Save $400 on our favorite foldable rowing machine with this Black Friday in July Sale deal

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This fitness brand has kicked off the summer season with a massive Black Friday in July Sale, offering huge discounts on a range of its exercise equipment. That is where you can find this gem — the Echelon Smart Rower is now 40% off, saving you a whopping $400.

Waiting for Amazon Prime Day to save some bucks on a new rowing machine? There's no need. Right now, retailers far and wide are stepping up their game against Amazon with some truly unmissable deals. Like Echelon, for example.

This compact, foldable rowing machine is one of our all-time favorites, which is why we included it in our roundup of the best rowing machines as the best option for small spaces. During our Echelon Smart Rower review, it impressed us with its sleek design, sturdiness and smooth, near-silent magnetic resistance. We enjoyed the engaging fitness classes available on the Echelon Fit app, too. True, you have to watch them on your own device, and they require a monthly subscription — but it is money well spent. Especially when you can knock a hefty $400 off the price of the rower in the first place.

Echelon Smart Rower:was $999.99now $599.99 at Echelon

Echelon Smart Rower: was $999.99, now $599.99 at Echelon

Save $400 on the Echelon Smart Rower with this Black Friday in July Sale deal. This foldable rowing machine comes with a whisper-quiet magnetic flywheel, 32 levels of resistance, comfortable handlebars and an app packed with engaging fitness classes on demand.    

Key features: 32 levels of magnetic resistance, foldable design, Bluetooth connectivity and a device holder.

Price history: For the most part of this year, the price of the Echelon Smart Rower at Amazon fluctuated between $700 and $800. The last time we saw it dip below $600 was in late April when it stood at $523.99.  

Price comparison: The Echelon Smart Rower is currently discounted to $699.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy, while at Walmart it stands at $685. 

Reviews consensus: The online reviews for the Echelon Smart Rowers are overwhelmingly positive, with most rating it at 4 or 4.5 out of 5 stars. The rowing machine is universally praised for its near-silent operation, sturdiness, space-savvy design and ease of use. Many reviewers, however, complain about its high price given the lack of an integrated screen, and that the Echelon Fit app requires a monthly subscription.      

Buy it if: You are looking for a well-made, thoughtfully designed rowing machine that offers engaging workouts and does not take up much space. The Echelon Smart Rower is a quiet, sturdy and good-looking piece of kit. 

Don't buy it if: You want a built-in touchscreen and other frills typical of more premium rowing machines. 

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