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Should you buy an exercise bike on Amazon Prime Day?

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Right now you can save a fortune on a range of health and fitness products, but should you buy an exercise bike on Amazon Prime Day? 

Exercise bikes are a brilliantly low-impact bit of kit, perfect for improving muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness, promoting weight loss, and building strength, and they're also considered the best workout equipment for home (opens in new tab) use, too. But deciding on which one to buy can be a tedious process, so we tried and tested the best exercise bikes (opens in new tab) across leading brands to determine which ones are worth parting with your cash for.

Even when you've chosen the perfect model to suit your taste, budget, and workout style, finding the right time to hit the buy button is a must and could save you some serious cash on your purchase by getting the timing right.

If you're feeling the squeeze and looking for a stripped back budget buy, the Yosuda Indoor cycling bike (opens in new tab) is one of the best models we've tested and is currently boasting a tempting 37% discount at Amazon (opens in new tab). Hoping to step it up a gear? There are plenty of other deals on a range of budget and high-spec exercise bikes to suit any, and every, cyclist this Prime Day. 

Below, we answer the question – 'Should you buy an exercise bike on Amazon Prime Day?' and give the lowdown on some reasons to wait, as well listing the best deals available (right now) across Amazon and other worthwhile retailers. 

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Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike | Was $469.99 (opens in new tab)Now $297.49 at Amazon (opens in new tab) 

You can save a substantial $172.50 on the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike on Amazon. Perfect for home gyms, this sturdy budget bike has a super comfy plush seat and monitors metrics like RPM, speed, calories, and time to power your workouts. 

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Are exercise bikes good?

Absolutely, and there are plenty of exercise bike benefits (opens in new tab) that come with powering the pedals. Not only do they help you melt the calories, but they also get your heart and lungs pumping which builds your cardiovascular fitness, too. Exercise bikes even made it into our competitive round-up for the best exercise machine to lose weight (opens in new tab).

But just because an exercise bike on sale (opens in new tab) has caught your eye, there are some factors to consider before you hop on the saddle. Exercise bikes are great for improving your health, but they're not all built equal. 

If you're looking for high-tech features like a touchscreen, on-demand library, and advanced metric tracking, brands like Peloton (opens in new tab)could slot perfectly into your life. If you're just keen to save space and hassle, you can afford to pick up a basic no-frills model at more than half the price. 

Why buy an exercise bike on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day covers July 12-13 this year, and rewards Prime members with a wealth of wonderful discounts across various brands and categories. Not a member? You can still sign up for a free trial (opens in new tab) to access discounts. 

It might seem like a no brainer to swoop in on exercise bike deals during this time then, right? Well yes, as the cost of living continues to increase, this slashing of prices is just the tonic we all need. So, if you're in the market for a new exercise bike, it's a brilliant time to buy.

And although Prime Day is still building in popularity, it hasn't hit the heady heights of the post-Christmas January sales just yet, so you might just be in luck when it comes to stock. But increased demand can take its toll on manufacturing and production, so it's best not to wait around if you've found your favorite model, as it could be snapped up fast.

We recommend checking out daily deals, coupons, and spotlight deals each day to see what's available.

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Why should you wait to buy an exercise bike?

Competitors are now launching anti-Prime Day deals to lure customers, which means you can find plenty of opportunities to save elsewhere. Before you head straight to the Anazib checkout, it could be worth having a shop around to see what else is out there. 

You might also find the brand of bike you want isn't available on Prime or won't ship to your location, so checking other retailers is a must if you're set on your style.

Some models, like the Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike (opens in new tab), for example, list updated prices leading up to – and during – Prime Day, so you might run the risk of buying too early rather than waiting it out for further price drops. This bike is currently pedaling a 37% discount at Amazon. (opens in new tab) 

Make sure your address is updated with your current location when you're searching online, and we also recommend signing up for notifications on your favorite products – this way you're the first to know when price or stock changes. Not found what you need? Holding out for sale events later in the year could be your answer. 

Best exercise bike deals on Amazon Prime Day

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Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike| Was $1,199.00 (opens in new tab)Now $759.05 at Amazon (opens in new tab) 

Save $439.95 on the Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling bike. It comes with a 1-year JRNY membership and also pairs with apps like Peloton. Clip in to dual SPD-compatible pedals and track your workout metrics using Bluetooth connectivity and 100 micro-adjustable resistance settings.

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Lanos Exercise Bike| Was $399.99 (opens in new tab)Now $199 at Amazon (opens in new tab) 

The Lanos Exercise bike is now half price. It features an LCD screen for monitoring basic metrics, adjustable resistance settings, caged toe pedals, and a super comfy seat for those hard hitting endurance rides

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DMASUN Exercise Bike| Was $259.99 (opens in new tab)Now $207.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) 

The hugely popular DMASUN Exercise Bike is $52 cheaper during Amazon Prime Day. This model tracks metrics and uses pulse sensors to capture heart rate activity. The bike also features a tablet and water bottle holder and 100 resistance settings. 

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NordicTrack Commercial VU Exercise Bike | Was $999.99 (opens in new tab)Now $400.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) 

This is the lowest price in 30 days for the NordicTrack Commercial VU Exercise bike. The bike features 30-days iFit membership and allows you to stream tons of live and on-demand classes on its 7" touchscreen. 24 digital levels of resistance and automated trainer control elevate this elite exercise bike to top of the class. 

This year's Amazon Prime Day event spans across 12th-13th July, but look out for deals as we update our guides throughout. You can find even more deals available at Amazon Prime Day Health Deals for 2022, which can save you more money on the health and fitness equipment you love the most. 

Who else has a sale on during Amazon Prime Day?

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