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Cloud surfing:

Earlier this month, skydiver Sean MacCormac strapped a board to his feet and "surfed" down the edge of a storm cloud over central Florida.

[Full Story: That's Insane! Daring Skydiver 'Surfs' on Storm Clouds]

Pyramid soaring:

A solar-powered airplane buzzed the pyramids in Egypt, flying over the iconic, haze-cloaked monuments, during the most recent leg of its historic journey around the world.

[Full Story: Solar Plane Zooms Over Egypt's Pyramids on Historic Flight]

Gross and beautiful:

Parasitism has independently evolved at least 223 times, leading to millions of parasitic species on Earth.

[Full Story: Parasite Evolution: Here's How Some Animals Became Moochers]

Gorgeous meteor showers:

If Comet Swift-Tuttle smacked into Earth, it would likely be a very bad day for our planet.

[Full Story: What Would Happen If Comet Swift-Tuttle Hit the Earth?]

Too cute!

Mouse lemurs, the world's tiniest — and perhaps cutest — primate, have helped solve a whodunit about who (or what) disrupted the green forests on the island nation of Madagascar.

[Full Story: Adorable Mouse Lemur Helps Solve Madagascar Whodunit]


The turtle's shell may serve as a protective shield nowadays, but ancient turtles actually developed shells for an entirely different reason, a new study finds.

[Full Story: 8-Year-Old's Fossil Discovery Explains Why Turtles Have Shells]

The real final frontier:

A group of wild capuchin monkeys in Brazil have used stones as tools to prepare their favorite meal of cashew nuts for more than 700 years, according to a new study.

[Full Story: Move Over, 'Star Trek' — Hubble Telescope Sees the Real Final Frontier ]

Boozy lemur:

A taste for alcohol may be more widespread in the primate lineage than suspected, and is linked to genetic factors, a new study suggests.

[Full Story: Nectartini? This Little Lemur Has a Taste for Alcohol]

Caribbean cave art:

Hundreds of cave engravings have been identified on Puerto Rico's Mona Island. Some offer a rare glimpse at early encounters between Europeans and indigenous people.

[Full Story: Caribbean Cave Art Illuminates Encounters with Europeans]

Tides tug on faults:

Scientists figured out how the same tides that affect ocean waves also tug on the giant fault in California.

[Full Story: Earth's Tides Can Trigger Earthquakes Along the San Andreas Fault]