Apple Watch Series 8 gets a discount in the Black Friday sale

Apple Watch Series 8
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The Apple Watch Series 8 model was officially released in September, with a retail price of $399 — but thanks to the Black Friday sales you can already get it at a discount of $349 on Amazon

It's unusual to find a discount on such a recently released bit of Apple tech and this price is similar to the discount we saw back in October sales events. As it's the newest watch from Apple, it packs in all the latest features (such as skin temperature tracking) plus the same reliable tech that delivers incredibly accurate heart-rate readings. 

We'd say it's the best fitness tracker you can buy right now; its improved motion sensors mean that the watch now has in-built crash detection, which is a brilliant safety feature, and temperature tracking means that it can accurately predict things like your menstrual cycle. Of course, if you'd rather shop around, there are a number of other Black Friday fitness tracker deals, with savings of up to 65%.

The crash detection and temperature sensor are the main additions to the latest design of the Apple Watch, but it does also have advanced sleep tracking that can see how long you spend in different stages of sleep (REM, core and deep sleep.) 

Other than that, it's very similar to the Apple Watch 7. It looks virtually the same and has a similar interface and design. It's excellent for general health tracking, allowing you to check on your blood oxygen levels and conduct an ECG, for insights into heart health.

Apple Watch Series 8 | Was $399 Now $349

Apple Watch Series 8 | Was $399 Now $349
This is, arguably, the top fitness tracker you can buy right now. With excellent accuracy for health tracking and sports recording, it's great for fitness fanatics. New additions to the design (like the temperature monitoring and crash detection) make it an even more useful device.

It's waterproof, of course, up to an impressive 164 feet. And it has several exercise tracking modes to make sure that you can keep tabs on your squats, spin sessions and weightlifting workouts.

This is probably the lowest price we'll see on the model this side of 2023 — it's a relatively new watch, so it's unlikely to fall much lower. If that $349 price is still a little too high for you, we'd heartily recommend opting for the Apple Watch SE instead, which has been discounted to $229.00 at Amazon.

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