The United States is mired in a financial fiasco unlike anything seen since the Great Depression. But how will it all shake out is anybody's guess. Meanwhile, the crisis has become global, with banking institutions around the world poised to fail. From Wall Street to Main Street, we look at the psychology, sociology and economics behind the news.
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As Privacy Fades, Your Identity Is the New Money (Op-Ed)
identity protection
September 25th, 2015
Companies mine your identity for profit, but what's your cut?
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Exploring What Makes Cooperation Work
touch, affection, nerves, gentle
January 29th, 2015
By studying primates such as monkeys, apes and even humans, Sarah Brosnan works to understand how cooperation has evolved across time.
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Pay for Coffee Using Only the Palm of Your Hand
A new company uses palm scanners that identify each customer's vein pattern.
June 17th, 2014
A new startup uses vein recognition technology as a way for customers to make purchases using only the palms of their hands.
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Photos: Canine Catacomb Was Tribute to Ancient Death God
Underground work, dog mummies
June 18th, 2015
The ancient Egyptian catacomb honoring Anubis, the jackal-headed god of death and funerals, once held 8 million mummified dogs, according to a new study, which was the first to thoroughly investigate the underground tomb.
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The $9.7 Trillion Problem: Cyclones and Climate Change
Hurricane Sandy Debris Breezy Point
October 10th, 2014
Cyclones have been quietly costing the world for decades, costs that could grow due to climate change.
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Great Plains Gender Gap: Where Are the Women?
grain silos on the prairie
May 21st, 2014
The Great Plains may be the place to be for ladies looking for a date. In some rural communities, men outnumber women four to one. Jobs, on the other hand, might be harder to come by.
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What Holds Back Women Research Faculty?
Economics researcher Donna Ginther explores why so few women occupy senior research posts.
January 23rd, 2014
Economics researcher Donna Ginther explores why so few women occupy senior research posts.
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8 Million Dog Mummies Found in 'God of Death' Mass Grave
dog mummy
June 18th, 2015
In ancient Egypt, so many people worshiped Anubis, the jackal-headed god of death, that the catacombs next to his sacred temple once held nearly 8 million mummified puppies and grown dogs, a new study finds.
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Political Favoritism Is Visible from Space, Study Finds
International Space Station image of lights at night in North Korea, South Korea and China.
July 14th, 2014
The favor of a political leader can be seen from space, with nighttime lights increasing in regions of politically corrupt countries that see a hometown hero taking national power.
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Is America Now an Oligarchy Nation? (Op-Ed)
american flag, made in america, products from USA
April 29th, 2014
Is America no longer a democracy?
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