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Deadly beauty:

A striking shot of a Pacific Man-of-War wins the sixth annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition.

[Full Story: Dramatic Man-of-War Takes Top Ocean Art Photography Prize]

Kissing fish:

The Underwater Photography Guide names 95 winners a year in a variety of categories, from reefscapes to cold water to nudibranchs, the marine mollusks known for flashy colors and strange body structures.

[Full Story: Striking Shots: Winning Photos Reveal Amazing Life Underwater]

Unlikely partners?

A monkey was recently seen performing sexual actions on the backs of female sika deer on Japan's Yakushima island.

[Full Story: Doe! Deer and Macaque Caught Monkeying Around]

Toothy predator:

Fossilized bones riddled with enormous shark bite marks reveal the mega shark's main prey and why Megalodon went extinct.

[Full Story: Megalodon's Demise: Why Earth's Largest Shark Went Extinct]

The Rockies from space:

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet just took "Rocky Mountain High" to a whole new level with this incredible photo of the Rocky Mountains taken from the International Space Station.

[Full Story: Astronaut's View of the Rocky Mountains from Space Is Just Amazing]

Viper's strike:

For the first time, scientists have captured high-speed video of a viper striking at its prey in the wild.

[Full Story: High-Speed Video Captures Amazing Viper Strike in the Wild]

Pineapple Express:

NASA satellites spied a so-called atmospheric river passing over the state.

[Full Story: 'Pineapple Express' Triggers Floods in California, NASA Animation Shows]

Gorgeous glow:

An amateur photographer captured brilliant images of light pillars in northern Ontario, revealing the beauty of these shafts of light reflecting off ice crystals.

[Full Story: Alien Glow? Brilliant Light Pillars Appear Over Canada]


If you thought that biologists on Twitter couldn't top the genitalia-celebrating hashtag #JunkOff, you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

[Full Story: Exquisite Corpses: Biologists Share #BestCarcass Photos]

An icy convoy:

A convoy of massive tractors delivers supplies to Concordia research station in Antarctica, as seen in a satellite image captured from hundreds of miles above Earth.

[Full Story: Antarctic Lifeline Visible from Space (Photo)]