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20 March 2014, 11:23 PM ET
Brightly colored materials in your kitchen can be used to make natural dyes for Easter eggs.
20 March 2014, 10:47 PM ET
Can a "manufactory" for making flower-flavored colas change minds about the environment?
20 March 2014, 02:00 PM ET
From the smell of fresh coffee to the odor of burning rubber to the fresh smell after rain, the human nose can distinguish many more odors than once thought, a new study suggests.
20 March 2014, 01:06 PM ET
Measuring happiness is tricky, given differing definitions across time and culture. Here are some of the odd ways people have tried to quantify joy.
20 March 2014, 12:40 PM ET
Contrary to popular Western opinion, happiness is not an unmitigated good. Many cultures see happiness and joy as something to be avoided, recent research finds.
20 March 2014, 11:49 AM ET
From Jay Z to Elvis, 50 years' worth of hit songs helped researchers at North Carolina State University identified 12 key themes that marketing professionals can use to craft advertisements that will resonate with consumers.
20 March 2014, 08:30 AM ET
Today (March 20) is the International Day of Happiness, a day of happiness celebration and awareness. But what does happiness mean? Read on for some of the stranger ways to measure happiness.
20 March 2014, 07:10 AM ET
Despite your best intentions, your efforts to build your personal brand could be backfiring. Here are 7 ways you could be ruining your professional reputation.
19 March 2014, 03:04 PM ET
Advanced societies frequently collapse unless steps are taken to regulate resource consumption and economic stratification.
19 March 2014, 06:24 AM ET
Every employer knows that the best way to attract and retain top employees is to keep them happy. Here are eight ways to do it — without a salary increase.
19 March 2014, 01:38 AM ET
Sea levels are rising, so why is Congress encouraging coastal communities to continue to build and rebuild in flood-prone areas?
18 March 2014, 11:38 PM ET
Few places have captured the human imagination like Antarctica.
18 March 2014, 05:15 PM ET
How, exactly, do powerful empires collapse, and why? Researchers now believe they've found an answer that has troubling implications for today — because we're clearly on the road to ruin.
18 March 2014, 04:24 PM ET
High levels of air pollution forced travel restrictions around Paris on Monday, but some relief is on the way.
18 March 2014, 04:02 PM ET
With the official start to spring only days away, March 20, 2014, soon temperatures will be warming and outdoor activities will return in full force, bringing forth new threats to household pets.
18 March 2014, 05:16 AM ET
When you already have a job and are looking for a new one, going on interviews can be a complicated situation to navigate.
17 March 2014, 10:47 AM ET
Emotions can spread via Facebook, according to a new study that finds that positive posts beget positive posts. Negative emotions spread, too, but happiness and cheer seem more likely to go viral.
16 March 2014, 01:58 AM ET
This week is Science we found creepy ancient masks, ostracod babysitters and the physics of lassos.
15 March 2014, 01:34 PM ET
This week we found images of the Grand Canyon, rogue black holes and even volcanic steam.
14 March 2014, 10:24 PM ET
The number pi (π = 3.14159265358979323846…), unique among the pantheon of mathematical constants, captures the fascination of the public and professional mathematicians.
14 March 2014, 12:28 PM ET
There's no guarantee that sharing a home is the road to relationship bliss, but certain factors — such as age, maturity and motivation — make it more likely that cohabiting will work out.
14 March 2014, 11:41 AM ET
A majority of hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds looking at your resume. The take away? Words matter.
14 March 2014, 09:42 AM ET
The Explorers Club — an exclusive society made up of intrepid individuals who have traveled to some of the most remote corners of the planet — is hosting a glitzy event this week in New York City to salute the power of exploration and technology.
13 March 2014, 09:18 PM ET
On the one hand five-year-olds seem so grown up to us, with insightful conversations and an independent spirit; on the other hand it is astonishing to think about how much more she needs to learn and develop they have yet to experience.
13 March 2014, 04:37 PM ET
The best place to feel an earthquake is in bed, according to a study of Italy's crowdsourced earthquake reports.
13 March 2014, 01:49 PM ET
The new director of the National Science Foundation, France Cordova, is the first astrophysicist and second woman to be confirmed as head of the federal agency.
12 March 2014, 04:33 PM ET
A rising star in marine conservation tells how she gave up her muddy boots for a scuba suit to protect coastal fisheries in Fiji.
12 March 2014, 11:41 AM ET
Scientists put five-second rule to the test.
12 March 2014, 11:16 AM ET
Whether you realize it or not, your resume says a lot more about you thank you think. Here are seven personal details that you might be giving up.
12 March 2014, 09:15 AM ET
From Africa to Antarctica and the conquistadors to modern adventurers, Live Science takes a look at some of the wildest expeditions ever launched.
12 March 2014, 03:10 AM ET
Amazing science images every day.
11 March 2014, 06:43 AM ET
Looking for a job? You might want to consider one of these fields. Companies say they are having trouble finding people to fill them.