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Dangers of a Volcano:

Geologists warn that Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could start spewing rocks.

[Full Story: Kilauea Volcano Could Launch 10-Ton Ballistic Boulders in a Dramatic Explosion]

Another Eruption:

Lava from the Kilauea volcano smothered roads and burned down trees and houses in what was a tumultuous weekend for Hawaii's Big Island.

[Full Story: Incredible Video Shows the Fiery Toll of Kilauea on Hawaii's Big Island]

Big Water:

An eight-story monster wave that crashed down in the Southern Ocean off the coast of New Zealand has set a record. It's the largest known wave to ever hit the Southern Hemisphere, according to New Zealand scientists.

[Full Story: 78-Foot Wave Is the Largest Ever Recorded in Southern Hemisphere]

Training Arachnids:

A female jumping spider went to great lengths in a leaping experiment.

[Full Story: Meet Kim, the First Spider to Jump on Demand]

Nature's Explosions:

A new video showing a tree releasing a huge dust cloud of pollen, aka "plant sperm powder," doesn't show anything all that unusual, plant biologists say.

[Full Story: Watch a Massive 'Pollen Cloud' Explode from Late-Blooming Tree]

Amazing Eyes:

From the mantis shrimp to the dragonfly, here are 15 amazing animal eyes.

[Full Story: See 15 Crazy Animal Eyes — Rectangular Pupils to Wild Colors]

A New Perspective:

A new video shows the virus passing from an infected cell into a new host, as it would during sexual transmission.

[Full Story: Video Shows How HIV Infects Cells During Sex]

Save the Cows:

While rounding up cows before the crack of dawn last week, a New Zealand farm worker happened upon a gaping gouge in the earth.

[Full Story: Enormous New Zealand Sinkhole to Be Fenced in So Cows Aren't Swallowed Up]

Creative Fishermen:

All animals must eat to survive. If you've heard the term "grazer" before, it may bring to mind familiar farm animals, such as cows or sheep munching on pastureland. But the ocean has its own suite of grazers.

[Full Story: Meet the Ocean Creatures that Use Mucous Nets to Catch Their Food]

Disheartening Find

Remotely operated submarines mapped the largest ocean "dead zone" on Earth.

[Full Story: Massive 'Dead Zone' in the Arabian Sea Is the Biggest in the World]