Should you buy the Levoit Core 400s air purifier this Prime Day?

 Levoit Core 400s
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If you're in the market for an air purifier, you shouldn't miss Amazon Prime Day on 11-12 July. For two days only, this giant retailer will be slashing their prices across a range of health and fitness products, giving you countless opportunities to save some serious buck. So if you have been eyeing up the Levoit Core 400s air purifier, now might be the perfect time to get a great deal, as it usually retails between $239.99 and $219.99 on Amazon, depending what color you want. Last year we saw it get $53 cheaper in the Prime Day sale. 

With the rise in allergies and air pollution levels, the best air purifiers have become commonplace in households. These clever machines are carefully designed to effectively get rid of pet hair, mold, dust, spores, microbes and other harmful particles from the surrounding air, making a huge difference to the quality of your everyday life.            

Levoit Core 400s air purifier | $239.99 at Amazon

Levoit Core 400s air purifier | $239.99 at Amazon

Get yourself a Levoit Core 400s air purifier with an Amazon Prime Day deal. Equipped with a three stage filtration system, hands-free voice command, and air quality sensor, this powerful machine will help you breathe with ease — all while generating hardly any noise.

At the same time, choosing the right air purifier may be a challenging task. There are hundreds of different products available on the market, and for the untrained eye, they all may seem pretty similar. That's why the Live Science team has performance tested the best air purifiers for allergies across leading brands to determine which one should take pride of place in your home. 

So even if you decide to give the Levoit Core 400s a miss, you can still find a model that is tailored to your needs and preferences. And right now, you can save almost $40 on the Levoit LV-H133 model, or get 11% off the Coway Airmega AOP-1512HH — one of our favorite products.

If you've been researching the market for a while now, you'll know that it's not easy to stumble upon a good air purifier deal. Highly efficient devices tend to cost the earth, and the cheaper options may not do the job properly. So the Prime Day could be a real game changer. 

The compact yet powerful Levoit Core 400s is one of the best models we've tested and might soon be boasting a hefty discount for Amazon Prime Day. But is this product worth the money in the first place? Or is there a model better suited for your home?

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Is the Levoit Core 400s a good air purifier?

With nearly 9k user reviews on Amazon, and an average score of 4.8 out of five, it is not a stretch to say that the Levoit Core 400s is in a class of its own. There are many great reasons why this air purifier keeps getting raving testimonials from users all across the US — including our in-house tests.

To start with, the Levoit Core 400s has been designed to perform. According to the manufacturer's claim, it can completely purify your indoor air in a matter of minutes. It uses a True HEPA 3-stage filter to capture airborne particles, such as smoke, dust, pollen, and pet dander. This air purifier can even trap and remove some bacteria and viruses. 

In addition, its activated carbon filter absorbs volatile organic compounds — harmful gases released from sources like aerosols and household fumes. You may not be convinced these statements are entirely true, but rest assured these are not empty words. The Levoit Core 400s passed our independent tests with flying colors, and its performance is close to none. 

It's difficult to find a more user-friendly air purifier than the Levoit Core 400s. We found it easy to set up and use almost straight out of the box, and its intuitive controls don't need much explaining. This model is also equipped with a handy auto mode that adjusts the fan speed automatically, as well as a sleep mode that dims the display and adjusts the purifier to its quietest settings. 

You can make use of the timer or schedule function that allows you to switch the device off at a time of your choosing. The Levoit 400s can also be controlled using the VeSync app, which is compatible with voice services like Alexa and Google Assistant. So even if you are a relative newcomer to the world of air quality devices, you will quickly get familiar with all that the Levoit Core 400s model has to offer. 

The Levoit Core 400s also scores high in the looks department. It is a stylish, smooth white cylinder shape with a futuristic-looking circular black vent at the top. It features two small, indented handles on either side, making the appliance easy to pick up and set down.  

And the best part? Taking into account its high quality, top performance, and great looks, the Levoit Core 400s is still surprisingly affordable. 

Why buy the Levoit Core 400s on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day runs from July 11-12. This annual event rewards Prime members with a host of great discounts across various brands and categories. If you are not a member, or not sure whether signing up is worth the hassle, make use of a free trial to access the Amazon Prime bargains. 

So why buy the Levoit Core 400s this Amazon Prime Day? To start with, winter is a great time to invest in an air purifier. With the temperatures steadily dropping, we tend to spend more time in enclosed spaces where the air does not circulate freely. This can cause mold and air pollution to accumulate in your living space. Winter is also a peak season for respiratory viruses. An air purifier can keep your home free of unwanted particles and harmful microbes, even during the coldest months. And you can be sure that the Levoit Core 400s will do the top job.    

Secondly, Amazon Prime Day is a great solution to the cost of living pressures. You may be in two minds about spending money on an air purifier when the prices of basic commodities continue to rise. But thanks to the amazing discounts, you can stretch your budget and get yourself a shiny new device for a fraction of the cost. 

So, if you're on the hunt for the Levoit Core 400s model, Prime Day is a perfect opportunity to finally add this product to your cart. However, it's worth pointing out that increased demand can take its toll on manufacturing and production, so it's best not to wait around too long, as this universally acclaimed air purifier could be snapped up fast.

We recommend checking out daily deals, coupons, and spotlight deals each day to see what's available.

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Should you wait to buy the Levoit Core 400s?

Many competitors, clearly encouraged by the Prime Day success, are now launching their own events to entice customers. With so many options on the market, finding great opportunities to save is easier than ever. So before you head straight to the Amazon checkout, it could be worth having a shop around to see whether the Levoit Core 400s can be found cheaper at retailers like Walmart and Best Buy.

You might also find that this extremely popular air purifier is not available on Prime or will not ship to your location, so checking other retailers is a must if you're set on your choice.

Make sure your address is updated with your current location when you're searching online, and we also recommend signing up for notifications on your favorite products – this way you're the first to know when price or stock changes. Not found what you need? Holding out for sale events later in the year could be your answer. 

Amazon Prime Day spans July 11-12, but look out for deals as we update our guides throughout. You can find even more deals available at Amazon Prime Day Health Deals for 2023, which can save you more money on the health and fitness equipment you love the most. 

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