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Some 511 bloodsucking ticks were removed from this snake.

[Full Story: So Many Ticks Were Feasting on This Unlucky Python, They Looked Like Living Scales]

Forecasting Danger

Here's what's behind the severe winter weather.

[Full Story: The Polar Vortex Is Collapsing — Here's What That Means for Your Winter Weather]

Brains, Brains!!!

A team of neuroscientists have produced a series of amazing, detailed images of fruit fly brains using a brand-new combination of imaging techniques.

[Full Story: Check Out These Amazing Super-Detailed Images of Fruit Fly Brains]

What Goes Around...?

Was the gargantuan asteroid that killed the dinosaurs just business as usual in our neck of the solar system?

[Full Story: Earth May Be in the Middle of a Giant Asteroid Spike, Billion-Year Survey Reveals]

A Tricky Escape

Who will win this lopsided battle?

[Full Story: Small Terrapin Outsmarts Young Lion in Wild Video]

No-Nonsense Illustration

For the first time, an animated model visualized a realistic solar flare.

[Full Story: Stunning Animation of a Solar Flare Captures Its Life from Birth to Death]

Captivating Sight

Its appearance has been likened to a moon, an alien creation, a crop circle and a giant Lazy Susan.

[Full Story: Giant, Spinning Disk of Ice Looks Like Alien Creation. Here's How It Formed.]

Melting Ice, Rising Water

Antarctica is losing ice six times faster than it was four decades ago. That’s not good for our oceans.

[Full Story: Antarctica Is Dumping Hundreds of Gigatons of Ice into the Ocean Right Now]

Visions of the Unknown

China made history earlier this month with the first successful soft landing on the far side of the moon — and now, the mission has sent back an incredible panorama view of its work site.

[Full Story: See Far Side of the Moon in Amazing Panorama from China's Chang'e 4 Lander]

Cautious Celebration

A beleaguered orca population finally has something to celebrate.

[Full Story: Newborn Orca Spotted Off Seattle Coast. Will the Baby Survive Its 1st Year?]