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Cloning Microbes

Toenail fungus is not sexy, and the microbes that cause the infection appear to agree.

[Full Story: Toenail Fungus's Nonexistent Sex Life Is More Interesting Than You Think]

Luck and Science:

Catching a star begin to go supernova is a 'one in 10 million' chance. This man just won the cosmic lottery.

[Full Story: The World's Luckiest Photographer May Have Proved Astrophysicists Right]

Mysteries of the Ocean:

Boaters, cruising off the coast of Hawaii, came across what looked like a giant, used tissue floating in the water.

[Full Story: Giant Blob Floating Past Hawaii Is Probably a Whale Placenta]

From the Dark:

They are among more than 100 deep-sea species recently scooped up off Australia's coast in a mission to identify animals that live in these barely explored, extreme underwater habitats.

[Full Story: These Freakish Creatures Were Not Meant to See the Light of Day]

Cuteness Overload:

Deep-sea researchers captured an adorable video of a baby 'Dumbo' octopus swimming for the first time.

[Full Story: 1st Video of Dumbo Octopus Hatchling Is Adorbs]

Setting Terrible Records:

Doctors in India recently operated on what they say could be the largest brain tumor in the world, according to news reports.

[Full Story: Indian Man's Brain Tumor Might Be the World's Largest]

Roadster in Space:

Scientist paparazzi turned their scopes toward Elon Musk's Roadster and its mannequin driver.

[Full Story: How We Know This Tiny Pinprick of Light Is the Tesla Roadster]

Strange Saudi Sculptures:

There's a place in the desert where the ghosts of camels seem to loom out of ancient rocks.

[Full Story: Who Created These Strange, Ancient Sculptures Hidden in the Saudi Desert?]

Hieroglypics in Dangeil:

Remains of the 2,600-year-old statue with an inscription written in Egyptian hieroglyphics turned up in a temple at Dangeil.

[Full Story: Ancient Statue of Nubian King Found in Nile River Temple]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Picasso flipped the painted canvas 90 degrees and used what was once a cliff top as the line of the cloaked woman's back.

[Full Story: Hidden Artwork Found Beneath Picasso 'Blue Period' Masterpiece]