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Best running shorts deals: Save on Sweaty Betty, Nike, Adidas and more

Best running shorts deals: Image of a woman in running shorts stretching
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The best running shorts deals give you the chance to buy top running shorts at discounted prices. Live Science has scoured the web for the best deals and created a varied list of reduced shorts to suit different fitness needs and budgets. Whether you’re a jogger, sprinter, marathon runner or a complete fitness novice, we'll help you find your perfect running shorts for less.

The best materials for running shorts are lightweight, smooth and breathable, ultramarathon runner and USA Triathlon coach Katie Godec told Live Science. “You will be sweating, salting, and rubbing onto/against the shorts for a long time so you want to make sure they do not contribute to the chafe that can result from this repetitive motion and moisture.” Godec also recommends runners look for shorts with reflective features, especially if you are running on roads or pounding the sidewalk near traffic. 

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Best running shorts deals

, now as low as $17.99 at Amazon

Generies Womens Comfy Athletic Running Shorts - was $39.99, now as low as $17.99 at Amazon
Save nearly 50% off these comfy athletic running shorts. They're made from lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable stretchy fabric and include an underpants liner and athick elastic waistband.

, now $12.50 at Walmart

Hanes Women's Stretch Cotton Bike Shorts - was $62.40, now $12.50 at Walmart
Save nearly $50 on these super-lightweight and comfortable Hanes Sports shorts. They're perfect for the gym, running, biking or simply relaxing and are non-see-through.

, now $19.99 at Walmart

SAYFUT Women's Performance Running Shorts - was $59.99, now $19.99 at Walmart
Save $40 on these classically-styled two in one running shorts at Walmart. They're fast drying and moisture wicking and beneath the loose fitting outer short is a comfortable elastic inner layer that makes these versatile enough for any workout. 

, now $19.49 at Amazon

Adidas Women's Tastigo 19 Shorts - was $25.00, now $19.49 at Amazon
Save 22% on these breathable, sweat-wicking shorts from Adidas. They're 100% Polyester and have a secure elastic closure. 

, now $10.00 at Walmart

Reebok Women's Active Running Shorts - was $14.88, now $10.00 at Walmart
Save $5 on these lightweight and comfortable running shorts from Reebok at Walmart. They're made from a soft, polyspan fabric that wicks sweat and moisture away from your skin. helping you stay dry and comfortable during any workout.

, now $12.99 at Amazon

G Gradual Women's Running Shorts - was $21.99, now $12.99 at Amazon
Save $9.00 on these running shorts for women. They're soft and lightweight, quick-drying and the mesh underlining makes them super-breathable - perfect for whatever workout you choose.

Which pair of running shorts is best for you?

Just as with the best sports bra deals and running legging deals, comfort is a huge factor when finding the best running shorts and choosing a fit for your running shorts really comes down to personal preference, says Godec. “There is a joke in the trail running world that elite ultra runners (who happen to be men) will always wear ‘short shorts’. My thigh chafe would be astronomical if I wore that length. You’ll see a lot of people opting for compression shorts as well to eliminate chafe. As long as the material is moisture wicking and there are no poorly placed seams, you should be fine.”

Godec, who is also a veteran of multiple Ironmans, says waistband fit is an important factor when choosing a pair of running shorts. “Some have a flat, flush band and others have a bit of a cinch to them. I recommend whatever does not move around or rub. It should also not be so tight that it is irritating you. There are some shorts out there with nice little added pockets for a key or credit card. As long as those added features don’t rub against your skin while you are working out, they are pros, not cons.” 

When picking the right pair of shorts for your runs, you might want to consider:

Length of running shorts 

Standard lengths for running shorts are 2"/3", 5", 7" and 9" and this measurement is the inseam – so the length from the crotch to the edge of the shorts' leg. 

A general rule of thumb is that for speed, 'shorter' shorts are better and are the ones favoured by competitive runners, although bear in mind that these are incredibly skimpy. 5" shorts hit mid-thigh and are a versatile length that's suitable for most types of running. 7" and 9"  shorts provide support and coverage against the elements (for example on trail runs) and tend to have good pocket options, but the right fabric choice will be a factor so as not to slow you down.

