Save $829 on Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer this Amazon Prime Day

Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer
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Looking for an exercise machine that provides a great cardio workout — but without placing an excessive stress on your knees? Then you cannot miss this Amazon Prime Day deal. Now you can save a hefty $829 on the Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer

The best treadmills are great for improving endurance and supporting weight loss, but they come with certain disadvantages. Repeated impact of running may place an excessive strain on the joints, leading to pain, discomfort, and injuries. If you are just starting your fitness journey, or you are suffering from musculoskeletal problems, you may find that cross trainers offer a perfect alternative. These machines provide a range of great impact-free workouts that even the most apprehensive beginner can enjoy. Cross trainers may also be a more suitable option if you struggle with cardiovascular and respiratory problems, and need more control over the intensity of your training sessions. 

But why should you invest in the Life Fitness E3 model? This cross trainer perfectly combines performance, entertainment and ease of use, all while generating hardly any noise. Without a doubt, it's a sizeable machine, but it is a fair trade off for a superb workout experience that it delivers. Owing to Life Fitness extensive biomechanical research, this model's range of movement feels natural and comfortable. And to make your training sessions even better, you can connect your E3 cross trainer to apps like Nike+, Garmin, MyFitnessPal and Apple Health. 

Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer | Was $4145, now $3316 on Amazon

Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer | Was $4145, now $3316 on Amazon

Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer combines WhisperStride technology with multiple useful settings to provide a premium home workout experience. And with this Amazon Prime Day deal, you can save a hefty 20%. This E3 model comes with 20 resistance levels, heart rate monitoring and its own entertainment zone. 

The E3 model was designed with efficient movement in mind. It comes with a 20 inch stride length, two handy cup holders, and integrated moving arm features. Thanks to 20 different electromagnetic resistance levels, picking the right intensity and steadily progressing over time becomes an easier thing to do.

The Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer is equipped with a console for a convenient setup and in-workout control. It comes with 16 workout options, and it allows up to 12 custom workouts allowed. The console allows you to create a unique profile that stores your stats, tracks your progress and assesses exercise performance. And with up to 4 user profiles possible, you can share this cross-trainer with your friends and family without worrying about losing your data. 

Contact heart rate sensors on moving multi-grip handles will help you monitor your heart rate. It may sound like a standard feature in cardiovascular machines, but unlike many other pieces of equipment on the market, the Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer sets include a wireless chest strap for more accurate readings. 

What's more, the Life E3 Cross Trainer will not generate any noise. Its Whisperstride technology and maintenance-free ball bearings reduce friction and ensure nearly silent operation. No need to hide this machine in the basement or garage, you can easily place it in your bedroom without disrupting anyone around. 

In addition, this cross trainer comes with a set of convenient warranties, including a lifetime warranty on frame and 5-year warranty on parts.

And lastly, exercising on Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer is simply an enjoyable experience. You can easily sync your cross trainer with apps like Nike+, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Jawbone and Fitbit. You can also connect to interactive apps like RunSocial.

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