Best waterproof fitness tracker deals

A woman checking her fitness tracker
A woman checking her fitness tracker (Image credit: Getty)

Our fitness team have taken a deep dive into Amazon to bring you our pick of the best waterproof fitness tracker deals, so you can record your workouts whether you’re on dry land or stretching your sea legs. 

The best fitness trackers from the current crop of top wearables put the glorified pedometers of yesteryear to shame, measuring everything from your heart rate variability to your stress levels. Many also cater to those whose chosen sport involves getting a bit wet. So, whether you’re a triathlete, swimmer or other watersports aficionado, you can now find a top tracker to go the extra (nautical) mile. 

What’s more, with the plethora of ongoing savings on offer, you can now enjoy massive discounts on market-leading fitness trackers, from the Fitbit Charge 5 (now down 21%) to the ever-popular Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, currently almost half price.  

We regularly test the best fitness trackers to keep you in the loop with which deals are worth your money. Read on to explore our selection of the best waterproof fitness tracker deals available, and find your perfect match for a fraction of the usual price.  

Best waterproof fitness tracker deals

| Now $119 (Save 21%)

Fitbit Charge 5 | Was $149.95 | Now $119 (Save 21%)

The sleek and versatile Fitbit Charge 5 earned a four star review from our fitness experts after impressing with its comfortable fit, bright display and wide range of metrics - including an ECG and EDA for measuring atrial fibrillation and stress respectively. You can save an extra 21% off the (already reasonable) asking price.

| Now $19.99 (Save 33%)

Huawei Band 3E | Was $29.99 | Now $19.99 (Save 33%)

A waterproof fitness tracker under $20 sounds too good to be true, yet here we have a Huawei band that can easily survive a swim session. It has a built-in running coach feature too, analysing form factors such as your ground contact time and landing impact to help you shave seconds off your PBs. 

| Now $209.75 (Save 40%)

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music | Was $349.99 | Now $209.75 (Save 40%)

A cult hero among runners, this Garmin Forerunner deal (saving you a hefty 40%) is not to be missed. As the name suggests, it’s designed with running in mind, able to provide pinpoint stats, music storage and up to seven days of battery life. But you can also mix up your fitness schedule, with the Forerunner featuring activity profiles for cycling, pool-swimming and more. 

| $199.00 (Save 29%)

Apple Watch SE | Was $279.00 | $199.00 (Save 29%)

Apple’s all-conquering smart watch is rarely far away from any roundup of the best fitness trackers, and now you can buy the stylish SE for under $200 courtesy of a 29% discount. Alongside its impressive smart watch credentials, the Apple Watch SE also has advanced sensors to measure your favorite workouts. It’s swimproof too, so there’s no need to lose it before you jump in the pool. 

| Now $55.00 (Save 45%)

Fibit Inspire 2 | Was $99.95 | Now $55.00 (Save 45%)

The most affordable Fitbit just got cheaper, with a significant 45% saving taking the price down to $55. Despite its modest cost, it’s still water resistant up to 50 meters and has many of the features that make Fitbits so popular, including 24/7 heart-rate tracking, estimated daily calorie burn totals and the ability to monitor more than 20 exercise modes.

| Now $450 (Save 25%)

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro | Was $599.99 | Now $450 (Save 25%)

Garmin’s Fenix range is like the Rolls Royce of the fitness tracker world; they rarely come cheap, but they really are incredible bits of kit. Luckily, you can now save 25% on the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro. This rugged wearable has next level sleep, breath and heart-rate monitoring, as well as advanced training features such as PacePro which will provide pace guidance on your runs that varies depending on the level of incline you’re on. Made for adventures, it’s more than comfortable with surface swimming too. 

| Now $42.00 (Save 16%)

Honor Band 5 Smart Watch | Was $49.99 | Now $42.00 (Save 16%)

Even without the 16% saving, the Honor Band 5 is incredible value for money. It goes above and beyond most fitness trackers when it comes to recording your sleep, providing tips for improving your slumber, and has a multi-sport mode that can track a multitude of metrics. You can view notifications, take calls and (of course) keep tabs on figures such as your number of laps and calories burned during pool sessions.   

| Now $167.99 (Save 27%)

Polar Ignite 2 | Was $229.95 | Now $167.99 (Save 27%)

The Polar Ignite 2 looks great and performs even better. It benefits from smart features like music controls, weather forecasts and push notifications, while still offering fitness tracking staples. After collecting data on your sleep and activity levels, it will provide personalized guidance on how to live a healthier lifestyle, while an in-built GPS means you can leave your phone at home when running. The Ignite 2 is impressive in the water too, automatically recognizing your stroke and tracking your pace, distance, efficiency and more. 

| Now $47.99 (Save 20%)

FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker | Was $59.99 | Now $47.99 (Save 20%)

Save 20% on this smart fitness tracker from FITVII, now under $50. It offers 24/7 heart and breath-rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation measurements and sleep-tracking, as well as providing feedback on your everyday activity levels (such as step-counting). This tracker has seven sports modes, and is water resistant up to 50 meters. 

| Now $150.75 (Save 8%)

Fitbit Versa 3 | Was $162.00 | Now $150.75 (Save 8%)

The Apple Watch-esque Fitbit Versa 3 is currently down from $162 to $150.75. When we tested this model, our team loved the overall look and attractive price point compared to other premium fitness trackers like the Fitbit Sense, Garmin Fenix and Apple Watch ranges.  It has in-built GPS, the crisp display is a delight to use, and it’s incredibly comfortable to wear too 

| Now $189.99 (Save 17%)

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro | Was $229.99 | Now $189.99 (Save 17%)

Amazfit can sometimes slip under the radar when it comes to fitness trackers, but the brand has a history of making great wearables. This robust piece of tech has more than 150 sports modes including running, swimming and even skiing. It can also track stress, female cycles and sleep -all while looking like a stylish timepiece.  

| Now $239.99 (Save 31%)

Garmin Venu | Was $349.99 | Now $239.99 (Save 31%)

If the Garmin Fenix 6 still seems a bit pricey, the Venu is a fantastic alternative - especially now it’s over $100 cheaper. It allows you to track a wide range of health metrics 24/7, monitor your sporting performance with a good degree of detail, and download music so you never have to suffer in silence on a long run again.  

| Now $46.30 (Save 9%)

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 | Was $50.96 | Now $46.30 (Save 9%)

We named the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 as our best fitness tracker on a budget in our roundup of the best fitness wearables, and now it’s even cheaper. Our fitness writer enjoyed this band’s advanced health monitoring capabilities (including blood oxygen saturation and stress levels) and 110+ sport modes. They were also surprised that, despite its meager price, it’s water resistant up to 50 meters and offers swim tracking.  

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