs thanks to a lighter weight and flex-friendly cushioning. They're super-comfy and the seamless upper prevents irritation. 

, now $45.99 at Walmart

Asics Fuze Tora Running Shoe - was $89.99, now $45.99 at Walmart
There's more than half price off these sleek and lightweight Asics running shoes at Walmart. The rubber sole provides exceptional traction on long runs, and the mesh fabric helps absorb moisture and add breathability.

, now $59.95 at Amazon

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes - was $70.00, now $59.95 at Amazon
Save 14% on these Asics gel-venture 7 running shoes, built forall kinds of terrain. They feature rearfoot gel technology cushioning for supreme comfort and a smooth transition, and a removable sock liner.

, now $111.00 at Amazon

ASICS Men's Gel-Quantum 360 4 LE Shoes - was $190.00, now $111.00 at Amazon
Save 42% off these durable and comfortable ASICS running shoes with Gel technology cushioning system for maximum comfort, and uniquye heel clutching technology for extra support. 

Which pair of Asics is best for you?

Asics is a Japanese brand founded over 70 years ago. The brand tests all its models and the materials used to produce them in the Institute of Sport Science in Japan. Asics has even patented its gel cushioning technology, called GuideSole, which absorbs shock in the sole and heel of the foot.  

Asics has also developed plant-based responsive foam called FlyteFoam - you can find that in the NovaBlast trainers. If you're looking to run on different terrains from roads to trails, you should find shoes featuring the ASICSGRIP Technology. 

Whatever your abilities and needs, Asics has likely developed a high-tech, high-quality pair of shoes suited to them. Below, we've rounded up the best Cyber Monday Asics on sale, so you can save money on your next pair of exercise shoes.

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Asics on sale for women

Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 7 deals 

Cyber Monday Asics on sale: ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 7

(Image credit: Amazon)

Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 7

Best for trail running

Materials: Synthetic and mesh | Weight: 303g | Sizing: 5 - 8.5 | Drop: 10mm

Gel cushioning,
Good grip
No arch support 

Perfect for running on trails, these trainers have Asic’s well known gel cushioning in the heel. The Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning helps to absorb the shock of running on your feet and allows for less impact on your midfoot. The lightweight trainers also have a premium sockliner, Ortholite X-40, enabling moisture management as you run or workout. 

The grip on the bottom of the shoe is made with v shape and is great for gravel paths and dirt tracks. The trainers come with flat laces that secure the foot as you run and, at just 303g, they are incredibly light to run in - so you can concentrate on where you’re running instead of what’s on your feet. However there’s no arch support for flat footed runners and the sizes come up large.

Asics Metaracer deals 

ASICS Women's Metaracer

(Image credit: Amazon)

Asics Metaracer

Best for Racing

Materials: Synthetic rubber and nylon mesh | Weight: 190 gms/ 6.7 Oz | Sizing: 5 - 12 | Drop: 9mm

Grip technology on sole
Carbon plate which supports the foot 
Poor drainage at the toes
Narrow midsoles 

If you’re a regular on the half marathon or marathon routes then this could be a good training or race day shoe. The trainers forefoot design, with GUIDESOLE technology, includes a carbon plate, which means the ankle is less likely to move and gives you shock absorption as you land. The trainer also has high grip, with the company's ASICSGRIP Technology meaning that it’s perfect for different terrains. Meanwhile, its wet grip outsole has a blend of organic and non organic components, perfect for wet weather.

If you do get caught in the rain the upper material of the trainer also has drainage ports, however it might not work as well in the toe section. The trainers sweat wicking will help in hotter weather though - allowing air to flow through the trainers, keeping your feet cool. The trainers also benefit from FlyteFoam Midsole Technology - meaning you’ll have great bounce back as you run. 

Asics Gel Kayano 28 deals 

Black Friday Asics on sale: ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoe

(Image credit: Amazon)

Asics Gel Kayano 28

Best for long distance running

Materials: Synthetic rubber and nylon mesh | Weight: 258g | Sizing: 5 - 13 wide | Drop: 12mm

Gel cushioning
Sweat wicking material 
Narrow shoe
Comes up small 

The original of this shoe was created in 1993 and has a great legacy - while this is now it’s 28th version. It of course uses its famous gel cushioning in the rearfoot and forefoot - which helps the foot to absorb shock as it hits the ground - allowing for better movement. It’s external heel counter has also been redesigned, giving more stability to the foot and more comfort for your strides.

It also includes a Dynamic DuoMax Support System, which again helps with stability and support as you run. The engineered mesh on the front of the shoe means your foot can breathe, and sweat won’t be trapped in your foot or socks. The shoes, like most trainers, come up small, so it’s worth getting half a size up.

