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LEGO Ideas The insect Collection
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Looking for a great educational LEGO set for your little ones, or a show-stopping display piece? This Insect Collection from the LEGO Ideas range is well worth a look.

While we're always on the lookout for the best LEGO for adults, there's certainly some crossover with educational LEGO sets to inspire the next generation of master builders.

This LEGO Ideas Insect Collection features three impressively detailed builds, and it's seen a 41% discount at Amazon. With $87.39 off of the MSRP, that's a hefty saving on a set that's so beautifully crafted.

LEGO Ideas Insect Collection: Was $212.99, now $125.69 at Amazon
Save 41%

LEGO Ideas Insect Collection: Was $212.99, now $125.69 at Amazon
Save 41%
on this educational set of LEGO insects at Amazon. This beautifully crafted collection includes a blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle, and a Chinese mantis.

The LEGO Ideas Insect Collection (set number 21342) features a trio of insect builds, each with their own color palette and poseable features. They also come with LEGO flora and fauna — including adorable funghi.

The morpho butterfly is impressively detailed, with adjustable wings and a beautiful wing pattern that looks just like the real thing. It comes with a small array of flowers, too. The Hercules beetle is instantly recognizable, with its large antlers and bright yellow back, while the Chinese Mantis can be put into a variety of positions and even comes with foliage that allows it to camouflage itself.

Each insect comes with its own detailed instruction manual, and looks just as good on the display shelf as in the classroom. As for the brick count, you can expect 1111 pieces spread between the three models and their base stands, so there's plenty to do with the set.

With the Ideas Insect Collection, you can easily create an adorable insect diorama, and while we'd argue it's a great purchase for any LEGO builder, this set is a particularly good fit for educational projects with your loved ones.

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