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Elusive snake:

A tree-dwelling Cropan's boa snake recently captured in Brazil is the first living specimen seen in 64 years.

[Full Story: World's Rarest Boa Snake Seen for 1st Time in 64 Years]

Breaking berg:

'Aftershocks' from a major iceberg break caused Antarctic glacier to shed another.

[Full Story: NASA Satellite Spots Mile-Long Iceberg Breaking Off of Antarctic Glacier]

Looming octopus:

A striking photo of an octopus won diver Gabriel Barathieu the title of Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017.

[Full Story: Looming Octopus 'Dances' in Winning Underwater Photo]

Mantis shrimp:

Contest winners in the photo competition Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 showcase breathtaking scenes and species representing ocean biodiversity.

[Full Story: Stunning Scenes Dazzle in Underwater Images (Photos)]

Flowing fire:

It may look like a ribbon of cascading lava, but the so-called "firefall" in Yosemite National Park is actually a regular waterfall illuminated by the bright light of the setting sun.

[Full Story: Flowing Fire? Yosemite's 'Burning' Waterfall Explained]

Snake v. snake:

A highly venomous brown snake and a red-bellied black snake become entangled in a lethal encounter in South Australia.

[Full Story: Snake vs. Snake: Video Captures Aussie Reptiles Dueling to the Death]

Walking fish:

The research ship Okeanos Explorer is sending an ROV into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, seeking out exotic sea animals and other curiosities. And, you can watch it live online.

[Full Story: Undersea Robot to Hunt for Strange Life of Deep Pacific: Watch Online]

Blue jet:

In views from the International Space Station, a mysterious set of electrical discharges shine above a roiling thunderstorm in Earth's upper atmosphere.

[Full Story: Blue Jets Swirl Above Thunderstorm in Photo from Space Station]

Threatened by climate change:

Nearly half of the mammals and a quarter of the birds studied are already feeling the effects of climate change

[Full Story: Climate Threat to Wildlife May Have Been Massively Underreported]

Wonky eyes:

As its name implies, the cockeyed squid has some peculiar peepers: One is small and black, and the other is exceptionally large and yellow. Now, scientists think they know the reason for the squid's wonky eyes: They help the squid spy on prey and predator

[Full Story: Squid Survives Ocean's 'Twilight Zone' Thanks to Its Mismatched Eyes]

Ring around Saturn:

NASA's Cassini spacecraft sends its love this Valentine's Day with photos of Saturn’s beautiful rings, moons and polar vortex.

[Full Story: Put a Ring on It! Saturn Impresses in Stunning Valentine's Day Photos]