Save up to $345 on Echelon connect bikes this weekend!

Echelon EX3 Bike
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If you’re looking to cash in on an exercise bike this mother's day weekend, then this excellent Echelon bike deal is perfect for you.  We love Echelon for its great prices on a range of exercise machines, which still offer impressive all-round performance. This, paired with the Echelon Fit app, means you can enjoy an effective and varied at-home workout routine for a fraction of the cost of a Peloton bike.  

If you're in the market for one of the best exercise bikes, you can't do better than a Echelon. We rated the EX3 4 out of 5 stars when we tested it, also listing it in our guide to the best budget exercise bikes

Overall, we simply cannot fault Echelon's products for their top performance. Not only are there a variety of fun and effective workout options via the Echelon App, but the bike’s supreme build quality supports you effortlessly throughout even the toughest HIIT ride. 

If Echelon isn't your brand, then Peloton are also having a sale on their bundles, saving you up to $400 on top quality Peloton gear.

If you're not sure whether to invest in an Echelon bike or a Peloton - we've compared the two: Peloton vs Echelon: which exercise bike is better?

, Now $1,954.99 at Echelon

 Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike | Was $2,299.99, Now $1,954.99 at Echelon

Save $345! The Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike features an industry-first curved HD touchscreen that allows you to simulate the feeling of a studio cycling class or embark on worldwide adventures through a variety of scenic rides. Dive into supplemental cross-training workouts off the bike by flipping the screen 180 degrees. The dual-ring design includes 15 LED colors that change to indicate various workout metrics. 

, Now $1,274.99 at Echelon

Echelon EX-5s-22 | Was $1,499.99, Now $1,274.99 at Echelon

Save $225! The Echelon EX-5s-22 delivers immersive, studio-quality fitness experiences from an HD touchscreen display. Compete on the Leaderboard and reach your fitness goals with 24/7 access to live and on-demand classes led by world-class instructors.

, Now $849.99 at Echelon

Echelon Connect Bike EX-5|Was $999.99, Now $849.99 at Echelon

Pedal farther on the EX-5. Built with performance in mind, this connected bike boasts a variety of features that'll help you raise your cycling game. Whether your aim is to de-stress, train for a competition, or anything in-between, you can count on the EX-5 to get you there.

, Now $764.99 at Echelon

Echelon GT+ Connect Bike|Was $899.99, Now $764.99 at Echelon

Save $135! Ride toward your fitness goals on a bike that matches your style! The unique blue body and four flywheel color options transform your home into a vibrant, high-end cycling studio. Connect your bike with the Echelon Fit app to track real-time performance stats including leaderboard ranking, distance, speed, calorie burn, and total output for every workout.

Peloton and Echelon are remarkably similar and they both offer immersive and highly entertaining training experiences. However, the price of the Echelon makes it more accessible to those on a smaller budget, while still offering access to a great range of classes and instructors.  

We tested the Echelon Connect EX3, and noted it has a durable powder-coated steel frame construction with back-mounted 28.6 lb flywheel, which delivers a smooth and stable ride that's great for beginners. It also has fully adjustable handlebars, a competition padded seat and dual-compatible pedals. It’s a compact bike, so is well suited to people with limited space, and we found it fairly easy to move around thanks to the transport wheels.

For $34.99 a month you can also access over 3000 live or on-demand classes. The Echelon Premium membership allows up to five users, so your friends and family can enjoy the Echelon experience together. You’ll need your own tablet, smartphone or smart TV to stream these.

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