Upgrade your home gym for less with this Hydrow Wave Black Friday rowing machine deal

Harry Bullmore, our fitness writer, testing the Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine
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If you're looking to step up your home workout routine, you can currently save $150 on our favourite Hydrow Wave rowing machine at Best Buy.

The Black Friday sales are a perfect opportunity to invest in larger pieces of home fitness equipment, and right now you can save $150 on a machine that sits in our best rowing machines guide. This piece of kit has a clever computer-controlled electromagnetic resistance system and expansive platform that offers thousands of immersive videos. 

Our only real criticism was the price, which is why it's worth taking advantage of this Black Friday deal if you're looking for a rowing machine that's perfect for beginners. We don't usually see the Hydrow Wave rower on discount either, so this is a rare opportunity to enjoy a saving on a great piece of equipment. 

There are many benefits of using a rowing machine: it builds serious stamina, helps develop muscle power and burns a lot of calories. For a beginner, rowing may sound like a repetitive and difficult exercise. But that's definitely not the case with the Hydrow Wave model. This premium rowing machine comes with an impressive 16” touchscreen display that allows you to fully immerse yourself in hundreds of interactive workouts, and get real time feedback on your technique and progress. 

When we put it to the test, we found it was just as comfortable as the original (now $500 off at Best Buy) and, despite its shrunken dimensions, our taller tester (standing at 6ft 2in) was still able to fully extend their legs at the top of each stroke.  

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The Hydrow Wave offers a smooth, realistic rowing action, and its design will please even the most demanding eye. What's more, the Hydrow Wave model is near-silent, meaning that no excessive noise can distract you from hitting your personal best. 

Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine | Was $1,694.99Now $1,544.99 at BestBuy

Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine | Was $1,694.99 Now $1,544.99 at BestBuy 

The Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine is in a class of its own — it's stylish, sleek and highly functional. And thanks to its 16” touchscreen display, you can immerse yourself in hundreds of interactive workouts. With $150 off the regular price, this is a great opportunity to upgrade your home gym. 

The Hydrow Wave machine is in a class of its own, and can easily compete against the industry veterans like the Concept2 RowErg and NordicTrack Smart Rower. There are many reasons why we believe this rowing machine should land on your radar.

First is it's efficient and functional design. Each stroke feels smooth and comfortable, no matter your body size. The resistance is computer-controlled, giving you a realistic rowing experience, and thanks to its ergonomic handles, your grip will not fatigue easily. We thought the Hydrow Wave had a healthy amount of cushioning, which helps you maintain a comfortable rowing position throughout your workout session.

The Hydrow Wave is also a joy to use. This piece of equipment does away with the monotonous reputation of endurance workouts by adding a sense of fun and accomplishment to your exercise sessions. It is equipped with Live Outdoor Reality technology that can transport you to some of the world’s most scenic rivers and lakes at the touch of a button — all while receiving great tips from your digital coaches. 

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Package: Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine & 1-Year Subscription to Hydrow | Was $2,150.99Now $2,000.99 at BestBuy

Package: Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine & 1-Year Subscription to Hydrow | Was $2,150.99 Now $2,000.99 at BestBuy

Save $150 on this fantastic bundle. Take a full advantage of the rower's 22” touchscreen display and immerse yourself in hundreds of interactive workouts. This is a perfect deal for beginners and fans of virtual entertainment.   

Ergatta Rower in Cherrywood | Was $2,499.99 Now $2,149.99 on BestBuy

Ergatta Rower in Cherrywood | Was $2,499.99 Now $2,149.99 on BestBuy

Save $350 on the Ergatta Cherrywood Rowing Machine with this Black Friday deal. Compact, portable and resilient, this beautifully designed rower will brighten up every home gym. And thanks to its LCD display, you can take advantage of nearly 1300 interactive workouts.   

Package - NordicTrack RW900 Smart Rower & 30-Day iFIT Family Membership | Was $1,999.99 Now $1,799.99 on BestBuy

Package - NordicTrack RW900 Smart Rower & 30-Day iFIT Family Membership | Was $1,999.99 Now $1,799.99 on BestBuy

Don't miss this great bundle deal and save $200 on the NordicTrack RW900 Smart Rower and a 30-Day iFIT Family Membership. Stream on-demand workouts right to its upgraded 22” touchscreen and enjoy premium rowing experience over 26 different resistance levels. 

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