Nike SuperRep cycling shoe review

The Nike SuperRep cycling shoe is lightweight and sophisticated, but there’s nothing lightweight about the price tag

Nike SuperRep cycling shoe
(Image: © Nike)

Live Science Verdict

The Nike SuperRep cycling shoe is designed to provide buckets of style, but they just miss the mark on comfort


  • +

    Fun design

  • +

    Breathable mesh

  • +



  • -

    Narrow tight fit — we recommend buying one size up

  • -

    Cleats not included

  • -


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Nike has officially entered the race with its latest offering – the Nike SuperRep cycling shoe. These pocket rockets certainly stand out from the crowd with a bright and colorful design that manages to veer away from tacky or garish. In fact, they’re more reminiscent of Nike’s renowned football boots than a cycling shoe. 

The breathable mesh is quite literally a breath of fresh air, giving your foot stability without the typical unforgiving stiffness of cycling shoes. We love that Nike has steered deftly away from making these look like bowling shoes, which can be typical of the cycling shoe trend. 


Sizes: 5-15

Available colors: Crimson Bliss/Total Orange/Pearl White, Pink, Black/Hyper Crimson/ Metallic Silver, Black/Anthracite/Habanero Red/Phantom, White

Clip compatibility: 2-bolt SPD and 3-bolt Delta compatible

We recommend going a size up with your SuperReps, as the shoe is narrow and certainly felt snug when our user tested the EU 36 size. This cycling shoe doesn’t come cheap either, and cleats are sold separately, but you are (in part) paying for a very reputable brand. 

We clipped into the Peloton bike to take these shoes for a spin, which is one of the best exercise bikes for Look Delta (3-bolt) compatible cleats. Nike SuperRep shoes are compatible with both Look Delta (3-bolt) and SPD (2-bolt) cleats, so you can take your pick when purchasing. 

Not sure which shoe is the right fit? Check out some of the best shoes for Peloton, or get the lowdown on the Nike SuperRep cycling shoes with our full review below. 

Price and availability

The MSRP for this shoe is $120 / £109.95 but this doesn’t include your cleats. Although these retail at slightly less than Peloton cycling shoes, the Peloton’s do include cleats and fixtures. It’s worth remembering you also get 2-bolt and 3-bolt attachment options with Nike (unlike the Santic Jian1 cycling shoes) which provides a touch more versatility for both home and commercial spin use. You can purchase these shoes directly from Nike or most other major cycling retailers in the US, UK, and Europe. 

Design and features

  • Design and features score: 4.0/5

Nike SuperRep cycling shoe

(Image credit: Nike)

It goes without saying that Nike has a rep for fiercely good looking footwear. These sleek additions to the cycling world are no different – they look impressive, with crossover hook and loop velcro straps to secure your heel and toes. They’re also 2-bolt and 3-bolt compatible which is a huge tick if you’re looking for some diversity between road and mountain cycling. 

Some users have mentioned a lack of instruction for fitting the cleats, but we found the installation guide on Nike’s website very helpful for a step-by-step guide. Even if you’re a total newcomer, it’s a comprehensive introduction to fitting out your new kicks – though we recommend having an allan key on hand for the fiddly plates and screws (and some patience.)

We love how the recessed cleats attach through the sole of the shoe. This means the cleat itself sits nearly flush to the bottom so that you can walk properly, rather than click-clacking around. The rubber base gives you far more grip as you walk and has space to make contact with the ground, while the hard plastic sole provides plenty of support and some necessary rigidity. 

Although there are no cleats included, Nike does provide washers, bolt screws, and an adaptable cleat insert plate. 


  • Comfort score: 3.0/5

Nike SuperRep cycling shoe

(Image credit: Nike)

We strongly recommend buying a size up. Our tester wore a size US 5/ EU 26/ UK 3 with Delta cleats and they felt very tight, making testing far more difficult. The mesh design creates an all-over airflow alongside perforated sock liners, which feels breathable and super lightweight as a new addition to your next sweaty spin session. They also require far less breaking in than that of their stiffer counterparts, as the mesh allows you to bend your foot as you walk. 

Unfortunately, we just found them too narrow for the longer endurance ride, and our toes felt crushed at the top end of the shoe during the push phase of cadence, as well as during uphill climbs. Brands like Santic and Venzo cycling shoes are naturally roomier and encase the foot with more padding. 


  • Performance score: 3.5/5

Nike SuperRep cycling shoe on Peloton

(Image credit: Future)

We found clipping in and out of the Peloton super quick and easy, but learning how cycling shoes work could also save you some time and faff if you’re keen to get going. 

Whether you’re smashing it out at a 90’s themed SoulCycle or powering it up the peaks on a guided endurance ride – the SuperReps perform. They’re cut just under the ankle so you can benefit from full range of motion through your foot as you pedal, and they felt secure throughout both our test rides, with limited slippage or movement during the push-pull phases. The recessed cleats also create a great connection between foot and pedal which improves alignment and technique, and the stiff internal plate under foot optimizes energy return for a more efficient cycle. 

These shoes performed well, but the narrow fit made endurance rides feel a bit tedious, and we have certainly tested far more comfortable shoes for longer rides. It felt like the need to comprise a sleek design actually compromised comfort.

Value for money

  • Value for money score: 3.0/5

These are not cheap shoes, but Nike is a premium brand that garners an equally premium price tag. We reckon they’re definitely worth the dollar, but we would’ve liked if the cleats were included to give these shoes a bit more bang for their buck. 


Of all of the shoes we tested, the SuperReps are the most reminiscent of a trainer, and hit the top spot for their high end breathable design. If you’re looking for versatility, they certainly slot well into the modern sport apparel aesthetic, and the flexible mesh provides a lot more movement for your foot so you’re not left hobbling awkwardly around. 

However, we found other shoes we tested, like the Fizik cycling shoe, offered a roomier fit and better support with its modern BOA closure system. And a clearer instruction label on shoe size would be handy so that users don’t get caught out when hitting the buy button online. 


Santic Jian1 cycling shoe

(Image credit: Santic)

For those on a budget, Santic Jian1 cycling shoes (pictured above) could be an affordable way to approach the market. They only offer SPD-SL and Look Delta cleats, but you do get these included and many of the features are similar to its more expensive peers. 

If you’re on the hunt for high-tech, Rapha Classic cycling shoes are considered the couture of cycling apparel. Rapha prides itself on timeless design and premium quality, and considers performance at the heart of everything they do. It’ll set you back, but if you can get past the price tag, they’ll be your loyal brand new pedaling pal. 

How we tested

We tested the Nike SuperRep cycling shoes in our purpose-built testing center and scored them from 1-5 across the following criteria:

  • Design and features
  • Comfort
  • Performance
  • Value for money

For all models, we tackled a fast-paced HIIT class and an active recovery session to ensure each shoe could power through and deliver – regardless of the user’s workout preferences. 

We then gave the shoes an overall rating out of five with a final verdict summarizing each model's strengths and weaknesses, and whether we reckon they’re ride-ready. 

User reviews

Customers who bought the Nike SuperRep Cycle shoes rated them a 3.8 out of 5 stars. Users rated their comfort and said they were worth the investment, while others loved the fun colors and patterns. Negative feedback mentioned that the sizes come up small and warn buyers to size up. 

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