Save 63% on the RENPHO 2022 Deep Tissue Massage Gun at Amazon

renpho 2022 massage gun deep tissue
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This fantastic RENPHO 2022 Upgrade Massage Gun Deep Tissue is currently reduced by $99.99 at Amazon, saving you a tidy $170. The RENPHO massage gun offers powerful deep penetration to help you recover after a workout or relax your tired muscles day-to-day. 

This massage gun goes up to 3200rpm (over five different speeds) and comes with five precision massager heads. Speeds start at 1800rpm and go up to 3200rpm to provide a range of massage intensities. With premium metal housing and a super powerful brushless motor, the RENPHO 2022 Upgrade Massage Gun reaches and massages deeper into the muscle tissue to relieve muscle fatigue and pain.

For more of the best massage guns, we've put together a handy tried and tested guide, or you can discover more benefits of a massage gun at Live Science.

This RENPHO 2022 deep tissue massage gun offers great battery life and convenient charging options. Compatible with A-C and C-C charging, it can be charged by USB (type-c) with 5v/2a adapter, and can be charged by power bank or car charger too, making it convenient for travel and outdoor use. It also weighs only 1.5lbs and is compact, making it easy to take it with you to the gym or a fitness class.

RENPHO 2022 Deep Tissue Massage Gun| Was $269.99 Now $99.99 at Amazon

RENPHO 2022 Deep Tissue Massage Gun| Was $269.99 Now $99.99 at Amazon
This powerful RENPHO 2022 Deep Tissue Massage Gun is reduced by a whopping 63%, saving you $170. With optimized battery life, this active deep tissue muscle massage gun can power 1-2 weeks' worth of post-workout massage after fully charging.

We like the RENPHO 2022 Deep Tissue Massage Gun because it is light and portable without losing any of the power you'd expect from a good massage gun. It has a 150w brushless motor, delivering 40lbs of force over five intensity levels. Despite these impressive specs, the massage gun is whisper-quiet, with only 40dB of sound produced even on the highest setting. It comes with a carry case for easy portability and 10 minutes auto-off protection means that you won't waste battery by leaving the massage gun running. 

Amazon users rate the RENPHO 2022, giving it 4.6/5 stars over 527 ratings, so you you know this massage gun delivers.

Whether you have chronic pain, delayed onset muscle soreness from intense workouts, or aches and pains from a sedentary lifestyle, with $170 of savings, you can't go wrong.

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