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Pyramid shadow

The shadow's pointy tip is a matter of perspective.

[Full Story: Volcano's Shadow Forms an Eerie, Perfect Triangle]

Surprising meals

These carnivorous Canadian plants don't just eat bugs — they eat vertebrates, too.

[Full Story: The Carnivorous Plant Named 'Turtle Socks' Has Been Eating Baby Salamanders for Lunch]

Invisible and strong forces

The monster black hole at the center of the Milky Way is eerily quiet, and now astronomers think they know why.

[Full Story: Is This Invisible Magnetic Field Smothering Our Nearest Supermassive Black Hole?]

Accelerated reactions

It's all happening way faster than anyone expected.

[Full Story: Arctic Permafrost Is Going Through a Rapid Meltdown — 70 Years Early]

Our very own

This cool cloud dances around the giant cosmic beast.

[Full Story: Scientists Take First-Ever Image of a Faint Swirling Ring of Hydrogen Around Our Galaxy's Black Hole]

Martian minerals

This is one of the most tangible pieces of evidence yet for the idea that explosive volcanism was more common on early Mars.

[Full Story: This Strange Rock Formed on Mars Billions of Years Ago, Possibly from an Explosive Eruption]

Expanding poisonous beauty

Tourists from all over China come to view the toxic twinkling seascape.

[Full Story: Glowing 'Blue Tears' in China's Seas Are Incredibly Toxic — And They’re Growing]

Impending dangers

A powerful superflare could disrupt electronics across the globe, causing widespread blackouts.

[Full Story: Sun Could Unleash a 'Superflare' Hundreds of Thousands of Times More Powerful Than Any Known Flare]

Decades-long mystery solved

The bizarre holes have been popping up sporadically in the sea ice since the 1970s.

[Full Story: Mysterious, Gaping Holes in Antarctic Ice Explained]

Mystery on the moon

There's a gargantuan secret buried under the largest crater in the solar system, and it weighs more than Hawaii.

[Full Story: An 'Anomaly' the Size of Hawaii Is Buried Beneath the Moon's Biggest Crater]

The next phase

The now five-time mama is done having babies.

[Full Story: Done with Babies: April the Internet-Famous Giraffe Is Starting Birth Control]