Save $80 on Samsung's latest smartwatch

Looking for a smartwatch that also looks great? The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 is discounted at Best Buy just months after launch.

We're definitely getting to the point of maturity for fitness trackers now. It's been a long time since we saw the wearable phenomenon burst onto the scene, and while there's an argument that there are fewer disruptors in the space, sacrificing revolution for evolution does mean that we now have much more refined fitness trackers.

Everything from the Apple Watch to the Garmin models have honed in on their specialities and the same goes for Samsung's Galaxy Watch6, which is a lot like the Watch5 we awarded 4 stars out of 5 to in our review.

That means it's still a great-looking smartwatch, with a cavalcade of available apps available and plenty of sensors packed into a sleek shell. We'll come onto what makes it different in a moment, but the key thing to consider is Best Buy's big discount.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6, which only launched a few months ago, has had $80 slashed off of the MSRP of the 47mm version at Best Buy, bringing the price down to just $399.99.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 (47mm): Was $479.99, now $399.99 on Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 (47mm): Was $479.99, now $399.99 on Best Buy
The best Samsung Galaxy Watch ever, you can save $80 on the sixth iteration and gain access to Google's Wear OS app ecosystem.

So why not go for the fifth iteration of Samsung's smartwatch? In a word: Performance.

There's not a great deal that's different from the outside of the Galaxy Watch6, but inside it's packing a new Exynos W930 chip and additional RAM, which offer greatly improved performance.

That means that you'll be switching between apps more quickly than ever, able to quickly check notifications and more. There are plenty of apps on offer, too, with Wear OS a powerful platform where you'll find loads to install.

Naturally, you'll need to be running Google's mobile platform to take advantage of it, so unless you're on Android, you'll want to look elsewhere.

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