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Ice-Covered Bottom:

Here's a look at the southernmost continent, a place of extremes.

[Full Story: Antarctica: The Ice-Covered Bottom of the World (Photos)]

Big Bounty:

Nope. Nope. Nope.

[Full Story: Bounty Hunter Kills Gargantuan Burmese Python, Gets $375, Earns Our Undying Gratitude]

Birth of Weirdness

NASA went back and looked at how that weirdly square iceberg formed. What they found surprised them.

[Full Story: NASA Figures Out Where Weirdly Square Iceberg Was Born]

Gorgeous Lights:

An eerie, marmalade-colored light show made Earth look like a gigantic orange lollipop early this morning (Nov. 7), prompting an astronaut aboard the International Space Station to snap a photo of it to share with Earthlings down below.

[Full Story: Ghostly Orange Light Envelopes Earth During Rare Airglow]

Surprise Birth:

Sit back, clear your mind, and let this imagery sink in: "buckets and buckets and buckets full of tiny octopi."

[Full Story: 'Male' Octopus Hatches 10,000 Teensy Babies in Surprise Birth]

Unexpected Love:

A rescued emu and donkey in North Carolina seem to see each other as family.

[Full Story: Emu and Donkey Fall in Love]

Learning About the Inside:

As neutrinos pass through the planet, they offer new information on what it looks like inside.

[Full Story: Here's How Much the Earth Weighs in 'Ghostly' Neutrinos]

Grand and Eerie:

These are places where time stands still.

[Full Story: 15 Incredible Places on Earth That Are Frozen in Time]

Weird Animal Drawings:

A 40,000-year-old painting of a mysterious, wild cow-like beast discovered in a Borneo cave is the oldest human-made drawing of an animal on record, a new study finds.

[Full Story: World's Oldest Animal Drawing, Discovered in Borneo Cave, Is a Weird Cow Beast]