Should you buy an exercise bike this Amazon Prime Day?

Should you buy an exercise bike? Image shows woman on exercise bike at home
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Everyone loves a bargain, and there are plenty to be had at the moment thanks to Amazon’s latest major discount event, but should you buy an exercise bike this Amazon Prime Day?

Even at full price, we think the best exercise bikes are a brilliant option for high-octane, low-impact workouts. They’re capable of giving you many of the same great benefits as a run, such as crushing calories and boosting your endurance, without putting undue stress on your knees and ankles. So, you’re more likely to stay injury free as you work up a sweat. 

That just scratches the surface when it comes to exercise bike benefits, with these clever (not to mention compact) bits of kit offering a home workout alternative to HIIT that’s more space-savvy than the likes of the best treadmills

It’s for this reason that the chance to snap up an exercise bike for a heavily discounted price shouldn’t be sniffed at. There are plenty of heavy discounts on offer this Amazon Prime Day, including the already-affordable Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike (now down 30%) and the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike which can now be bought for under $200 thanks to a 33% discount.

However, there are some reasons why it’s worth waiting before you hit “add to basket” on your exercise bike of choice. Below, we explore the main reasons for and against investing during Prime Day, so you can cut through the noise and make an informed choice. After all, it should be your legs doing the spinning, not your head! 

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike | Was $439.99Now $309.99 at Amazon
Amazon Prime Day

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike | Was $439.99 Now $309.99 at Amazon 

You can save a substantial $140 on the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike on Amazon. Perfect for home gyms, this sturdy budget bike has a super comfy plush seat and monitors metrics like RPM, speed, calories, and time to power your workouts. 

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Are exercise bikes good?

You may have guessed from our intro, but we're big fans of exercise bikes as way of getting our workout fix. 

Not only are they a low impact way of torching calories, lowering your chance of injury while helping people with weight-loss goals achieve a calorie deficit, but they can also improve your overall health. 

A systematic review conducted in 2019 — published in Medicina — found that indoor cycling twinned with the right diet can lead to fat loss, reduced blood pressure and increased aerobic capacity.

Unlike outdoor cycling, you won't have to worry about the weather when planning your ride either. Come rain or shine, you can enjoy a challenging and time-efficient workout from the comfort of your own home.  

But it's worth bearing in mind that not all exercise bikes are made equal. Modern smart bikes like the Peloton and the Bowflex C7 come with touchscreens capable of streaming high-energy workout classes into your living room to keep your exercise sessions fresh and motivating. However, these features do come at a price. 

Alternatively, if you don't feel you need interactive classes or like linking to a separate cycling app that provides exercise videos, you can lock down a simple-yet-effective exercise bike like these Yosuda and Sunny Health and Fitness models for a few hundred dollars. 

Why buy an exercise bike during Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is back and running from July 11 to 12 this year, and rewards Prime members with a wealth of wonderful discounts across various brands and categories. Not a member? You can still sign up for a free trial to access discounts. 

It might seem like a no brainer to swoop in on exercise bike deals during this time then, right? Well yes, as the cost of living continues to increase, this slashing of prices is just the tonic we all need. So, if you're in the market for a new exercise bike, it's a brilliant time to buy.

And although Amazon Prime Day is steadily gaining notoriety, it hasn't hit the heady heights of Black Friday or the post-Christmas January sales just yet, so you might just be in luck when it comes to stock. But increased demand can take its toll on manufacturing and production, so it's best not to wait around if you've found your favorite model, as it could be snapped up fast.

We recommend checking out daily deals, coupons, and spotlight deals each day to see what's available.

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Why should you wait to buy an exercise bike?

Amazon's competitors often hold similar sales to rival the online retail giant's discount events, so there could be even bigger savings to be made elsewhere. Before you head straight to the checkout, it could be worth having a shop around to see what else is out there. 

You might also find the brand of bike you want isn't available on Prime or won't ship to your location, so checking other retailers is a must if you're set on your style.

Make sure your address is updated with your current location when you're searching online, and we also recommend signing up for notifications on your favorite products – this way you're the first to know when price or stock changes. Not found what you need? Holding out for sale events later in the year could be your answer. 

Amazon Prime Day Exercise Bike Deals

Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike| Was $1,199.00Now $999.99 at Amazon

Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike| Was $1,199.00 Now $999.99 at Amazon 

Save 17% on the Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling bike. It comes with a 1-year JRNY membership and also pairs with apps like Peloton. Clip in to dual SPD-compatible pedals and track your workout metrics using Bluetooth connectivity and 100 micro-adjustable resistance settings.

DMASUN Exercise Bike| Was $399.99Now $259.99 at Amazon

DMASUN Exercise Bike| Was $399.99 Now $259.99 at Amazon 

The hugely popular DMASUN Exercise Bike is 35% cheaper with this early Prime Day deal. This model tracks metrics and uses pulse sensors to capture heart rate activity. The bike also features a tablet and water bottle holder and 100 resistance settings. 

This year's Amazon Prime Day is taking place on July 11-12, so keep an eye out for new deals as we update our guides throughout. You can also find further savings thanks to our roundup of the best ongoing deals — Amazon Prime Day 2023: Enjoy huge savings on Fitness and Health — to save some serious coin on the health and fitness equipment you love the most. 

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is almost here - from July 11-12 Amazon gives Amazon Prime members access to great deals. There will also be plenty of savings to be had for non-Prime members, with discounts on fitness kit, tech and more.

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