Apple Watch Series 7: you can still save on this Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7
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The Apple Watch Series 7 launched to much acclaim in 2021 and still stands as one of the best wearables you can buy this year, as well as the top-ranking Apple smartwatch currently on the market. You can still save a whopping 30% on Amazon on the red version of this model, even though Prime Day is over. 

Apple has built upon the Series 6 model by bumping up the screen size and battery power. Because of these fairly minimal changes, you might not feel a massive need to upgrade your watch if you've got one of the previous models. 

That said, we've tried and tested the Series 7 and rate it as the best fitness tracker money can buy (read our full review here: Apple Watch Series 7 review). With its versatile and ever-growing list of exercise options (Tai Chi, anyone?), and a stack of health and fitness features that include workout feedback, sleep tracking, and ECG monitoring – it's hard to find fault in this comprehensive offering from Apple. We were particularly big fans of its fast-charging capabilities and clear, bright screen.

If you're loyal to third-party apps, fear not. Strava (and others) offer native WatchOS apps that partner with this model, and you can even sync your watch with GymKit tech-compatible machines in your local gym. The Series 7 also connects to Bluetooth headphones, so make sure you pick up the best deals on running headphones, so you don't miss out on streaming your playlists.

Apple Watch Series 7 in Red | Was: $399.00 Now: $280.29 (Save 30%)
Save 30%

Apple Watch Series 7 in Red | Was: $399.00 Now: $280.29 (Save 30%)
The latest Apple Watch features fitness apps and health sensors to track workouts, blood oxygen, sleep, and heart rate. It also syncs seamlessly with your Apple device and services to deliver real-time data directly to your wrist. 

The Series 7 comes with 32GB of internal storage, allowing users to save podcasts, albums or even videos to watch without the aid of an iPhone or a decent data connection, although video playback may not be visually satisfying using the watch’s small screen. 

As you’d expect from a Smartwatch with such an illustrious past, the Series 7 packs a great deal of fitness-tracking capabilities into an almost bezel-less outer shell that’s ever-so-slightly larger than its forebears. Alongside the features we’ve already mentioned you’ll find a blood oxygen monitor, fall detection, ECG and sleep tracking, all with Apple’s trademark attention to detail. You will, of course, need an iPhone to get the most out of your Series 7. In fact it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to set it up without one, but welcome additions like App Store functionality do make it feel a little more stand-alone and self-sufficient. 

Owners of previous Apple Watches may find little here to urge them towards an upgrade, although the larger screen and increased charging time might be enough to convince some. For iPhone owners who’ve yet to buy a fitness tracker, this latest incarnation of the Apple Watch will showcase everything that the versatile WatchOS has to offer your fitness and personal well being. So don’t miss this fantastic  deal, it won’t last long!

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