Huge discounts on these Sony Alpha cameras in the Amazon Black Friday sale

Sony camera black friday deals
(Image credit: Sony)

Black Friday is a great time of year for photographers as there are usually many amazing deals to be had. Photography is not a cheap hobby or career at the best of times, and as we are going through a cost of living crisis it's more important than ever to save money where you can. 

Thankfully, Amazon have some fantastic deals on Sony cameras this year, so if you're looking to make the switch to a full frame or a mirrorless camera, look no further.  

Currently, Amazon are selling the cult favorite Sony A7iii for $1698 (save $300), the Sony A7ii with a 28-70mm lens for $998 (save $720) and the amazing Sony A7R IV for $2998 (save $500). 

Whether you're looking for the best astrophotography cameras or a stunning wildlife photography camera, Sony is a brand you can rely on.

now $2998 at Amazon

Sony A7R IV Full Frame Mirrorless Camera| was $3499.99 now $2998 at Amazon

Sony's highest-ever megapixel camera is now $500 cheaper in Amazon's Black Friday sale, so if you have the budget to go big, this is an excellent deal.

now $998 on Amazon

Sony A7ii Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 28-70mm Lens: was $1718.26 now $998 on Amazon

Amazon are offering the Sony A7ii with a 28-70mm kit lens for almost half price — they've slashed $720 off when you buy these two together. Perfect for anyone looking to make the switch to full frame with a lens included.

now $1698 on Amazon

Sony A7iii Full Frame Mirrorless Camera: was $1998 now $1698 on Amazon

This isn't the biggest discount we've seen, but the Sony A7iii is a cult favorite among photographers, so this could be a great opportunity to snap this camera up.

The Sony A7R IV is the world's first-ever 61MP full-frame mirrorless camera, and the price reflects that. The image quality this camera can produce is astounding and would make an ideal camera for landscape or astrophotography because it gives so much detail. It can shoot up to 10fps with Sony's impressive real-time AF tracking, making sure human and animal eyes and faces are consistently in sharp focus. 

Amazon are also offering a huge saving on the Sony A7ii when you purchase it with the 28-70mm kit lens. They're both currently on offer for just $998, down from the original price of $1718.26. This would be an amazing deal if you're making the switch from APSC over to full frame because full frame bodies and lenses are both very expensive in their own right, so finding a great deal where they're being sold together is quite rare.

Finally, we couldn't mention Sony cameras without mentioning the cult favorite Sony A7iii. This is an incredibly popular camera among all types of photographers, and for good reason. In our Sony A7iii review we described it as being a "swiss army knife" of a camera, as it's a powerful camera with superb image quality at an affordable price. It's still $1698 even in the Black Friday sales, so it's not the biggest discount we've seen, but it's still a great opportunity to pick up the camera everyone is still raving about years after its release. 

Kimberley Lane is a landscape & seascape photographer living in South Wales. Originally using photography as a way to cope with health issues, she aims to portray a feeling of calm and peace through her images. Her work has been featured in a number of national photography magazines. She writes camera reviews and articles for Live Science and