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California Clouds

Credit: John Kupersmith
These strange-looking clouds are known as lenticular clouds, and the formations are characterized by their smooth oval or round shapes. …Read More »

Photographer John Kupersmith
captured these lenticular clouds over Mono Lake, Calif., on Nov. 7, 2013.

Lenticular clouds form when waves of moist, fast-moving air are pushed upward over high mountains by strong winds. At this higher altitude, water droplets in the moist air cool and expand, and the water vapor condenses. As the air passes over the mountaintop and descends to more uniformly humid conditions, pancake-type lenticular clouds form.

Kupersmith used a Sony DSC-RX100M2 camera to capture this tranquil scene over Mono Lake. The lenticular clouds in the picture were created by strong westerly winds coming over the Sierra Nevada range, Kupersmith explained. [Related Gallery: Curious Clouds]   Less «
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