Last chance: Save 20% on these eclipse-ready Celestron solar binoculars

Celestron EclipSmart Safe Solar Eclipse Binoculars
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The April 8 total solar eclipse is just days away now, and while solar eclipse glasses will protect your eyes, you'll want something a little more robust if you want to take a closer look at the sun.

We reviewed the Celestron EclipSmart Safe Solar binoculars and found them to be a fantastic option for those that need to stick to a budget. And now they're even cheaper with 20% off the Celestron solar binoculars.

We think they're some of the best binoculars you can buy for solar observation because of their ISO-certified solar-safe filter technology.

Celestron EclipSmart Safe Solar Eclipse Binoculars:was $87.95now $69.99 at Amazon

Celestron EclipSmart Safe Solar Eclipse Binoculars: was $87.95, now $69.99 at Amazon  

Save 20% on this excellent pair of binoculars that offer excellent protection from the sun's rays while also offering 10x magnification in a design that's lightweight enough to go in a backpack.

All of that doesn't have to come at a hefty price, either. You can find the Celestron EclipSmart Safe Solar Eclipse Binoculars for just $69.99 at Amazon — that's a 20% discount off of the MSRP.

When testing these binoculars (where we rated them 4.5/5 stars) we were pleased to find both a carry pouch and lens caps to protect the binoculars. After a quick adjustment of the diopter ring and dialing in focus using the central focusing wheel we could see the sun immediately and safely.

We could make out the sunspots on the surface of the sun without issue and the image was not too bright coming through the eyepieces. Despite a magnification of 10x being helpful to see more detail on the sun, we found a tripod helpful because our hands were shaking a little too much — something to bear in mind if you have tremors in the hands.

Key features: Lightweight design, easy to use, solar-safe tech that meets ISO 12312-2:2015

Price history: Back in 2018, these binoculars dropped to just $42, but this is the lowest price we've seen since then and considering it's only a few days until the next total solar eclipse, and the next one is in Alaska in 2033, we think this is a great time to buy them.

Reviews consensus: These excellent binoculars are easy to get started with, making them a great choice for beginners — particularly at this price. For this price you're getting an excellent pair of binoculars that are well-made and are guaranteed to protect you from the sun.

Live Science: ★★★★½ Space: ★★★★

Buy it if: You want binoculars instead of a telescope for this month's total eclipse, and need something lightweight but well built.

Don't buy it if: You want lens caps included, or need something a little brighter.

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