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Salt-encrusted dress:

The Dead Sea has transformed a dour black dress into a sparkly salty treasure in a new art exhibit by Sigalit Landau.

[Full Story: Dead Sea Transforms Deathly Dress Into Gorgeous Salt-Encrusted Jewel]

Comet eruption:

Europe's Rosetta spacecraft has captured dramatic imagery of a comet outburst that may have been caused by a landslide on the icy body.

[Full Story: Rosetta Probe Gets Rare Close-Up of Comet Eruption (Video)]

Happy 100th Birthday:

The National Park Service has joined the centenarian club. Here's a look at the beauty of the sprawling parks, from Yellowstone with its rainbow-colored hot springs and Denali to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon and the magical Big Bend.

[Full Story: Happy 100th Birthday! US National Parks in Photos]


High-speed images of a human sneeze show exactly why it's a good idea to stand back before you say gesundheit.

[Full Story: Gross! High-Speed Images Show What Happens When You Sneeze]

Squishy robot:

A rubbery little "octobot" is the first robot made completely from soft parts, according to a new study. The tiny, squishy guy also doesn’t need batteries or wires of any kind, and runs on a liquid fuel.

[Full Story: Soft, Rubbery 'Octobot' Can Move Without Batteries]

Buried tectonic plate:

A tectonic "slab graveyard" tells geological history.

[Full Story: Buried Tectonic Plate Reveals Hidden Dinosaur-Era Sea]

USS Independence:

A robotic sub is revealing secrets of the USS Independence, which was a target during atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in the 1940s. Scientists were surprised to find a fighter plane hidden in the sunken wreck.

[Full Story: 1st Look at World War II-Era Aircraft Carrier Sunk in the Pacific ]

Cyclops beetle:

Baby beetles with three compound eyes, one in the center of their heads, are teaching scientists something about how new facial traits evolve.

[Full Story: 'Cyclops' Beetle Grows Third Eye on Its Head]

Europe's oldest tree:

The oldest officially dated tree in Europe is a bushy Bosnian pine living high up in the mountains in Greece.

[Full Story: This Tree Started Growing During the Viking Age]

Black, black holes:

A black hole simulated in a lab points toward "no."

[Full Story: Are Black Holes Really Black?]