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Kids can watch colorful crystals grow with this NatGeo kit, on sale for Prime Day

NatGeo Mega Crystal-Growing Kit
(Image: © National Geographic)

For the earth-loving child (or dirt-digger) in your life, this crystal-growing set might be just the thing to keep them learning and having fun. National Geographic's Mega Crystal Growing Lab lets kids prepare and grow six vibrantly colored crystals in just three to four days. The kit includes a light-up display stand, so your child can keep their science "experiment" out on exhibit in the living room or their bedroom. It also includes a learning guide and four genuine crystals for them to keep and learn about. And just for Prime Day, Amazon has an amazing deal on the kit, saving you $6.00.


NatGeo Mega Crystal Growing Lab | Save $6.00 | Now $23.99 on Amazon

The kit comes with materials and instructions to grow six colorful crystals: red, green, blue, purple yellow and glow-in-the-dark. Plus, you can grow your crystals in one of two silicone growing chambers. Once fully grown, your crystals can take their spot in a light-up display chamber. You can even start your own rock collection with the four real gemstone specimens included in the package. Plus, the included STEM guide will explain crystal formation to your kids.

National Geographic is one of the most trusted brands in science kits for kids, and for "Prime Day" Amazon has several other deals on their fun and engaging products.

NatGeo Rocks & Fossils Kit | Save $5.00 | Now $19.99 on Amazon

This kit will either be a great starter rock collection or a great addition to what your child has already gathered, as it includes both rough and polished samples of Aventurine and rose quartz as well as stunning snowflake obsidian, Desert Rose, red jasper, blue quartz, pumice and meteorite specimens. It also includes real fossils: prehistoric shark teeth, gastropods, ammonites, clams, brachiopods and more. Plus, the kit contains one broken geode and two unbroken geode specimens for your enthusiastic child to crack open themselves.

NatGeo Glowing Marble Run| Save $6.00 | Now $23.99 on Amazon

This is not your ordinary marble run! The NatGeo version glows. With five sturdy bases, 15 action pieces, and 45 clear smooth-run track pieces, this kit has countless imaginative configurations for your child to explore. Six different colors of glow-in-the-dark glass marbles are included. To recharge the marbles, your child can rely on the included UV light. Amidst the fun, your child can learn: The learning guide explains the physics of motion and aerodynamics, as well as direction for science experiments to conduct with your marble run. View Deal

NatGeo Construction Building Kit| Save $9.30 | Now $20.69 on Amazon

If the marble run isn't enough action for your child, how about a Ballista (an enormous crossbow), a Bombard (an early form of the cannon) and a mighty Catapult? If that sounds good, this kit showcasing Leonardo da Vinci's inventions is perfect for your child. In addition to building the three models, they can use them; yes, they are fully functional and the kit includes 15 projectiles plus 18 paper targets for practice. What a great way to learn about machines and a little history.View Deal

NatGeo Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab | Save $6.00 | Now $23.99 on Amazon

This kit will surely engage your child with super-fun varieties of pre-made slime and putty:  magnetic putty, fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark putty, liquid slime, color-changing putty, snotty slime, bouncing putty and one DIY glow-in-the-dark slime lab. Plus, kids can explore the science behind the gooey substances with a full-color learning guide.View Deal