Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you'll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

Sandy swirls:

Dozens of circular geoglyphs, some comprising several intertwined rings and one a swirl shape, have been identified and mapped beside trade routes near the ancient Peruvian town of Quilcapampa.

[Full Story: Ring-Shaped Geoglyphs Found Near Ancient Town in Peru]

Cannibal squid:

The deep-sea diving Gonatus squid has a hearty appetite, even when it comes to eating its own kind, a new study finds.

[Full Story: Creepy Cannibals: Squid Have No Qualms About Eating Their Own Kind]

Cosmic echoes:

Supermassive black holes have an incredibly strong gravitational pull that swallows anything that gets too close, including stars. When this happens, the black hole spits out a bright flare of energy that "echoes" through space.

[Full Story: Cosmic 'Echoes' Reveal Stars Devoured by Black Holes]

Sarlacc worms:

Fish spit jets of water at 10-foot-long worms in the Pacific that look like real-life sarlacc from Star Wars.

[Full Story: Fish Spit to Keep Monstrous 'Sarlacc' Worms Away]

Seamount life:

Scientists recently traveled thousands of feet below the ocean's surface to explore mysterious marine mountain environments as close as 70 miles off the Hawaiian coast.

[Full Story: Rare Sea Life Found in Mysterious Underwater 'Mountains']

Clever male widows:

In two widow spider species, males deploy an ingenious strategy to avoid being cannibalized during sex.

[Full Story: Male Widow Spiders Survive Sex by Mounting Immature Virgins]

Moon speck:

A crisp view of Saturn's rings and one of its tiny moons makes big waves.

[Full Story: Moon Speck Captured in Stunning View of Saturn's Rings]

Brutal boomerang blow:

An 800-year-old skeleton found in Australia has a long gash on his skull — perhaps inflicted by the sharp edge of a boomerang.

[Full Story: This Man Was Killed by Brutal Boomerang Blow 800 Years Ago]

Green space blob:

A giant blob of gas and dust far off in the universe mysteriously glows bright green, and astronomers have finally figured out why.

[Full Story: Giant Green Space Blob Mystery Solved]

Battery MRI:

A new method of MRI peers inside batteries as they charge to prevent runaway explosions.

[Full Story: No More Fires? MRI Scans of Batteries Show Explosive Potential]