Asics Hyper Speed deals 

Black Friday Asics on sale: ASICS Women's Hyper Speed Running Shoes

(Image credit: Amazon)

Asics Hyper Speed

Best for beginners

Materials: Synthetic rubber and nylon mesh | Weight: 179g | Sizing: 5 - 12 | Drop: 5mm

Low arch
Narrow fit 

This is a basic light shoe that should perform well, perfect for runners who are just starting out. The upper part of the shoe is made from a mesh, with breathable holes throughout, keeping your feet cool as you run. Incredibly lightweight, these Asics aren’t overly padded inside, but should still provide great support.

However, these shoes feature a low arch and a narrow fit, which means that they won’t be suitable for all runners. However, the toe spring should give the shoes a good bounce, making them perfect for high intensity classes or sprinting. Meanwhile, the grip on the outsole is great for road or track running and speed work.

Asics on sale for men

Asics Gel Cumulus 23 deals 

Black Friday ASICS deals: ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 23 Running Shoes

(Image credit: Amazon)

Asics Gel Cumulus 23

Best for long distance running

Materials: Rubber, foam and nylon mesh | Weight: 261g | Sizing: 7 - 16 | Drop: 10mm

Good grip 
Not for speed work 

This is another model that features Asics’ famous gel in the 10mm drop heel, which helps with shock absorption when you run. However, the spring in the shoe might not be as great as some of the other models, so users might find them better for day to day running rather than speed work. As well as this, the trainers have gender–specific compression - as men’s footstrike can be different to women’s. The design of the shoe also means they become reflective at night, which would make them a great choice for long runs at any time of the day. 

This pair of shoes should offer a great grip, with this new version including deeper grooves on the bottom outsole. For comfort they also have a mesh upper, which means that feet will be able to breathe when you run. Meanwhile, the famous Flytefoam technology will help with cushioning. 

Asics Men's Novablast deals 

Black Friday ASICS deals: ASICS Men's NOVABLAST SPS Running Shoes

(Image credit: Amazon)

Asics Men's Novablast

Best for tempo running

Materials: Rubber sole and nylon upper and mesh | Weight: 261g | Sizing: 6 - 14 | Drop: 10mm

Lots of bounce back
Breathable and lightweight 
Not for heel strikers,
Unstable midsole 

These springy trainers are great for tempo sessions, as they provide a lot of bounce back thanks to the midsole foam, Asics’ own FLYTEFOAM blast technology. Lightweight and weighing in at just over 260g, these shoes won’t weigh you down when you’re attempting a sprint. 

It’s worth mentioning that this pair of Asics is better for those with a neutral pronation, rather than those with an over pronation or heel strikers, as the midsole is quite unstable. The upper material has a no-sew design and integrates ribbed mesh panelling for breathability. If you’re a night runner the accents also provide a reflective finish. 

Asics Men's GT–1000 10 deals 

Black Friday ASICS deals: ASICS Men's GT-1000 9 Running Shoes

(Image credit: Amazon)

Asics Men's GT–1000 10

Best for on a budget

Materials: Rubber and nylon | Weight: 278g | Sizing: 6 - 13 wide | Drop: 10mm

Cheaper versions
Mesh not durable 

If you’re looking for less expensive trainers, these Asics still have some of the great benefits of their trainers, but without the cost. The stylish design means you can wear them when you’re working out, but also afterwards too. The design also comes with a lightweight mesh on the front, which gives it some breathability, but it’s not as durable as some of their other designs.

Instead of gel this shoe has DuraSponge, which sits at the forefront and allows for flexibility. Meanwhile, the midsole is made from the brand’s DuaMax material, which allows for more stability as you run. The shoes also benefit from their EVA sockliner, which is removable and is designed to provide more comfort.

Asics Men’s Gel Kayano 28 deals 

Black Friday ASICS deals: ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes

(Image credit: Amazon)

Asics Men’s Gel Kayano 28

Best for long runs

Materials: Rubber sole and nylon upper | Weight: 308g | Sizing: 6 - 16 x-wide | Drop: 10mm

Shock absorption 
Not for neutral runners 

If you need a trainer to protect your rearfoot this could be it. Asics’ gel technology is designed to protect both the back and front of your foot, allowing for shock absorption throughout. However, if you have a neutral running style this shoe may not be for you, as it’s specifically designed to provide stability for runners with overpronation. 

Similarly to the 27th version of the shoe, Asics has added a couple of updates to the Kayano 28. This includes a new gel shape that’s designed to help with a softer landing. It’s also got a new FFBlast in the midsole, which should help to improve responsiveness as you run. Unlike most sports shoes, the Gel Kayano also has a snug fitting tongue that measures in at 14mm (over double the size of others), which should help to keep your foot secure.

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