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Missing bombers:

Using a sonar-equipped underwater robot, a team of scientists has discovered the debris of a missing World War II-era B-25 bomber plane off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

[Full Story: 2 Missing WWII B-25 Bombers Found in the Pacific Ocean]

Hot Jupiter:

Huge cyclones rage near Jupiter's mysterious poles, and the giant planet's powerful auroras are fundamentally different from Earth's northern and southern lights, the first science results from NASA's Juno mission reveal.

[Full Story: Mysteries at Jupiter: NASA's Juno Probe Reveals Cyclones, Auroras & Surprises]

Spitting, tree-climbing goats:

Tree-climbing goats in Morocco give their roosts a boost … by spitting the trees' seeds on the ground.

[Full Story: Ptooey! Tree-Climbing Goats Spread Seeds by Spitting]

Becoming giants:

The early ancestors of 100-foot-long blue whales were dolphin-sized, according to new research that explains how they and other whale giants got to be so big.

[Full Story: Whales Only Recently Evolved into Giants]

Kool katydid:

The top 10 highlight global biodiversity — as well as a slew of interesting names.

[Full Story: Dragon Ant, Devil Orchid Star in Top 10 Newfound Species]

Gorgeous algae:

The Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands has acquired a photography first: the first book to be illustrated with photos, by a pioneering female photographer.

[Full Story: Double First: 19th-Century Book Is 1st with Photos, by 1st Female Photographer]

Unicorns of the sea:

New video footage revealed the narwhal tusk's violent purpose.

[Full Story: Narwhals Use Tusks to Stun Prey, Drone Footage Reveals]

Mini dragon:

The last monitor lizard in Europe is discovered.

[Full Story: Remains of Mini 'Komodo Dragon' Found in Greece]

Camp Flegrei:

A large caldera called Campi Flegrei in Naples may be more stressed than previously thought.

[Full Story: Italy's Supervolcano Builds Up Stress — But No Eruption Coming]

Best US beach:

This year's top beach features expanses of fine-grained white-quartz sand and warm, clear waters.

[Full Story: Florida Paradise Nabs Top Spot on 2017 Best Beaches List]