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Ready to Help:

Capturing Scarlet could be the only way to save her — if she's still alive.

[Full Story: Starving Orca Feared Dead. But NOAA Isn't Giving Up Just Yet.]

One of These Things...

It's hard to find your place when you’re the new kid in town — especially when you're the only kid with a tusk the size of a baguette jutting out of center of your forehead.

[Full Story: Lone Narwhal Caught Chilling with Gang of Beluga Whales in Canada]

Forced Labor:

Shrimp-like crustaceans abduct sea snails and steal their poisonous defense.

[Full Story: Tiny Antarctic 'Kidnappers' Steal Sea Snails & Wear Them Like Backpacks ]

Ugly, Yet So Cute:

Tonks is the newest baby aye-aye in the United States.

[Full Story: Endangered Lemur Newborn Is So Ugly It's Cute]

Effects of Climate Change

For the first time, researchers have calculated the impact of climate change on a hurricane before it actually hits land.

[Full Story: Hurricane Florence Is 50 Miles Larger, with 50% More Rain, Thanks to Climate Change]

Unexpected Pets:

Jaguars, pumas, deer, and even crocodile bones turn up in the old Maya city of Copán. And a new paper shows they were kept captive and traded.

[Full Story: Cross-Legged Woman's Tomb Reveals Ancient Maya Kept Jaguars in Cages]

Strange Request, Lost Items:

Famed philosopher Jeremy Bentham — an oddball British gentleman who requested that his dead body be mummified and put on public display — is missing some rings.

[Full Story: Oddball Philosopher Had His Mummified Body Put on Display … and Now His Rings Are Missing]

Bigger and More Dangerous:

Hurricane Florence's eye wall has grown since yesterday.

[Full Story: New Eye Means Hurricane Florence May Get Stronger Before Slamming into the US]

A Sight to See:

Though the site was spectacular for onlookers nearshore, to the dolphins, it was probably just another Monday.

[Full Story: Watch: Dolphin Superpod Chases Billions of Baitfish in Monterey Bay]

Colliding Galaxies:

A giant ring of black holes has been discovered 300 million light-years away, offering new clues about what happens when galaxies collide.

[Full Story: Galaxy Punches Through Neighbor to Spawn Giant Ring of Black Holes]