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Welcome to Life

A mesmerizing 6-minute time lapse shows a single cell dividing seemingly endlessly until what was once a yellow blob has become a wriggling, darting salamander tadpole.

[Full Story: Yellow, Blob-Like Cell Transforms into Wriggling Salamander in Surreal Time-Lapse Video]

Wildlife's Best

Threatened reindeer herds literally run circles around their predators.

[Full Story: Reindeer Cyclones Are Real, and You Definitely Don't Want to Get Caught in One]

Avoiding Dangers

The wreck may be lying on the seafloor near the Larsen C Ice Shelf.

[Full Story: Search for Shackleton's Antarctic Shipwreck Turns Back to Avoid Deadly Ice Trap]

AI's Creative Missteps

When neural networks attempted to create images of cats, the results were cat-astrophic.

[Full Story: AI Sucks at Making Adorable Cat Photos, Clearly Misses the Entire Point of the Internet]

Great Dads

These penguin dads are basically walking hot-water bottles.

[Full Story: How Do Emperor Penguin Dads Stop Their Eggs From Freezing?]

Awesome Animals

Emperor penguins are the only penguin species that breeds on the frigid ice sheets of Antarctica in the dead of winter.

[Full Story: In Photos: The Emperor Penguin's Beautiful and Extreme Breeding Season]

Strange Fishes

With tentacle-covered snouts, claw-like spines that protrude from their heads and bodies covered in armor, these newfound catfish look more myth than reality.

[Full Story: These Newfound Catfish Species Are Either the Ugliest Fish Ever or Super Adorable]

Unexpected Accessory

A new species of tarantula has something in common with the mythical unicorn — a prominent "horn."

[Full Story: 'Unicorn' Tarantula Wears a Weird Horn on Its Back]

Old Arachnids

Paleontologists working in South Korea found ancient spider fossils with mirrors in their eyes.

[Full Story: These Ancient Spider Fossils Still Have Silvery, Shimmering Eyes]

Quantum Reptile

Scientists couldn't find the pattern in these strange clouds of quantum fireworks. So they enlisted a computer, and it noticed a hidden turtle.

[Full Story: A Computer Spotted a Turtle Hiding Out in a Cloud of 'Quantum Fireworks']