Step into VR with $70 off of the Meta Quest 2 and two free games

Meta Quest 2
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If you've been looking to jump into virtual reality, there's never been a better time - especially with this huge Meta Quest 2 deal.

The headset is an easy pick as one of the best VR headsets you can buy right now, thanks to its relatively affordable price point and huge range of games and applications. Better yet, Meta themselves are offering a sizeable discount and some fantastic freebies if you buy one from them directly.

The 256GB Meta Quest 2 is down to $429.99 when purchased from Meta, with a saving of $70 off the MSRP. Better yet, there are two games included too. Alternatively, if you'd prefer the cheapest possible model, you can also get the 128GB Meta Quest 2 for $350 - that's a healthy $50 discount.

Meta Quest 2 256GB - was $499.99, now $429.99 at Meta

Meta Quest 2 256GB - was $499.99, <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">now $429.99 at Meta

Save $70: Meta’s Quest 2 headset is down in price and comes with Golf+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX.

Meta Quest 2 128GB - was $399.99, now $349.99 at Meta

Meta Quest 2 128GB - was $399.99, <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">now $349.99 at Meta

Save $50: If you want the cheaper model with less storage, you can still save $50.

Inside the box you'll get everything you need to get started, with the Quest 2 headset along with its intuitive controllers with one for each hand.

Once you power it on and start exploring, you'll find a huge number of VR fitness apps, as well as the best VR experiences for exploring space, underwater, and plenty more.

You'll also find Space Pirate Trainer DX and Golf+ in your library for you to jump straight into.

While you don't need a PC for Meta Quest 2, connecting the headset to a powerful enough rig will unlock PCVR experiences, too, letting you use the headset like an Oculus Rift.

In our recently updated Meta Quest 2 review, we gave the headset a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, saying the 128GB version is "a full VR ecosystem in a box for $399/£399, making it an attractive proposition for VR newcomers while still offering desirable features for experienced users."

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