These are all the Apple Watch deals still available for Cyber Monday — but be quick!

Cyber Monday apple watch deals
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If you’re searching for an Apple Watch in the Cyber Monday sales, you’re in luck. Many of Apple’s smartwatches have been generously discounted over the weekend. As an example, you can grab the Apple Watch Series 7 in red at Target for $120 less than the usual $309.99 price. 

But you really have to be quick. Apple products are so popular that stocks run low in no time. In the case of the Target deal above, you can only get hold of the watch in PRODUCT(red) now that all of the other options are now sold out. And we don’t expect stocks to last long on this color either. 

One thing’s for sure, nobody else is replicating the deal that Target is offering at the moment — although that's not to say you can't find discounts elsewhere. Go with Best Buy for the Apple Watch SE 2nd generation and you can save $30, as it's now discounted to $229.00. The more recent Apple Watch Series 8, a September 2022 release, is discounted to $349 at Walmart – but again, only red remains!

The Apple Watches are quality smartwatches for a number of reasons. The wearables offer top-of-the-line features for anyone concerned about their health and fitness. Even if you opt for an Apple Watch Series 7, despite it not being the latest model, you will find that it remains one of the best fitness trackers on the market. It also gets the latest software updates so it will keep pace with the Apple Watch Series 8. 

Wondering what’s the difference is between the Apple Watch 7 vs  Apple Watch 8? Well, in one sense, not a lot. With both of these models, you have the ability to take an ECG anytime, anyplace, you can measure blood oxygen levels, and you’ll also have access to mindfulness and sleep tracking apps. They also have GPS and enable you to send messages through your iPhone. Is this still the case if you opt for the cut-down Apple Watch SE? Do you lose bundles of features? Not really.

There are two generations of Apple Watch SE available and they are being discounted. Yes, there are fewer features than the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 8 (for example, you don't get ECG and blood oxygen monitoring) but while you're getting a slightly smaller screen, you're still benefiting from a top-notch fitness tracker with an optical heart rate monitor, gyroscope and accelerometer. It'll show calories burned, stairs climbed and steps taken.

Still prefer an Apple Watch Series 7 or Apple Watch Series 8? Then maybe opt for a refurbished model across Amazon and Best Buy, tested and made ready for sale by professionals. It's perhaps best not to drop below a Series 7, though: prices for older models tend not to be that much cheaper and they won't be supported for as long.  

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 | Was $429.00 

Apple Watch Series 7 | Was $429.00 <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">Now $309.99 at Target
The Apple Watch Series 7 is one of our all-time favorite fitness trackers, and it's currently a little cheaper than usual. Discounted to $309, it packs in an ECG sensor, blood-oxygen monitor and top-line heart-rate tracking. 

Let's start with the Apple Watch Series 7, one of our favorite running watches. At 28% off in the Cyber Monday sale, this deal is worth taking advantage of. 

Series 7 features include a Retina display with nearly 20% more screen area than the Series 6, making everything easier to see and use. A crack-resistant front crystal offers IP6X dust resistance, and a swim proof design so you can take your watch on any adventures you like without having to worry.

You can also sync the watch with music streaming services, such as Apple Music and Spotify, to easily store and play your favorite songs right from your watch with no need to take your phone with you on your run. 

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 |&nbsp;Was $399&nbsp;Now $349.99 at Walmart

Apple Watch Series 8 | Was $399 <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Now $349.99 at Walmart
This is, arguably, the top fitness tracker you can buy right now. With excellent accuracy for health tracking and sports recording, it's great for fitness fanatics. New additions to the design (like the temperature monitoring and crash detection) make it an even more useful device.

The newest model on the block, save $50 on the Apple Watch Series 8 in the Cyber Monday sale. There's not a huge amount of change from the previous Series 7 model, but it does boast a temperature sensor for ovulation tracking, and a more advanced gyroscope for crash detection.

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation | Was $249.00, Now $229.00 at Best Buy

Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation | Was $249.00, <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Now $229.00 at Best Buy

Take calls and reply to texts, right from your wrist. This model is up to 20% faster than the previous Apple Watch SE. Advanced safety features include Fall Detection, Emergency SOS, and Crash Detection. Track your daily activity on Apple Watch, and see your trends in the Fitness app on iPhone Enhanced Workout app with more advanced ways to train.

Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) GPS | Was $279, Now $149 at Walmart

Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) GPS | Was $279, <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">Now $149 at Walmart

Take calls and reply to texts, right from your wrist. Track your daily activity with this Apple Watch SE, and see your trends in the Fitness app on iPhone Track new tai chi and Pilates workouts, in addition to favorites like running, yoga, swimming, and dance. Hike smarter with built-in compass and real-time elevation readings.

The Apple Watch SE might not have all the features available in the newer models, but this is a great Apple Watch for most people. It balances well between useful features that enhance your day and not overfilling things with too much choice.

For instance, the Watch SE tracks sleep and heart-rate variance, but not stress levels. It'll track a wide range of sports, including dance, running, high-intensity interval training and more, but doesn't have options for tracking what happens when you jump out a plane, as higher end models might do.

If you're hoping for a device that will let you take a call hands-free without needing to reach for your phone, the Watch SE can do that. It'll show your messages with a nice, rounded bubble, and let you send them back using your voice.

Older Apple Watch Series

Apple Watch Series 6 | Was $239, Now $193.99 refurbished at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 6 | Was $239, <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">Now $193.99 refurbished at Amazon

You can get a refurbished Apple Series 6 from prices as low as $193.99. You will have to specifically search for the color and band size you want on Amazon or Best buy. Or, if you want a brand new one, you can find the series 6 for <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">full price at Walmart. 

Apple Watch Series 5 | Was $184, Now $168 refurbished at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 5 | Was $184, <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">Now $168 refurbished at Amazon

Similar to the Series 6, you can get a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5, a pre-owned product that has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon qualified vendors. Or, for a brand new Series 5, head to <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Walmart — although you will be paying a higher price.

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

This year, Cyber Monday takes place on Monday 28th November and deals are expected to end at midnight. So there’s not long to go until these discounts disappear for good. So far, we’ve seen some top-notch deals across the health and fitness sector including dollars of the best fitness trackers, the best exercise bikes and the best electric toothbrushes.  

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