Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you'll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

An extraordinary find:

A photo of an ancient Thracian chariot alongside the bones of horses and a dog quickly rose to the top of Reddit. But what's so exciting about the find, and who was buried in the chariot?

[Full Story: The Story Behind That 2,000-Year-Old Thracian Chariot You Saw on Reddit]

Understanding the winds:

Many of California's fiercest wildfires occur in September and October, owed in part to a powerful seasonal weather pattern known as katabatic winds. Here's what they are.

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Mimicking nature:

Researchers have created a synthetic form of octopus skin that can transform from a flat, 2D surface to a 3D one with bumps and pits, a technology that could be used in soft robots.

[Full Story: Octopus-Inspired Robots: Silicone Skin Can Change Texture for '3D Camouflage']

The cause of the spike:

NASA's OCO-2 satellite observed carbon dioxide response to one of strongest El Niños on record.

[Full Story: NASA Satellite Reveals Source of El Niño-Fueled Carbon Dioxide Spike]

Fire in the West:

An animation of satellite images shows plumes of dense, gray smoke rising from wildfires burning in multiple locations in California.

[Full Story: Inferno Down Below: Satellites Reveal Burning California Wildfires]

Under the sea:

These upside-down canyons could contribute to the melt and collapse of Antarctica's floating expanses of ice.

[Full Story: Hidden Upside-Down Canyon Revealed on Underside of Antarctic Ice]

An inside peak:

A new documentary about Jane Goodall draws on over 100 hours of unreleased footage to provide a new look at the life of this revolutionary researcher.

[Full Story: Documentary Shows Jane Goodall in New Light with Unseen Footage]

A cheesy trap:

A pale, slender creature was found in a cave with the help of smelly cheese.

[Full Story: New Cave-Dwelling Eyeless Creature Baited with Stinky Cheese]

Embracing the unseen:

Mounting evidence suggests it's hard to imagine our solar system without the unseen world dubbed Planet Nine.

[Full Story: Planet Nine Does Exist, NASA Evidence Suggests]

Deadly outbreak?

At least 100 hippos have died in a national park in Namibia from what scientists suspect is an outbreak of anthrax.

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