$3,000+ for a VR headset? No chance, grab the Meta Quest 2 for less than $250 at Walmart right now

You don't often see deals on the Meta Quest 2, but in Walmart's latest round of savings the retailer is trimming $52.03 off the price of the VR headset.

Although there are newer headsets out there  — the Meta Quest 3 was released in 2023, while the eyewateringly-expensive Apple Vision Pro came out in January — the Meta Quest 2 remains an excellent way to jump into VR on a budget.

And that budget is even more appealing now, thanks to the weirdly specific saving of $52.03 off the MSRP at Walmart (those extra 3 cents make all the difference), bringing the Meta Quest 2 under $250.

Meta Quest 2: Was $299.99, now $247.96 on Walmart

Meta Quest 2: Was $299.99, now $247.96 on Walmart
The Meta Quest 2 has more than $50 off, and comes with two controllers in the box.

While the Meta Quest 3 improves the resolution of the lenses, the Meta Quest 2 (formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2) is still a visual treat for the eyes.

Considering how many apps and games are available on the Meta Store, you'll appreciate the 128GB storage, and the Quest 2 has a surprising bonus if you have a PC, too. You can hook it up to your computer to run Steam VR games like Half-Life: Alyx, which would otherwise be too much for the headset's built-in GPU to handle.

In our Meta Quest 2 review, we awarded it a four-and-a-half-star rating and said: "Meta Quest 2 is a full VR ecosystem in a box for $399/£399 [price at time of publication], making it an attractive proposition for VR newcomers while still offering desirable features for experienced users."

Considering the discount here, that recommendation goes even further.

Lloyd Coombes

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