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Crazy Texas Weather Spied from Space

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Storms a-brewin' over Texas. (Image credit: NOAA.)

In a week that has brought some severe weather to Texas, a satellite soaring overhead snapped a picture of some of the culprits — thick layers of storm clouds that are crowding the skies over the southern state.

An image snapped on the morning of Thursday (May 10) revealed ominous clouds covering large portions of Texas.

Later that day, the storms pounded parts of southern Texas with rain and hail, and spawned several tornadoes. One tornado reportedly derailed a train, and touched down near a local high school. So far, it appears the tornado didn't cause any injuries.

In total, the National Weather Service received reports of 14 tornadoes, although that number may go down once double reports are weeded out.

Heavy rainfall and flash floods are possible today (May 11) across central and southern Texas. Several inches of rainfall are expected, which could lead to flooding of urban areas and small creeks.

Meanwhile, severe thunderstorms are possible across southern Texas, with large hail, damaging winds and weak tornadoes possible.

Texas has not been alone in its experience of severe weather in recent days. At one point, large portions of the eastern half of the United States were under thick cloud cover.

Earlier this week, heavy rains and high winds pounded parts of Louisiana, and storms spawned the birth of twin waterspouts. One of the twisters swept across a small island, and caused minor damage. 

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