Five health essentials to bulk buy this Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day is here and while there are plenty of big discounts on things like exercise bikes and treadmills, there’s also a lot of smaller items that are worth bulk buying right now.

When you’re approaching a big sales day like Amazon Prime Day, it makes sense to think carefully about everyday items you use – and how you can save on these smaller products – rather than splashing out on unnecessary purchases. While it’s much less exciting to stock up on things like plasters and health goods than it is to buy a shiny new rowing machine, it will probably save you more money in the long run. 

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the best items to bulk buy on Prime Day, with a selection of things that actually represent good value. All of these items cost less than $50 – and if you choose to buy larger quantities of them, you can save even more money.

Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Browse through our round-ups of the best Amazon Prime Day health and fitness deals, or log into the retailer’s site directly to browse the latest sales.

Prime Day deals to buy in bulk

Now $22.40

Misfits protein bars | Was $32 Now $22.40
We’ve tested out a fair few protein bars in our time – and these are our clear favourites. They taste amazing, are suitable for vegans and have a really low sugar content. A single serving also contains nearly 5mg of iron (26% Daily Value) and 30mg of calcium (3% DV). Currently reduced by $9.60 (30%) you can buy a bunch and stock up for this year’s gym sessions. 

Now $12.79

Blister bandages | Was $15.99 Now $12.79
Stock up on these little life savers, which are currently reduced by 20%. There’s nothing worse than the agony of hobbling around on blistered feet after a race or marathon. Save yourself the pain (and get back to training quicker) with these clear, cheap bandages. 

Now $14.99

Muscle rehab sports recovery soak | Was $19.99 Now $14.99
There’s a hefty 25% off these bath salts, which are now just $14.99. While the jury’s still out on how effective Epsom salts are for aiding muscle recovery, a long soak in a warm bath will encourage blood flow to your muscles – which could help with aches and pains. Pouring some clean-smelling salts into your bath could make the experience all the more enjoyable. 

Now $6.39

Zalik ear plugs for sleeping | Was $14.99 Now $6.39
If you’re serious about your health, you’ll know that sleep is of the utmost importance to sporting performance and wellbeing – and some cheap earplugs (reduced by 57%) could help you get that shut-eye. There are 50 pairs included in the pack, so you’ll be able to sleep peacefully for a long time. 

Now $10.56

Primo chalk | Was $13.20 Now $10.56
Chalk is a must have for lots of sports – it makes weightlifting a lot easier, but it can help prevent slipping during yoga moves too. This incredibly cheap, refillable chalk ball is an easy way to make sure that you stay steady during your workout. Buy it now, for 20% less than usual. 

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