Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you'll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

Fancy photography:

From a close-up of a tardigrade embryo, to an aerial of Antarctic "ice cubes," to a pensive polar bear, winning photographs in Royal Society competition will amaze you.

[Full Story: In Photos: Jaw-Dropping Images Reveal Science Is Amazing]

New blue arachnid:

One dark night in the Guyana rainforest, herpetologist Andrew Snyder serendipitously shined his flashlight on "a small glint of brilliant, cobalt blue" sticking out of a rotting stump.

[Full Story: Hairy, Blue Tarantulas Found Hiding in Hole-Filled Tree Stump]

A worm by any other skin:

Why does this worm strip out of its sheath before it infects you? It could be playing an elaborate trick on your immune system.

[Full Story: 'American Murderer' Worm Strips To Evade Your Immune System]

It was this big...

The heaviest fish in the sea is also very strange.

[Full Story: This 5,000-Pound Behemoth Is the World's Heaviest Bony Fish]

Ancient mystery explained:

A massive geomagnetic storm that was recorded across East Asia for nine days in 1770 suggests such solar flareups are surprisingly common.

[Full Story: Blood Red Skies Over China Explained 300 Years Later]

SoCal fires explained:

California could see more wildfire events like this, even during the rainy season. That's because rising temperatures mean drier autumns.

[Full Story: Here's Why the Ventura Wildfire Is So Explosive]

Death by nibble:

Mule deer are devouring the world's largest organism, a colony of quaking aspen in Utah.

[Full Story: The World's Largest Organism Is Dying]

Star Wars inspired species:

Fossilized remains of an extinct species of horseshoe crab, named after Darth Vader because the animal's bizarre shape resembles the "Star Wars" character's iconic helmet, were discovered in Idaho.

[Full Story: Horseshoe Crab Fossil from a Long Time Ago Named After Darth Vader]

Jumping hunter:

For the first time, a jumping spider has been observed hunting tadpoles.

[Full Story: Tiny Spider Gobbles Tadpole in Never-Before-Seen Behavior ]

3D-Printing helps the helpless:

A new 3D-printed mask helped a puppy in California heal after it sustained severe facial wounds during an attack by another dog.

[Full Story: New 3D-printed Mask Helps Heal Puppy's Fractured Skull]