Buy a Peloton Bike for a record-low price on Amazon Prime Day

Prime Early Access Sale Peloton Bike
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Don’t miss this chance to get a Peloton Bike for the record-low price of $1225 this Amazon Prime Day. The sales event ends at midnight tonight and the deal is so good we’re pretty sure it won’t be around for long. There’s plenty of savings to be made on Peloton peripherals and accessories too.

This is a unique chance to snap up one of the best exercise bikes we’ve ever tested at the cheapest price we’ve ever seen. Its RRP is usually $1445 and although you may have seen it previously advertised for $1195, this included a hidden delivery charge of $250. The Prime Day Deal price of $1225 includes entryway delivery, so you won’t have to worry about getting the heavy machine installed in your home. 

| Now $1225

Peloton Bike | Was $1445 | Now $1225
Save $220 on the ever-popular Peloton bike, thanks to the Prime Early Access Sale. Granting you access to thousands of on-demand classes, the bike is a sure-fire way to kickstart your fitness. We loved it so much it made it into our list of the best exercise bikes for home use in 2022. 

The worldwide popularity of the Peloton bike is for good reason. It looks fantastic and features a large, easy to navigate display and there are live, on-demand classes including spin programs, yoga sessions and HIIT boxing workouts to get those cardio levels up.

These classes do come at a cost of some $44 per month and you won’t be getting the full benefits of the bike without access to the app. However, if you want a stay-at-home alternative to your regular gym membership or the option of a full workout whenever you want it, then the membership price is more than justified. 

Our tester was absolutely hooked on this product after just a month of using it and if you're looking for a piece of kit that will genuinely inspire you to push your fitness, then we can’t recommend a Peloton bike enough

It's not just the bike that has been discounted in the Prime Early Access Sale, though, as plenty of accessories are available for cheap. Here are the best deals we've found so far. 

Best Peloton deals and discounts

| Now $108.75

Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes | Was $145.00 | Now $108.75

Peloton’s premiere cycling shoes have been slashed in price, falling almost $40 to $108.75 in the Prime Early Access Sale. They’re breathable, lightweight and offer a sock-like fit thanks to their breathable, woven and jacquard mesh upper. Thanks to their cleats they can help you maximize your power output on the Peloton Bike by clipping securely into the pedals. 

| Now $93.75

Peloton Cycling Shoes | Was $125.00 | Now $93.75

The original Peloton Cycling Shoes earned a near-perfect 4.5 star review from our fitness writer, who was impressed by the design flourishes on show. The ratchet clip worked well to provide a secure fit and padding around the heel kept us comfortable during longer rides. They’re now at a more attractive price point too, with savings of more than 20% taking the cost down to $93.75. 

| Now $67.50

Peloton Heart Rate Band | Was $90.00 | Now $67.50

There are few better ways to gauge the intensity of your workout than by your heart rate, and this Peloton Heart Rate Band (currently reduced from $90 to $67.50) is a great way of keeping track of this. It can connect to any Peloton product via Bluetooth and will show which heart rate zone you’re working in at a glance using rainbow LED lights, so you can look smart and train even smarter. 

| Now $52.50

Peloton Reversible Workout Mat | Was $70.00 | Now $52.50

The Peloton Bike, Peloton Guide and Peloton App all offer floor workouts including yoga, strength training and more. Particularly if you’ve got a hard, unforgiving floor, we would recommend investing in an exercise or yoga mat to spare your spine and other limbs during these sessions. This reversible mat from Peloton, which has a grippy side for sweaty sessions and a textured, cushioned side for yoga flows, is a versatile option that will see you through any home workout - and now it’s down almost $20.  

| Now $18.75

Peloton Light Weights | Was $25.00 | Now $18.75

If the 20lb dumbbells above sound a bit heavy, Peloton’s light weights might be a better place to start. Available in 1lb, 2lb or 3lb options, they are designed to be used with the Bike or Bike+, benefitting from a durable, non-slip design and ergonomic shape. What’s more, you can now land a pair for under $20.

| Now $7.50

Peloton Yoga Strap | Was $10.00 | Now $7.50

If you’re looking to improve your flexibility with some Peloton yoga sessions, this strap (now 25% cheaper in the Prime Day October sale) can help you step your stretches up a notch. It’s adjustable and robust, allowing you to loop it around your limbs to coax them into a slightly more advanced position and boost your mobility.

| Now $86.25

Peloton Dumbbells 20lb | Was $115.00 | Now $86.25

These sleek free weights are an ideal companion to the Peloton Guide, but can also be used with the brand’s bike or for any at-home strength training you may have planned. The 20lb  set would usually cost $115, but now you can pick up a pair for $86.25. They have urethane coating to reduce noise on the ground, and non-slip handles so your grip won’t falter during sweaty sessions.

| Now $24.00

Peloton Sport Water Bottle | Was $32.00 | Now $24.00

Anyone who has ever done a Peloton workout will know how important it is to have a water bottle to hand - they’re no joke! This stylish option from the brand itself could be just the hydration helper you need - especially now it’s down $8, from $32 to $24, on Amazon. 

| Now $56.25

Peloton Bike Mat | Was $75.00 | Now $56.25 

The last thing you want when going hell for leather in a spin class is for your bike to feel unstable. The plush Peloton Bike Mat is a one-stop solution for this, stopping the bike from slipping on smooth surfaces while protecting your floor from any scuffs and scrapes. You can now pick one up for almost $20 cheaper than the $75 MSRP too, which is always a bonus. 

| Now $250

Peloton Guide | Was $295.00 | Now $250

The AI-enabled Peloton Guide is down $45, falling from $295 to $250. This clever contraption is like having a personal trainer in your living room, and is great for anyone interested in weight training at home. It takes you through follow-along workouts made up of strength exercises, counting your reps and mapping your movements with its in-built camera to help you improve your form. You can use it with any free weights too, though you might want the Peloton pair below to complete the set. 

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