You can still save money on Amazon massage gun deals: over 50% savings on leading products

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Prime Day may be over, but there are still big savings to be had on Amazon massage gun deals, with savings of more than 50% on leading models waiting to be snapped up.

We’ve curated this list of the biggest and best discounts available to take the stress out of buying these de-stressing gadgets, and what’s more is that several of the models on discount have been reviewed by our hands-on testers in our roundup of the best massage guns, so we know exactly how they perform.

The fantastic Dacrom Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes is still reduced by 56%, bringing it from $239.99 to $109.99 (Save 56%) (opens in new tab). With a 4.7/5* star rating over 8,000+ review on Amazon, you know it's a good one.

If both of those options are still a little out of your price range then the RENPHO 2022 Deep Tissue Massage Gun could be good news for both those aching muscles and your bank balance. It currently has the biggest discount in our round up and thanks to a 50% saving it now costs just $99.99 (opens in new tab).

Having tested a full range of fitness equipment, from the best fitness trackers to the best treadmills, we’re confident we know what makes a quality product. We also know how this quality can make a positive impact on your exercise and recovery, something you can read more about in our feature, 5 benefits of a massage gun.

Massage guns employ a concept called 'percussive therapy' by repeatedly striking the skin at a high frequency during use. This promotes blood flow to the targeted area, meaning your muscles are provided with an increased supply of oxygen to aid recovery. A 2014 study (opens in new tab) found using a massage gun after an arm workout was more effective at reducing post-training stiffness compared with a traditional massage. 

To help you soothe your aching muscles and aid your post-workout recovery, we've rounded up some of the best massage gun deals below. However, be warned that these might not be around for long, so make sure to act fast to avoid disappointment. 

Best massage gun deals

Dacrom Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes Was: $249.99 Now: $109.99 (Save 56%) (opens in new tab)

Dacrom Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes Was: $249.99 Now: $109.99 (Save 56%) (opens in new tab)
This bargain massage gun offers 7 speed levels and comes with 12 massage heads making it suitable for all massage needs including neck, arms, legs and muscle soreness. It’s quiet, with a noise output of less than 40dB, and comes with a USB charging cable suitable for all charging ports.

Now $99.99 (Save 50%) (opens in new tab)

 RENPHO Massage Gun| Was $169.99 Now $99.99 (Save 50%) (opens in new tab)
With a massive 50% saving this Prime Day, the RENPHO Massage Gun is just $99.99. It still shares many features with premium price models though, with five interchangeable massage heads and five speed settings. 

Now $159 (Save 20%) (opens in new tab)

Hyperice Hypervolt GO| Was $199 Now $159 (Save 20%) (opens in new tab)
This pocket rocket of a machine is the little brother of the Hypervolt 2, with plenty of power in a much smaller, more portable package. Snag a bargain and pick one up for just $159, with 20% off in the Prime Day sale.

LifePro Compact Percussion Massage Gun Was: $179.99 Now: $99.99 (Save 44%) (opens in new tab)

LifePro Compact Percussion Massage Gun Was: $179.99 Now: $99.99 (Save 44%) (opens in new tab)
The 8 different massage heads that come with this massage gun allow users to target different body parts and muscle groups while 5 levels of intensity (low pressure 20Hz, moderate 30Hz, strong 35Hz, intense 40Hz or powerful 45Hz) offer a customisable massage experience for rapid recovery or relaxation.

Now: $84.97 (Save 47%) (opens in new tab)
Half Price!

HoMedics Therapist Select Plus Percussion Massage Gun | Was: $159.98 Now: $84.97 (Save 47%) (opens in new tab)
At a refreshingly affordable $84.97, this HoMedics massage gun is now nearly half price. The brand says it can help improve flexibility and ease tension in hard-to-reach areas, courtesy of its ergonomic handle. 

Now $99.99 (save 60% (opens in new tab)

RENPHO R3 Massage Gun | Was $249.99 Now $99.99 (save 60% (opens in new tab)) (opens in new tab)
A staggering 60% discount in the Prime Day sales has seen the powerful RENPHO R3 Massage Gun's price plummet to under $100. There are plenty of features to play with too, with five speed settings up to 3,200rpm and five interchangeable massage heads to target various aches. 

Best massage gun deals at Best Buy

Now $39.99 (opens in new tab)

NuvoMed - iTek Pro Impact Massager | Was $49.99 Now $39.99 (opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab)The NuvoMed iTek Pro Impact Massager is a lightweight and easy-to-use massage gun. It's also the cheapest massage gun on our roundup, with a sale price of $39.99. 

Now $129.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Lyric Therapeutic Massager Terracotta | Was $199.99, Now $129.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Save $70 on this hand held gadget. With a Bluetooth connected app and easy-to-use touchscreen, you'll have tons of control over where and how much pressure you use. It also comes with a year's warranty.

For more, check out our Amazon Prime Day Health Deals for 2022 to see which Prime Day deals are still running.

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