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Unexpected Climate Change Effects

Summer doesn't begin for two more days, but oceanographers and climatologists are already sounding the alarm about stunning ice melts going on now in Greenland.

[Full Story: Greenland's Summer Melts Have Started Early, and They're Very Bad This Year]

Microscopic Beauty

What looks like a cross between a nebula and a 1980s dance party is something even more astonishing: a view of the locations of DNA and RNA inside a living cell.

[Full Story: Cells Shimmer Like a Thousand Ice Cream Sprinkles in Gorgeous New 'DNA Microscope' Images]

Space Atlas

The solar system is more than a row of nine circles. Try 18,000 of them.

[Full Story: Gorgeous 'Atlas of Space' Smashes the Textbook View of the Solar System]

Another New Animal

Belugas and narwhals can apparently breed. Scientists have confirmed the only known specimen of beluga-narwhal hybrid.

[Full Story: First-Ever Beluga-Narwhal Hybrid Found in the Arctic]

Martian Impact

Mars got whacked.

[Full Story: Fresh Crater Spied on Mars — and It Looks Spectacular]

Strange Etching

Archaeologists have identified three of the birds depicted in the mysterious Nazca Lines, and they aren't local species.

[Full Story: Mysterious Etchings in Peruvian Desert Prove to Be Foreign Birds. What Did They Mean to the Pre-Incans?]

Horrific Mealtime

For this arachnid, mammals are on the menu.

[Full Story: Huntsman Spider Devours Possum in Viral (and Terrifying) Photos]

A New Species?

They're big and have fox-like tails.

[Full Story: Meet the Cat-Fox, an Oddball Feline Roaming Around a French Island]

Short-lived Independence

This is the earliest known galaxy merger in the universe.

[Full Story: Oldest Known Galactic Get-Together Occurred Shortly After Big Bang]

Mob Mentality

By gathering in groups, these organisms shaped water flows that fed them.

[Full Story: Sack-Like Creatures Held Seafloor 'Dinner Parties' Half a Billion Years Ago]