Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat review

Is the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat worth it? We put the popular $88 yoga mat to the test.

Images shows a black rolled up Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat against a white background.
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Live Science Verdict

The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat lives up to the hype: resilient, sweatproof with superb grip, it’s built to last a lifetime for beginners to pros.


  • +

    Multi-purpose design

  • +

    Springy support

  • +

    Antimicrobial rubber

  • +

    Great size

  • +



  • -

    Very squishy

  • -

    Heavy (5lbs) so not easy to travel with

  • -

    Scratches and stains easily on one side

  • -

    Contains latex

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Newsflash! The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat lives up to the hype - it really is worth every cent. Well made, durable, and with excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions, it’s the yoga mat that keeps on giving.

Let’s face it, the multi-purpose design of The Reversible 5mm Mat is everything you’d expect from the fitness giant Lululemon. The marble effect gives a luxe, calming vibe while the mat itself is springy enough for you to get into the most difficult poses. Thanks to the 5mm thickness, it has great cushioning to support bones and joints.

Its thin polyurethane layer and ‘sweat-wicking’ natural rubber base do a great job at absorbing moisture, while the antimicrobial additive in the mat prevents bacteria from building up (and stops it from getting too gross!). All these reasons earn it a place on our guide to the best yoga mats and best workout equipment for home workouts, right now.

Key specs:

Dimensions (rolled): 26” x 4”

Dimensions (unrolled): 71” x 26”

Thickness: 5mm

Weight: 5.24 lbs

Materials: Polyurethane and rubber

The rubber base means that it’s a bit smelly when you first open it (avoid this mat if you have a latex allergy), but the odor disappears after a few days. It has amazing grip and is resilient enough for daily use; our only complaint is it scratches easily on the polyurethane side. Regular users also claim that The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Mat loses its stickiness after a few years.

Weighing in at 5lbs (2.39kg) it’s pretty heavy to carry around and therefore not travel-friendly. You certainly wouldn’t want to walk too far with this under your arm or take it on vacation, but if you’re driving to the yoga studio it shouldn’t cause an issue. It’s also a top performer for people who tend to sweat a lot or enjoy hot yoga, and unlike many of its rival mats, warrants the high price tag.

Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat: Design

Image is a closeup of a pink rolled up Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat.

(Image credit: Emma Hall,

The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat comes in 12 colors and has a premium look and feel, which is what we’ve come to expect from the fitness giant. 

The marbling design on the polyurethane side has a calming vibe, while the dark block colors on the natural rubber base feel more practical. It would be nice to see some lighter colors in the range, but it makes sense to keep the rubber side darker as it helps disguise any marks.

For once, you can believe the hype: the Reversible 5mm Mat’s non-stick reputation is legit, and it has superb grip. Made from a mix of polyurethane and rubber, it’s not entirely eco-friendly, but it’s close enough.

Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat: Performance

Image shows a half-unrolled pink Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat.

(Image credit: Emma Hall,

If you’re looking for a mat that can withstand regular use without cracking under the pressure, the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat is the one. It unrolls like a dream, staying flat as a pancake without curling at the ends once in position.

Its sweat-wicking material means it can handle an intense HIIT workout or hot yoga just as well as a slower yin yoga flow. The bumpy polyurethane side gives just enough grip to help you connect with the mat without slipping. Its stickiness means you can move easily into downward dog and hold the pose for longer without sliding, even in a heated class.

Meanwhile, the antimicrobial rubber base is superb for slower exercises from stretches to meditation, and it seems impervious to any kind of stain or mark (the deep color choice of the base sure helps). Both sides give great support and cushioning, thanks to the 5mm padding.

Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat: Care

Image shows a pink Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat with yoga accessories.

(Image credit: Emma Hall,

As you might expect from a rubber-based product, the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat emits, you guessed it, a rubbery odor when you first open it. We laid ours out in a spare room for 24 hours before using it, and it only had a dull smell after that. The odor was completely gone within a few days.

The Reversible Mat 5mm is super durable. In fact, the rubber side is scratch and stain-proof as far as we can tell - not so much on the polyurethane layer, which tends to mark easily, but it’s nothing a wipe and spray with water or mat cleaner can’t quickly resolve. We recommend cleaning down the mat after every practice.

The mat does absorb water (as well as sweat and oil) so you have to commit to regular deep cleaning once a month to preserve and maintain the mat. We scrubbed it in a bath or shower every few weeks and left it to air dry for a day or two afterward to get all the moisture out. But don’t leave it out in the sun, as it degrades the rubber.

This is one of the most resilient yoga mats we’ve ever used and has a lifespan of around five years.

Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat: User reviews

Image shows a half-unrolled pink Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat next to a white metal water bottle.

(Image credit: Emma Hall,


On the whole, user reviews on Lululemon's website are positive with many people claiming it the 'best mat they’ve ever used'. One Lululemon reviewer said it was "the ultimate mat. Quality unbeatable. Versatile from yoga to HIIT and this mat will last you, so value for money". 

Meanwhile, another Lululemon user who bought The Reversible Mat 5mm for a friend, said: "Apparently there were a few head turns for the mat at the yoga studio. She loves it and says it’s the comfiest one she has ever tried."

One Lululemon user wasn’t happy with the color of the mat compared with the website image, and said it looked a lot "like a piece of ham".

Should you buy the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat?

Image shows a closeup of the textures of the pink Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat.

(Image credit: Emma Hall,

If you’re after a springy, supportive mat that you can do all your favorite poses on, the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat delivers on every count.

The sweat absorbent side actually gets grippier the more you sweat, which makes it perfect for nailing the downward dog and those more challenging poses.

It looks luxe, comes in a good array of calming color hues and the anti-microbial layer means it’s great for repelling mold and mildew. We only have two small complaints – it’s a meaty 2.4kg so not very portable, and the polyurethane side marks easily. Other than that, it’s worth every dollar. The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat is every yogi’s new best friend.

If this product isn’t for you

If the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat is not your bag, here are three alternatives to consider: 

Gaiam Premium 2-Color Yoga Mat
This 6mm yoga mat ($29.98) is ideal for people on a budget. It comes in a range of colors, is latex-free, sweat-absorbent, and has a lifetime guarantee. It’s great for taller people (68” x 24”), has superb cushioning and is a great starter mat for people new to yoga. However, it does tend to mark easily, the stickiness doesn’t last as long as we’d like and it’s not compatible with hot yoga. 

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

This oversized $100 mat has a reputation for its awesome grip, moisture-wicking capacities (making it great for hot yoga), as well as its super luxe design. It is made from ethically sourced rubber and its 5mm thickness means it offers great cushioning and support. When you buy the Alo Yoga Warrior Mat, you also get a free 30-day trial of Alo Moves - access to unlimited yoga, fitness and meditation classes led by their pro instructors.

Sweaty Betty Super Grip Yoga Mat

This high-end yoga mat ($78) is most comparable to the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat. Similar in size and weight, it is a well-made, eco-friendly mat with excellent grip and stickiness. Like The Reversible Mat 5mm by Lululemon, it’s also quite heavy, marks easily and has a strong rubbery odor when you first open the packaging. It’s a bit thin for headstands if that’s your thing, and if you’ve got a latex allergy it’s not for you, but other than that, it is a high-performing mat that can withstand a hot yoga class one day and a chilled stretch session the next.

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