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A New Look

You'll be thinking about these images, made with advanced CERN technology, all day.

[Full Story: 1st Color X-Rays of Human Body Are Bloody Amazing]

Sticking Close By:

An entire year has passed since a Delaware-size iceberg broke away, in dramatic fashion, from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica. But it hasn't traveled far.

[Full Story: This Towering Iceberg That Broke Free of Antarctica Last Year Doesn't Want to Leave]


Two species of bats that were recently discovered in Kenya are fuzzy golden charmers.

[Full Story: 2 Lemon-Yellow Bat Species Discovered in Africa. And They're Adorable Fuzz Balls.]

Death By Sonic Boom:

Watch a rocket launch rip a rainbow to shreds, thanks to the incredibly loud sound it produces.

[Full Story: Watch a Rocket's Sound Waves Rip a Rainbow to Bits]

The Making of a Giant:

The discovery of the "first giant" dinosaur has provided a gigantic clue on how these paleo-beasts got to be the largest animals to walk on Earth.

[Full Story: Discovery of 'First Giant' Dinosaur Is a Huge Evolutionary Finding]

Saving Face:

Like ghostly apparitions, faces that have long since disappeared from some of the world's oldest photographs have suddenly reappeared in all their eerie detail.

[Full Story: Watch These Ghostly Faces Suddenly Reappear in the World's Oldest Photos]

Planet-to-Moon Communication:

Researchers for the first time recorded the gas giant's vibrating plasma signal to Enceladus. And now you can listen to it too.

[Full Story: There's Spooky Plasma Music Traveling From Saturn to its Weirdest Moon]

Making a Galaxy:

Astronomers looked deep into the Milky Way and found … a sausage

[Full Story: How a Renegade 'Sausage Galaxy' Gave the Milky Way Its Bulge]

The Stuff of Bad Dreams:

She may be small, but check out that stinger!

[Full Story: Amazon Wasp with Enormous Stinger May Just Haunt Your Nightmares]

More Ice Lost:

The berg is so big that it could partially cover the island of Manhattan.

[Full Story: Dramatic Video Captures Moment Towering Iceberg Splits from Greenland Glacier]