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Strange Coating:

No, a spider didn't build this web — hundreds or thousands of tiny caterpillars did.

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Cultured Creatures:

Five new species of snail-eating snakes were discovered in Ecuador.

[Full Story: These Gourmet Snakes Prefer to Eat Snails]

Odds of Survival:

NASA's long-lived Opportunity Mars rover is weathering a monster dust storm that has plunged its environs into permanent darkness.

[Full Story: Will Mars Rover Survive Fierce Dust Storm?]

Strange Beast:

When fishers recently hauled up their catch from a river in the province of Guizhou in southern China, they weren't expecting to come face-to-face with a fish that had a bird's head.

[Full Story: What's Up with This 'Half-Fish, Half-Bird' in China?]

Superheroes Take All Forms:

"What... have I gotten myself into?"
"What... have I gotten myself into?"
Credit: Richard Tsong-Taatarii/Minneapolis Star Tribune/Zuma

MPR raccoon is being hailed as a hero. But was it just scared out of its mind?

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Daring Rescue:

When the baby bird invaded the telescope scientists scrambled to make sure it wouldn't damage sensitive optics (or hurt itself).

[Full Story: Confused Baby Falcon Rescued from Inside Balloon Telescope]

Diamond-filled Clouds:

The little glowing diamonds have been screwing up research into the Big Bang for years, but scientists only just found the culprit.

[Full Story: There Are Vast Clouds of Tiny, Shimmering Diamonds Hiding All Over Our Galaxy]

New Life:

A first-time mother, a three-legged jaguar named Tanya, gave birth last week to a pair of cubs — the first cubs born in Argentina's Iberá National Park in decades.

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Representing the Heavens:

Ancient people would have entered the sprawling stone structures through doorways.

[Full Story: 3,000-Year-Old Geoglyphs May Depict the Heavens]

Hairy Shrimp Feet:

The itty-bitty shrimp shares more than a feature or two with the protagonist of J.R.R. Tolkien's 1937 children's fantasy novel.

[Full Story: 'Hobbit' Shrimp with Hairy Feet Discovered Living Inside Hole in Sea Squirt]