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30 June 2014, 02:36 PM ET
Yosemite National Park celebrates its 150th anniversary today (June 30).
27 June 2014, 08:48 AM ET
Teensy tracks made by baby stegosaurus dinosaurs more than 100 million years ago, have been unearthed in Morrison, Colorado. Here's a look at the footprints and their 3D digitized counterparts.
26 June 2014, 06:19 PM ET
Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
26 June 2014, 06:14 PM ET
Newton’s Second Law of Motion states, “The force acting on an object is equal to the mass of that object times its acceleration.”
26 June 2014, 06:08 PM ET
Newton’s First Law of Motion states, “A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless it is acted upon by an external force.”
26 June 2014, 06:04 PM ET
Newton's laws of motion formalize the description of the motion of massive bodies and how they interact.
25 June 2014, 05:00 PM ET
Traces of 50,000-year-old poop found at a Neanderthal campground in Spain suggest that modern humans' prehistoric cousins may have had a healthy dose of plants in their diet, researchers say.
25 June 2014, 07:04 AM ET
Archaeologists in the country of Georgia have discovered an ancient burial containing oxen-pulled chariots, gold artifacts and possible human sacrifices.
24 June 2014, 12:48 PM ET
The 5-year excavation of the hillfort at Burrough Hill comes to a close this summer.
24 June 2014, 09:45 AM ET
Archaeologists have discovered a 4,000-year-old burial chamber including two oxen-pulled chariots in Georgia in the south Caucasus.
20 June 2014, 01:00 PM ET
Kronos' leader recounts the emotion of tracking where music recording began in this full-length conversation with @DavidSkyBrody of Livescience.com. The performance was captured with 5 different historic audio formats.
19 June 2014, 06:30 PM ET
An ancient flatworm egg found at a burial site in Syria may be the oldest evidence of man-made technologies fueling the rise of a parasitic disease.
19 June 2014, 04:01 PM ET
A rare gold coin from the Roman era, embossed with the image of Emperor Nero, has been unearthed in England.
19 June 2014, 02:04 PM ET
Hominin skulls discovered in a Spanish cave showed a mix of traits from Neanderthals and more primitive human lineages, suggesting Neanderthal features evolved separately at different times.
19 June 2014, 02:02 PM ET
A collection of hominin fossils, including 17 nearly complete skulls, from a single species have been discovered in a Spanish cave called Sima de los Huesos in Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain.
18 June 2014, 11:13 PM ET
John Carlin founded Red Hot to raise money and awareness to fight AIDS worldwide. This is his 15th such music project. He speaks with @DavidSkyBrody of LiveScience.com about music and media technology's relationship to commerce and fundraising.
18 June 2014, 10:30 PM ET
Thomas Edison National Historic Site's resident expert describes the arcane techniques of 125 years ago to @DavidSkyBrody of LiveScience.com. The Kronos Quartet recorded a J.S. Bach piece for Red Hot + Bach to support AIDS research.
18 June 2014, 07:03 PM ET
A prototype microchip designed by famed inventor Jack Kilby, who went on to create the world's first integrated circuit revolutionized the world of computing, will hit the auction block tomorrow (June 19) here in Manhattan.
18 June 2014, 08:37 AM ET
A bachelor party happened across this stegomastodon skull in New Mexico.
17 June 2014, 06:27 PM ET
King Richard III of England will be laid back to rest in a wooden coffin sealed beneath a tomb made of Swaledale fossil stone in Leicester Cathedral, the dean of the cathedral announced Monday (June 16).
17 June 2014, 08:52 AM ET
A miniature skull model bought in an antique shop by a German couple three decades ago could be a 500-year-old lost artwork by Leonardo da Vinci, a new study claims. But some art historians are wary of the attribution.
16 June 2014, 05:39 PM ET
A treasure trove of bronze and marble statues, gold jewelry, and ancient scientific instruments may be buried hundreds of feet below the Aegean Sea, and a team of explorers is going after the hoard using the most advanced diving suit ever built.
16 June 2014, 05:38 PM ET
A diving mission to explore the Antikythera shipwreck is scheduled for September, 2014.
16 June 2014, 07:42 AM ET
Archaeologists have uncovered the human remains of an epidemic in Egypt so terrible that one ancient writer believed the world was coming to an end. The researchers also found a giant bonfire where many of the plague victims were incinerated.
16 June 2014, 07:37 AM ET
Archaeologists working at a funerary complex in the ancient city of Thebes (modern-day Luxor) have uncovered the remains of a body-clearing operation created during an epidemic that ravaged Thebes in the third century A.D.
13 June 2014, 07:07 PM ET
The virus HSV-2 likely made the jump from chimp ancestors to the ancestors of modern humans about 1.6 million years ago, according to a new study.
12 June 2014, 09:27 AM ET
Today, the words "Friday the 13th" just roll off the tongue, instinctively linked to bad luck, strange happenings and a hockey-masked murderer. But how did the superstition come to exist?
11 June 2014, 09:41 AM ET
An upcoming Christie's auction will offer up a Sherlock Holmes manuscript, J.D. Salinger correspondence, a microchip prototype built for Nobel Prize-winning Jack Kilby and several fine-printed books and manuscripts.
11 June 2014, 09:07 AM ET
On June 19, 2014, Christie's will hold its "Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts Including Americana" auction, which will offer up a Sherlock Holmes manuscript, J.D. Salinger correspondence, a microchip built for Nobel Prize-winning Jack Kilby.
10 June 2014, 05:07 PM ET
Desertion has never been higher since 1971, when more than 33,000 soldiers deserted.
10 June 2014, 10:47 AM ET
A nearly 300-year-old Stradivarius violin found in the closet of a reclusive American copper mining heiress is up for auction this week in New York City. The precious violin could fetch between $7.5 million and $10 million.
10 June 2014, 09:09 AM ET
A team of archaeologists in Guatemala have discovered a council house dating back about 700 years with altars, incense burners and sculpted images of animals.