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Giant pinch:

The coconut crab has the strongest pinch per body weight of any animal but the alligator.

[Full Story: Coconut Crab's Pinch Is Strongest in the World]

Spider dads:

South American spider males are the only known solitary spider to engage in paternal care.

[Full Story: Doting Daddy Spiders Do the Housekeeping]

A python with an appetite:

A Burmese python in the Everglades with a penchant for venison gulped down three whole deer — one doe and two fawns — before wildlife officials captured and euthanized it, a new study reveals.

[Full Story: Ravenous 14-Foot Python Caught with 3 Deer in Its Gut]

Lots of poop:

A Burmese python treated the Florida Everglades like an all-you-can-eat buffet after it ate three deer in a mere three months, a new study finds.

[Full Story: Photos: This Python Chowed Down on 3 Deer]

Circle of life:

The life cycle of stars comes full circle in a new photo taken by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Smithsonian's Submillimeter Array (SMA), which may reveal new clues for studying star evolution.

[Full Story: Stellar 'Circle of Life' Captured in New NASA Photo]

Frozen lakes:

Scientists investigate icy lakes to track the growth of certain types of algae and zooplankton that thrive during the cold season, blooming under the lake's icy cover.

[Full Story: In Photos: Frozen Lakes in Winter]

Mummy legs:

Though "no absolute certainty exists," some mummified leg fragments probably belonged to one of Egypt's most famous queens.

[Full Story: Mystery Mummy Legs Belonged to Egyptian Queen Nefertari]

Antarctic pyramid?

An Antarctic mountain with a unique, pyramid-like shape is suddenly internet-famous, with theorists contemplating its origin. Some are wondering whether an ancient civilization created it, and others are speculating about the involvement of aliens.

[Full Story: New Pyramid in Antarctica? Not Quite, Say Geologists]

Shrinking Utah Lake:

This month, the lake reached its lowest recorded level.

[Full Story: Utah's Great Salt Lake Is Shrinking]

Yellow face:

Everything scientists know about these bees' mating behaviors is based on anecdotal observations.

[Full Story: The Mysterious Sex Lives of Hawaii's Endangered Yellow-Faced Bees]

Kissing ants:

Talk about intimate communication. Researchers have found that ants pass along chemical signals with their nest mates by sharing saliva.

[Full Story: For Ants, a Kiss Is Not Just a Kiss…It's Communication]