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21 February 2014, 03:12 AM ET
These simple plant science experiments will sharpen your little ones’ interest in seeds and plants.
21 February 2014, 02:04 AM ET
In countries across the world, what can only be described as a bikesharing boom is taking place, with systems operating in 686 towns and cities worldwide, from Aspen, Colorado to Zhuzhou, China.
20 February 2014, 12:37 PM ET
A new map of conversations formed on Twitter reveals that conversations on a topic can take six different shapes, which could be used by social media strategists to improve their reach.
20 February 2014, 07:27 AM ET
Feeling powerful appears to make people believe they are closer to others, which may reduce their stress about being judged or evaluated, new research finds.
20 February 2014, 05:30 AM ET
Results from the annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which ranks states
20 February 2014, 03:00 AM ET
North Dakota has knocked Hawaii off its pedestal as the state with the greatest well-being. West Virginia comes in as the least happy state, as it has for five years in a row.
19 February 2014, 05:01 PM ET
When jazz musicians let their creativity flow and improvise melodies, they use parts of their brains typically associated with spoken language — specifically, regions that help people interpret syntax or the structure of sentences, a new study finds.
19 February 2014, 02:14 PM ET
People may participate in sadomasochism less for the sexual pleasure and more for the mental high, according to two studies on the minds of people in the S&M community.
19 February 2014, 10:08 AM ET
Parents may be slightly happier than non-parents, but what really matters are resources like financial security, marital security and sleep, new research suggests.
19 February 2014, 08:54 AM ET
On average, 18 out of 100,000 people on the planet die in car accidents each year, but that fatality rate varies widely across different countries.
19 February 2014, 08:47 AM ET
A new study examines which countries have the highest and lowest rates of car crash fatalities. Here's a list of the top and bottom 25 nations.
19 February 2014, 08:07 AM ET
Child abuse can be difficult to spot, and some experts think it is more common than statistics indicate. Now anthropologists say looking at the bones could reveal such hidden abuse before it's too late.
19 February 2014, 01:33 AM ET
Amazing science images every day.
19 February 2014, 01:28 AM ET
The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an effort to prepare every student for college or the workforce.
18 February 2014, 11:11 AM ET
The new journal will be online and publish multi-disciplinary articles that would make the cut at the highest-quality journals, but can't be published due to space constraints.
18 February 2014, 06:48 AM ET
First impressions are often accurate, but even when they aren't, it's hard to overcome snap judgments based on people's faces, two new studies find.
18 February 2014, 12:45 AM ET
Animals have much to teach about compassion, lessons that resonate behind prison walls.
18 February 2014, 12:22 AM ET
Language is about much more than just about talking to each other; it’s one of the bases of identity and culture. But as the world becomes increasingly globalised and reliant on technology, English has been reinforced once again as the lingua franca.
16 February 2014, 12:21 AM ET
From tree-climbing crocs to termite-inspired bots we have some of the most interesting stories from Science this week!
15 February 2014, 12:32 AM ET
Rainbow mist, light-trapping corals and the violent sun are just a few of the amazing images we have from Science this week.
14 February 2014, 08:51 PM ET
Flappy Bird, a deceptively simple gaming app, has been withdrawn by its creator Dong Nguyen because it is too “addictive.”
14 February 2014, 08:43 PM ET
New research suggests that food likes and dislikes are to some extent determined by genes.
14 February 2014, 03:22 PM ET
Epitomizing the idea of a 'Conservative Conservationist', the Honorable Right John Gummer, Lord Deben is a conservative member of the UK's House of Lords and Committee on Climate Change, which is tasked with determining the country's carbon targets.
14 February 2014, 01:24 PM ET
There's room for improvement in the United States when it comes to basic science literacy. See how you compare to the average American by answering these 9 questions.
14 February 2014, 01:01 PM ET
The key to marriage's health benefits may be the brain's relaxed stress response when a person feels that someone has their back, new research finds. The study may explain why living with a partner doesn't offer the same boost.
14 February 2014, 12:56 PM ET
For a growing number of couples, digital technology is a dominant feature of their relationship — for better or worse — and how partners use email, social media and other communication tools says a lot about their relationship.
14 February 2014, 12:49 PM ET
Though many Americans are lacking in their own knowledge of basic science, a majority have a high opinion of scientists and are eager to hear about new discoveries, a survey found.
14 February 2014, 11:04 AM ET
Love might seem to move in mysterious ways, but scientists actually have a pretty good idea of how it works. Being in love floods the brain with chemicals that produce feelings of pleasure, obsession and attachment.
14 February 2014, 12:27 AM ET
Many people, from singles to the newly coupled to same-sex partners, find Valentine's Day stressful. But taking the focus away from commercial activities and broadening the definition of love can make the holiday more fun.
13 February 2014, 03:14 PM ET
Striking up a conversation with a stranger on the bus might seem like torture, but it actually makes people happier, new research suggests. Even introverts get a boost from conversing with someone new.
13 February 2014, 02:25 PM ET
Employees engaging in office romances can cause all sorts of problems, especially for business owners.
13 February 2014, 02:10 PM ET
A surprising number of people who married in recent years met on social media such as Facebook, and those people tend to be more satisfied than those who met in other ways.