GoFit Super Ab Wheel review

The GoFit Super Ab Wheel is a super-wide and grippy premium performer, primed for all ability levels

GoFit Super Ab Wheel
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Live Science Verdict

The GoFit Super Ab Wheel is lightweight, compact, and easy to use, making it suited to all ability levels. The premium extra wide double tread wheels send this ab roller smoothly sailing forwards, and it comes with superb grip and stability.


  • +

    Double tread wheels for extra width and stability

  • +

    Super grip

  • +



  • -

    Scuffs easily

  • -

    Quite expensive

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The GoFit Super Ab Wheel has given the OG GoFit range an upgrade. The super-wide dual treads and grippy rubber handles provide extra stability and traction to send this product soaring above entry-level ab wheels and firmly into our round-up for best ab roller on the market. 

This ab roller has adopted a double wheel system alongside its grippy rubber handles to inject as much stability as possible into every rollout and roll-in while minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing your core performance. 

Key Details

- Chunky dual wheels

- Non-slip ergonomic rubber handle grips

- Measures 7”x13” and weighs 0.97lbs

If you’re wondering how to get a stronger core, this ab roller powers upper and lower ab engagement by helping encourage your full range of motion while stabilizing your shoulders to improve technique and form. It even effortlessly glides left and right so you can target your obliques for maximum ab activation and efficiency.

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Price and release date

The MSRP of the GoFit Ab Wheel is $29.99 directly from the GoFit website. The wheel is also available in the UK and US via Amazon and other retailers, but the UK price for this wheel (via Amazon) is slightly more expensive at £37.84. 


GoFit Super Ab Wheel

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)
  •  Design score: 4.5/5

The GoFit kit comes packed with an axle and two tread wheels that slide on and are secured using two grooved rubber handles evenly slotted on either side. GoFit also includes a manual with some handy how-to’s and exercise ideas for keen core-carving enthusiasts, alongside easy assembly instructions. 

The ab wheel boasts a padded, thickset, and secure look and feel. The tread is more like a tire compared to the thin and wobbly wheels of some of its counterparts (like the GymShark Ab Wheel), and the hollowed handles that slot into the axle are far grippier and plusher than others we’ve tested. 

GoFit recommends cleaning your ab wheel with a soft cloth and mild soap and water and avoiding harsh abrasives. They also recommend avoiding outdoor use and not exposing the wheel to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.


GoFit Super Ab Wheel

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)
  •  Features score: 4.5/5 

There aren’t any bells or whistles where this ab wheel is concerned, but we didn’t feel like this product was missing or lacking anything. It’s an ab roller that does what it says on the box – super grip, super wide. In short, it provides far more traction and security than others of its caliber, but still challenges its user with the core credentials required to take the wheel and drive. 

We love the double-trouble rubber wheel on the GoFit Super Ab Wheel which measures 11 inches when fully assembled. This premium feature increases overall stability for your core and shoulders and means you’re in safe hands if you often lack the adequate shoulder stability to drive thin ab wheels or fully roll out. 

As we mentioned, the deeply scored hand grips slot easily into place on the axle and provide a firm grounding for your hands to connect with while driving the ab wheel. 


GoFit Super Ab Wheel on wooden floor

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)
  •  Durability score: 4.5/5

Despite the light weight of this ab roller, it still packs in some durable rubber and urethane components. We reckon it can take an adequate amount of ab attacks without falling foul of any design flaws. The tread material tends to scuff and mark easily, but this is superficial rather than a cause for concern.


  •  Functionality score: 4.5/5

The GoFit Super Ab Wheel glides effortlessly across the ground without worrying wobbles, and this made us feel secure enough to test out our maximum range of motion – something that commands bucket loads of confidence with thinner, more entry-level wheels. 

Again, our abs and shoulders were thankful, but we’re also glad that this product doesn’t house any assistance features – like a spring assistance coil found on the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro – as this would have removed far too much intensity when coupled with the wide tread.

That said, the appeal of this ab roller is that the width and grip inject some much-needed accessibility into an otherwise advanced bit of kit; this model could provide beginners with more confidence to give ab rollouts a go.

The ergonomic handles were perfect for bearing our full weight during the drive-out phase of the exercise, and they stayed in position on the axle without any slippage, too. Regardless of how thickset and hardy the ab roller looks, the wheel itself only weighs 0.97lb and feels almost weightless for on-the-go ab roller exercises and workouts. 

Value for money

The saying goes – buy cheap, buy twice. While we don’t necessarily subscribe to that theory and strongly believe in affordability, we reckon the GoFit Super Ab Wheel is well worth the premium price tag. The hardier materials, double tread wheels, and comfy ergonomic handles all lend themselves towards creating a durable and compact bit of kit, carefully considered and suited to all abilities.


We rate the GoFit Super Ab Wheel as one of the best ab rollers currently available. It’s certainly not entry-level, which is why it sits in a mid-to-premium price bracket, but it doesn’t break the bank either. The GoFit Super Ab Wheel balances durability with a lightweight feel that should appeal to anyone hoping to stash it in their gym bag for on-the-fly workouts. 


Gym Shark ab roller

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)

The GymShark Ab Roller (pictured above) is one of our favorite ab wheels for affordability. Whether you just need something simple and lightweight to throw into your gym bag, or you prefer spontaneous on-the-fly workouts, this model pairs perfectly. 

The Vinsguir Ab Roller also comes highly recommended and certainly put our tester through their paces. It's a mid market traditional-looking ab wheel with some nifty covert features and it packs premium quality materials to its very core.

How we tested

We took some of the best ab rollers out for a spin to see which ones were able to torch our core. Our in-house testers completed four sets of 10 ab wheel rollouts with each roller, taking note of their durability, design, and functionality. We also tested out any additional innovative features they had to offer – such as the unique foot straps of the Lifeline Power Wheel Ultimate Core Trainer – and considered the value for money provided by each product. These factors were combined to deliver a final score out of five stars. 

User reviews

The GoFit Super Ab Wheel pulled in 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users praised the ab wheel as easy to assemble and use, while others loved the wider handles for bigger palm sizes, and wider wheels for extra balance. Negative feedback suggested the wheel ‘munches’ into the handles and recommended fitting washers on either side to protect them.

Sam Hopes
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