Style of running shorts 

Ultra-short running shorts known as split shorts have overlapping sides of fabric that allow for a complete range of motion, whereas V-notch shorts may still be 'short' shorts but describe those with a V-shape cut out on the side leg seam – a popular style that also offers optimum leg movement. 

Tight shorts are similar to cycling shorts without the padding so will provide compression with a 'second-skin' feel. 2-in-1 shorts offer the best of both worlds as they have a light outer-short for modesty with a built-in longer compression short for anti-chafe and muscle support.

Many running shorts also have built-in, ventilated briefs or liners, meaning you can wear them without underwear if you choose. This gives extra support and further prevents sweat build-up and friction that can cause a painful rub on longer runs. 

Performance fabrics and features

When it comes to material, synthetic fabrics are the most comfortable to run in and these tend to be polyester blends with a good amount of stretch. The best running shorts use highly-innovative fabrics that enable them to be quick-drying, ultra-lightweight and breathable. These have excellent moisture-wicking properties to draw sweat away from the body, they'll help keep you cool – or retain heat in the winter, and reduce friction. If you want an eco-friendly pair of shorts, look out for those made from sustainable fabrics – these will usually be a recycled polyester mix, so check the specs.

It's also important to think about pocket options when shopping for running shorts, as this will determine if you need to take a pouch or arm strap out running with you. Some have generous and secure pockets that can hold a phone, bank card and gels, whereas others may only have a waistband pocket that will take a key – which might be enough for you if you prefer to leave your phone at home. Other features such as reflective detailing for visibility, waistband comfort and color/print choices are also things worth factoring in.

Best running shorts deals for women

New Balance Impact Run 2 In 1 Shorts deals

Best Cyber Monday running shorts deals: New Balance Women's Impact Run 2 In 1 Short

(Image credit: Amazon)

New Balance Impact Run 2 In 1 Shorts

Best running shorts for comfort

Material: 86% recycled polyester / 14% spandex | Pockets: Inner-short pockets

Sustainable fabric 
No colour choice 
Sizes run big 

Chafing can be an issue when running both long and short distances but the New Balance Impact Run 2 In 1 Short makes nasty skin sores a thing of the past. Longer, snug-fit inner shorts minimizes thigh-rub all without riding up, and their buttery-soft feel is complemented by two drop-pockets to hold your phone and essentials while running.

The outer-layer is light and stretchy thanks to the woven fabric that uses fast-drying technology to wick away sweat and keep you feeling fresh. Meanwhile, the waistband is secured with a handy drawcord so that they remain on the hips whether you're sprinting or jogging lightly. These shorts tick the sustainability box too as they're 86% recycled polyester – which means the fabric is made from plastic waste such as bottles.

Under Armour Fly By 2.0 Running Shorts deals

Best Cyber Monday running shorts deals: Under Armour Women's Fly By 2.0 Running Shorts

(Image credit: Amazon)

Under Armour Fly By 2.0 Running Shorts

Best value running shorts

Material: 100% Polyester | Pockets: Key pocket

Wide colour range 
Lack of pockets 
Narrow leg openings 

These are a popular pick among female runners, not least because they come in an array of colors and trims, so can be easily matched with sneakers and fitness wear that you already own. The Under Armour Fly By 2.0 Running Shorts are made from a quick-drying fabric that is light and easy to move in and there are breathable mesh side-panels to help direct heat away from the body. 

A slim waistband sits comfortably against the skin and built-in briefs provide support as you pick up the pace. A previous version of these shorts had front pockets that have now been removed, however there is still a small pocket for you to stash your key when pounding the pavements.

Baleaf 7" Compression Shorts deals

Best Cyber Monday running shorts deals: BALEAF Women's 7" Compression Biker Shorts

(Image credit: Amazon)

Baleaf 7" Compression Shorts

Best tight-fit shorts

Material: 80% nylon / 20% spandex | Pockets: Three

Good pockets 
Fabric could be thicker 
Fit varies between body shapes 

If you normally run in leggings, the Baleaf compression shorts are the next best thing and are a great value pair of running shorts in the 7" cycling-short style. The nylon and spandex fabric mix means that they're soft and stretchy and they have a gusseted crotch and flat-lock seams so they pull on like second skin, although for some there may not be quite enough compression in these shorts.

