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Alternative Defenses

Does the idea of a spider using its web to catapult itself at high speeds give you the willies? Then be forewarned: the triangle weaver spider (Hyptiotes cavatus) does just that.

[Full Story: This Crafty Spider Doesn't Have Venom...But It Does Have a 'Slingshot']

Far Side Secrets

China's lunar rover may have found pieces of the moon's elusive mantle.

[Full Story: China's Moon Lander Just Revealed a Secret on the Far Side of the Moon]

Space Attack

We can't see it. It might not be made of normal matter. Our telescopes haven't directly detected it at all. But it sure seems like it's out there.

[Full Story: Something Strange Punched a Hole in the Milky Way. But What Exactly Is It?]

More Dangers of Climate Change

When the oceans lose oxygen, squids lose their vision.

[Full Story: Octopuses May Go Blind As Climate Change Sucks Oxygen Out of the Ocean]

Predictable Evolution?

A type of flightless bird evolved on an atoll or ring-shaped coral reef in the Seychelles — twice.

[Full Story: This Bird Evolved into Existence Twice — Thousands of Years Apart]

Lunar Quakes

Tectonic activity shapes the moon from the inside out.

[Full Story: The Moon Is Shrinking and That's Causing Moonquakes]

Cosmic Awareness

If humans mine one-eighth of the solar system's extraterrestrial resources, we could be doomed.

[Full Story: Space Mining Could Ruin Our Solar System If We Don't Establish Protected Places Now, Researchers Warn ]

Leaky Atmosphere

Why is Mars so dry? A new paper might have the explanation.

[Full Story: A Giant Hole in the Martian Atmosphere Is Venting All Its Water into Space]

Unwanted Invader

An itchy feeling had an eight-legged source.

[Full Story: Spider Spins Web in Man's Ear (Cue the Nightmares)]

Scary Fiend

A crocodile-like beast the length of a Volkswagen Beetle terrorized prey in the late Triassic oceans about 210 million years ago, a new study finds.

[Full Story: Car-Size 'Sea Monster' Terrorized Triassic Oceans]