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Bored of tasteless water, but want a drink that's naturally sweetened, with no sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors? You can pick up a 12 pack of CELSIUS fitness drinks in sparkling grapefruit for 36% off this Amazon Prime Day, saving you a cool $9.69.

CELSIUS is an ideal pre-workout drink that also serves as a refreshing alternative to other caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea. If you're serious about your fitness goals, don't worry - CELSIUS Stevia doesn't contain any sugar, preservatives or colors and is low in sodium. It's sweetened with stevia and contains lots of essential nutrients, including 250% of your daily value of B12, 67% of your daily value of vitamin C and 118% of your daily value of B6.

While we'd always recommend arming yourself with one of the best water bottles to stay on top of your liquid intake, fitness drinks that are fortified with vitamins and minerals can make a refreshing change. So why not grab a bargain this Prime Day and stock up on CELSIUS while it's on discount?

CELSIUS fitness drinks score an impressive 4.3*/5 on Amazon, based on 3,522 ratings. Users love the light and refreshing flavor, and find they have more energy for their workouts after consuming a CELSIUS beforehand. It's much cheaper to buy energy drinks in bulk too, rather than relying on grocery stores and vending machines. So don't miss out on some cool deals on CELSIUS this Prime Day.

CELSIUS Sweetened with Stevia Sparkling Grapefruit Fitness Drink (pack of 12) Was: $27.00 Now: $17.31 at Amazon

CELSIUS Sweetened with Stevia Sparkling Grapefruit Fitness Drink (pack of 12) Was: $27.00 Now: $17.31 at Amazon
Save a cool $9.69 on this 12 pack of CELSIUS fitness drinks in sparkling grapefruit. Free from high sugar corn syrup and preservatives, they pack in 7 essential nutrients and make a cooling pre-workout pick-me-up.

While the Prime Day discount is only available on the Sparkling Grapefruit variety, CELSIUS Stevia drinks come in four other flavors including Orange, Orange Pomegranate, Cucumber Lime, and Water Melon Berry, so keep an eye out for forthcoming deals on those varieties too. All varieties of CELIUS Stevia feature delicious and beneficial ingredients including green tea, guarana seed extract and ginger root to provide you with a delicious pre-workout drink that fuels your exercise routine.

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