Grab a pair of cheap solar eclipse glasses with this excellent deal on Amazon

A total solar eclipse is fast approaching on April 8, but to watch it safely, you will need to wear a pair of eclipse glasses. Fortunately, these don't cost too much, especially now that Amazon is offering 33% off a two-pack of Soluna's solar viewing glasses, and it’s better to grab them now rather than run the risk of them running out of stock before the big day.

It’s vitally important to keep your eyes safe when viewing an eclipse, and you should never look directly at the sun without adequate protection. These glasses promise to filter out 100% of harmful UV and infrared light and have been tested and verified by ICS Laboratories under the most current ISO standard for filters for direct observation of the sun. The brand Soluna is also an American Astronomical Society (AAS)-approved supplier of safe solar viewers — and these ones glasses cost under $10. 

The Soluna Solar Eclipse Glasses are made with scratch-resistant silver polymer lens material, which should help if you want to keep using them for years to come. However, we still recommend that you check that your glasses aren’t damaged each time you use them. If the lenses appear to be torn or scratched, they aren't safe to use. 

The eclipse on April 8 will be a total solar eclipse, where the moon will block the sun completely for a period of time. However, partial solar eclipses happen two to five times annually, so you'll have plenty more chances to use the glasses.  

Solar Eclipse Glasses:was $19.99

 Solar Eclipse Glasses: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">was $19.99, now $9.99 at Amazon 

A great buy for people who want to view the solar eclipse safely for an affordable price.  

Key features: Scratch-resistant polymer solar lens, ISO certified, made by a manufacturer approved by the AAS. 

Price history: This deal began on March 8, and the last time the price was this low was on December 31. 

Consensus: The glasses have over 600 five-star Amazon ratings, with many customers remarking on how "good quality" they are. 

Buy it if: You want to view the eclipse safely. 

Don't buy it if: There really is no reason why you wouldn't want to get a pair of eclipse glasses if you want to watch the event, especially at this price. But if you are planning to get a much closer view, specialist equipment such as a telescope would work better. 

And remember, never look directly at the sun. According to NASA, the only time it is safe to do so without glasses is during the brief moment of totality when the moon entirely blocks the sun’s surface. At all other times, you’ll need solar eclipse viewing glasses

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