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Spectator Sports:

The Perseid meteor shower is expected to dazzle the night sky with hundreds of shooting stars on Saturday and Sunday night (Aug. 11 and 12).

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Cosmic Boundary:

There's a vast "hydrogen wall" at the edge of our solar system, and NASA scientists think their New Horizons spacecraft can see it.

[Full Story: NASA Spotted a Vast, Glowing 'Hydrogen Wall' at the Edge of Our Solar System]

Tragic State:

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have taken dramatic new photos of the fires that are blackening huge swaths of the Golden State and throwing off smoke that billows far to the east.

[Full Story: California Wildfires Rage in Astronaut Photos from the Space Station]

Lost Land:

The Mendocino Complex Fire has burned 283,800 acres of land and destroyed nearly 200 structures.

[Full Story: Mendocino Wildfire Becomes California's Largest, and It's Still Growing]

Sad Enigma:

Can an unconventional solution help save this orca's life?

[Full Story: 3-Year-Old Killer Whale Is Starving, and Biologists Don't Know Why]

Odds of Rarity:

In the new movie, one, solitary Megalodon is still lurking in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Is that possible?

[Full Story: Science of 'The Meg': How Scientists Know the World's Largest Shark Is Gone Forever]

CO2 Vacuum:

A research expedition to a huge underwater canyon off the coast of Ireland has shed light on a hidden process that sucks carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere.

[Full Story: An Underwater Irish Canyon Is Sucking CO2 Out of the Atmosphere]

Ancient Bodies:

The nearly 1,500-year-old remains of at least 60 people and six trophy heads have been discovered in deep pits in Vitor Valley in southern Peru.

[Full Story: Trophy Heads and Mummies Discovered in Ancient Peruvian Pits]

Mysterious Organism:

No it's not a leaf or a long-lost kingdom of life. It's a funny, leaf-like animal.

[Full Story: Weird, 570-Million-Year-Old 'Leaf' Fossil Is Actually from an Animal]

Fiery Showers:

Here's why you can expect a dazzling show in the night sky this weekend.

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