Amazon Prime Day treadmill deals

The ProForm Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill, one of the best treadmill deals on offer this Amazon Prime Day
The ProForm Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill, one of the best treadmill deals on offer this Amazon Prime Day (Image credit: Amazon)

It’s Amazon Prime Day today, which means there are a whole host of deals on fitness equipment, tech, toys and more. If you’re looking for a treadmill discount, because you’re thinking of working on your cardio at home, we’ve listed the ones we think you should consider below. Our team has tested plenty of treadmills, and done research into their various benefits, so these picks are expert-led. While you do tend to get what you pay for when it comes to treadmills, meaning that cheaper models are often not as reliable as the premium ones, there are some good prices to be had when you add in Prime Day sale discounts.

If you’re unsure on whether you even need to consider the Prime Day treadmill deals, we have a few articles that should help you make the right choice. We recommend starting with our overview of the best treadmills, to get a feel for the options, before moving on to our investigations into the benefits of treadmills, and our look at treadmills vs rowing machines, to see what will better suit your fitness needs.

When it comes to choosing a discounted treadmill on Prime Day, make sure you’re getting a genuinely good deal. We benchmark all the products we write about versus their price history, and unless something is in danger of selling out completely, we usually only recommend deals when the item is at its lowest ever price. We will also only suggest buying products that we would buy ourselves, so you know the treadmills below are actually worth your investment.

Look below to shop our roundup of the best Amazon Prime Day treadmill deals still available. There are options to suit a range of budgets and fitness goals, whether you're just wondering how to start running or turning to running to lose weight

Amazon Prime Day 2023 treadmill deals

OMA Folding Treadmill Was: $1,899

OMA Folding Treadmill Was: $1,899, Now: $1,399 on Amazon 

 Save a whopping $500 on this top rated folding treadmill by OMA. With a 4.3 out of 5 star rating you can hardly go wrong! 23'' dot matrix screen with quick buttons combine two tablet holders, two item baskets, and two Bluetooth speakers providing you a comfortable running in the home. 

BORGUSI Treadmill   Was: $719.99, N

BORGUSI Treadmill  Was: $719.99, Now: $575.99 at Amazon

At its lowest price in 30 days, now might be the time to cash in on a BORGUSI treadmill. Save yourself 11% with this early Prime Day deal, and get a 15% auto incline treadmill  that fully meets your needs. A 3HP silent motor supports the max 10MPH speed, which is ideal for walking, jogging, and running. Both incline & speed can be easily switch via the panel or quick keys on the handrail.

Price check: Walmart $379

, Now: $549.99

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill | Was $769.99, Now: $549.99

With almost 30% off (and at it's lowest price in 30 days) now might be the time to invest in this top of the range walking treadmill. Big easy to read quick speed buttons (1, 3, 5 mph) and big sturdy handrails give you the confidence to walk fast, perfect for beginners or those looking to get their fitness levels back up.

NordicTrack Treadmill  | Was $1,599

NordicTrack Treadmill  | Was $1,599, Now $1,279 at Amazon 

The NordicTrack T Series is made with home workouts in mind, with a space-saving design and a touchscreen display with iFit compatibility, so you can stream hundreds of on-demand workouts. 

Live Science: ★★★★½ | Tech Radar: ★★★★½ Tom's Guide: ★★★★½

Price check: Best Buy $1,599

Superun under desk treadmill Was: $199.99

Superun under desk treadmill Was: $199.99 Now: $159.99 at Amazon

Save 50% on this walking treadmill by Superun in this early Prime Day deal. This treadmill is great not only for walking but also jogging with a speed range of 0.6-3.8 mph(1-6km/h). It has speed adjustment of 0.2mph per time, so no matter how bad the weather outside, you can get your steps in and improve your cardio fitness.

Price check: Superun: $179

ProForm Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill | Was $1799.99, Now $1,399 at Amazon

ProForm Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill | Was $1799.99, Now $1,399 at Amazon

The big brother of the T7 Carbon, this ProForm treadmill offers improved -3%-12% incline settings, a vibrant 10in touchscreen and Rebound Pro Deck Cushioning, making each stride easier on the knees. Now, save $400 and snap one up for $1,399.99.

T3: ★★★★

Price check: Walmart $1499.99 | Best Buy $1399.99 | Target $1799.99 (sold out)

Haven't found what you were looking for? Keep an eye out — Prime day runs from July 11-12, so we'll be regularly updating this guide with the best deals on a range of health and fitness products.

If you're not yet a Prime member, it's also worth signing up for a free trial. The Prime Early Access Sale rewards prime members with a wealth of wonderful discounts across various brands and categories. 

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