Save $900 on this top-rated ProForm exercise bike right now at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Man using the ProForm Pro C22 exercise bike
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Peloton might be the most well-known exercise brand, but you can find top home workout equipment from other manufacturers at a fraction of the price, like this ProForm Pro C22 exercise bike that’s currently on sale for $600 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

There’s a 22-inch display built in for streaming on-demand classes from the virtual workout platform iFit. You’ll need a membership, but you get 30 days for free with the bike. And there are 24 resistance levels, rivaling many of the best exercise bikes around.

The padded seat is comfortable for longer sessions and there’s an easy-access water bottle holder so you can keep hydrated. Plus, the silent resistance means you won’t disturb others and there are wheels to help you roll it away for storage when you’re done.

ProForm Pro C22was: $1,499.99now: $599.98 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

ProForm Pro C22 | was: $1,499.99, now: $599.98 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

The ProForm Pro C22 is a studio-quality exercise bike with a 22-inch display to match. The machine integrates with iFit for on-demand workouts, comes with two 3 lb dumbbells for added resistance, and has a 10-year frame guarantee.

To help you focus on your workout, the iFit trainers can automatically adjust the resistance during your class and get the most from your training. You can also rotate the display when you’re not cycling if you want to use your iFit membership for HIIT workouts, yoga sessions, or resistance training.

If you’ve been considering investing in a Peloton, the ProForm Pro C22 with an iFit membership is a more budget-friendly option, especially with this huge $900 saving. The Peloton Bike and membership will set you back $2,000 for a year, while the Pro C22 and iFit costs just $765.

However, if you’re into group classes, Peloton might still be the best choice as there are no live workouts on iFit. Alternatively, you could take out a Peloton app membership for $22, stream the classes on your phone, and use your ProForm bike for the classes instead and still save money.

However, if you wanted to go that route, a budget exercise bike might be a more cost-effective option as those don’t have built-in displays and come with phone mounts instead.

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