There are three pockets so you can head out with your essentials. Two generous side pockets will hold a phone, running gels or a debit card. To carry your keys, there's also a non-zipper pocket at the back of the waistband.  

Best running shorts deals for men

Asics 7" PR Lyte Shorts deals

Best Cyber Monday running shorts deals: ASICS 7" PR LYTE SHORT

(Image credit: ASICS)

Asics 7" PR Lyte Shorts

Best longer shorts

Material: Softshell | Pockets : Three

Good value 
Deep pockets 
Snug fit 
Brief-lining may not suit all 

Lightweight, moisture wicking and breathable, these easy-wearing shorts are an excellent choice for men who prefer a longer-length over skimpy running shorts. Offering both extra leg coverage and good support, the Asics 7" PR Lyte Short hits just above the knee and includes built-in underwear to help you feel secure as you go the distance. 

Along with two deep side pockets, there's a mini-zipper pocket for your key, plus the addition of reflective accents means you'll be spotted when running in low-light. These good all-rounders also come in a range of other colours.

Nike Aeroswift running shorts deals

Best Cyber Monday running shorts deals: Nike AeroSwift Men's 2" Running Shorts Mens

(Image credit: Amazon)

Nike Aeroswift running shorts

Best for speed

Material: 100% polyester (75% recycled polyester fibers) | Pockets: Back zipper-pocket

Performance fit 
Sustainable fabric 
Minimal coverage 

Get race-day ready in Nike's ultra-short Aeroswift shorts. Designed for speed, these 2" shorts are cut from high-tech, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool with a split short fit for maximum mobility. The flyvent waistband with drawstring cord helps you to avoid a sweaty middle and surprisingly there's a pocket on these micro shorts, too.

Considering the size of them, these certainly aren't the cheapest pair of Nike shorts available but they're a must-buy for runners who prioritize performance. Plus, made from 75% recycled polyester fibers, they're an eco-friendly option. Pick them up in hot pink or bright lime if you really want to stand out in a pack.

Brooks Source 9" shorts deals 

Best Cyber Monday running shorts deals: Brooks Source 9" Short Tight

(Image credit: Brooks)

Brooks Source 9" shorts

Best short tights

Material: Polyester / spandex blend | Pockets: Drop pockets

Ease of movement 
Double pockets 
May feel too long for some
Only light compression 

The semi-compressive fit of these Brooks longer-length shorts will appeal to runners who like the feel of tights when putting in the miles. A pair of the Source 9” Tight are stretchy yet supportive with minimal seams and a flat waistband (adjusted with the drawstring) adding to their streamlined look.  

Storage on-the-go comes in the form of two drop pockets that are large enough to fit most phones and there's no need to ditch these shorts when the temperature drops. Thanks to the  excellent insulating properties that are standard with Brooks running gear, legs stay warm yet sweat-free in the cold.

Under Armour Rush Run 2-in-1 Short deals

Best Cyber Monday running shorts deals: Under Armour Men's UA RUSH™ Run 2-in-1 Shorts

(Image credit: Under Armour)

Under Armour Rush Run 2-in-1 Short

Best built-in compression short

Material: Outer shorts 100% nylon, Liner shorts: 77% polyester / 23% elastane | Pockets: Inner-short pocket

Good coverage 
Innovative fabrics 
Lack of colour choice 

These shorts were designed with winners in mind. The Under Armour Rush Run 2-in-1 shorts combine a breathable outer layer that enables you to move freely, along with compression undershorts made from a mineral-infused fabric that's said to absorb body heat and transfer energy back into muscles and tissues to improve blood flow and circulation.

Technical fabrics aside, these shorts have a soft, deep waistband and a pocket on the right inner short that can hold a phone and other small items tight against the body with minimal bounce. Yes, these are more expensive than other 2-in-1 shorts available, but for the quality fit with a stylish finish they're well worth the extra spend.

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