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Useless death:

The 6-year-old son of Cecil the Lion was shot and killed on July 7 just outside Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, meeting the same end his father did in 2015.

[Full Story: Cecil the Lion's Son Shot Dead, 2 Years After His Father]

Odd fins:

Tuna fish repurpose their lymphatic system to control their movement.

[Full Story: Tuna Fins Are Weirder Than You Think]

Stumbling block:

A 9-year-old boy hiking in the Las Cruces desert in New Mexico recently tripped over what is now thought to be a 1.2-million-year-old Stegomastodon skull.

[Full Story: Boy Face-Plants Right Onto a Million-Year-Old Stegomastodon Skull]

Differences and similarities:

Why don't pedigreed cats show the extremes in body size and shape that dog breeds do?

[Full Story: Why Dog Breeds Look So Very Different, But Cats Don't]

Emoji inaccuracies:

Apple's new green-and-toothy Tyrannosaurus rex emoji may be cute, but its anatomy is wildly inaccurate, a paleontologist told Live Science.

[Full Story: 6 Ways Apple Messed Up Its T. Rex Emoji]

Synthetic garbage:

Since large-scale manufacturing of plastics took off in the 1950s and until 2015, humans have produced approximately 9 billion tons of plastic.

[Full Story: Humans Have Produced Whopping 9 Billion Tons of Plastic]

Ocean pollution:

Thousands of clumps of weird, yellow foam have washed ashore on France's northern coastline, but no one knows exactly what it is.

[Full Story: Mysterious, Gross Yellow Fluff Balls Wash Up on French Shores]

Submerged forest:

An underwater forest of bald cypress that dates to 50,000 years ago may reveal secrets of a rapidly changing climate in the last ice age.

[Full Story: Underwater Cypress Forest from Ice Age Reveals Its Secrets]

Cute flying bot:

Space watchers have seen footballs, mini-soccer balls and water balls float through the International Space Station — but never a drone ball. New footage of a Japanese robot on YouTube shows it hovering and skittering around the Destiny laboratory.

[Full Story: BB-8 Flies? Adorable Japanese Drone Ball Tours Space Station]

Strange life:

An 8-inch marine worm's oval body is ringed with shiny golden bristles and topped with a sharp-toothed maw.

[Full Story: Bizarre Marine Worm Resembles a Christmas Ornament from Hell]