Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you'll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

Spaceship jelly:

Near the deepest spot in the world's oceans, scientists have discovered a jellyfish that looks more alien spaceship than deep-sea cnidarian.

[Full Story: Jellyfish from Outer Space? Amazing Glowing Creature Spotted]

Saggy skin:

A critically endangered frog, whose juices are used in virility shakes, finds a new home in captivity, but will researchers be able to save the species?

[Full Story: Dying Breed? Zoo Toils to Save Strange 'Scrotum Frog']

Red rectangle:

The Red Rectangle is so named because of its strange shape and striking color. But this stellar nebula looks more like a cosmic "X" in this new image from Hubble.

[Full Story: Hubble Telescope Captures Sharpest Image Yet of Mysterious Red Rectangle]

Singing Tesla coils:

For the band ArcAttack, harnessing the power of 1 million volts of electricity — and turning that energy into music — is business as usual.

[Full Story: Tesla Coils 'Sing' in Electrifying Performance]

Sleeping dragon:

Dreaming dragons? Researchers have discovered REM and slow-wave sleep in lizards for the first time.

[Full Story: Do Australian Dragons Dream? Sleep Discovery Surprises Scientists]

Green glow:

Sharks that glow? These catsharks absorb the ocean's blue light and turn it into something gorgeous.

[Full Story: See the World Through a Glowing Shark's Eyes]

Animal selfies:

Thanks to a network of motion-activated camera traps, little-seen forest animals are taking a turn in the limelight.

[Full Story: Camera Hogs: Wild Pigs and Other Amazonian Wildlife Pose for 'Selfies']


The towering and shaggy Wookiee character Chewbacca from the "Star Wars" movies has a new namesake — a tiny weevil recently discovered in New Guinea.

[Full Story: Hairy-Legged 'Chewbacca Beetle' Discovered in New Guinea]

Sea art:

NASA asked scientists and the public to explain mysterious lines on the Caspian Sea floor and got an answer.

[Full Story: Whodunit? Mystery Lines Show Up in Satellite Image of Caspian Sea]

River reef:

A massive reef system lurking in the mouth of the Amazon River hides a hidden menagerie of strange and wonderful underwater creatures.

[Full Story: Massive Coral Reef Discovered in the Amazon River]