Save $40 on one of our favorite pairs of running earbuds — the Beats Fit Pro

Looking for some earbuds that are more comfortable for your workout routine? The Beats Fit Pro is an ideal pair, especially if you're an Apple device user — and they're $40 off at Best Buy.

To be among the best running earbuds, they need to be comfortable, whether in-ear or on-ear, and they need to sound good too. Poor-quality audio can really dampen your workout if the song that gets you going doesn't get going itself. We also look for a strong battery life, in case you're training for a marathon.

The Beats Fit Pro, a great alternative to Apple AirPods, fits the bill and they're now down to $159.99 at Best Buy. That marks 20% off of the MSRP, which is well worth a look if you need a new companion to your 2024 training plan.

Beats Fit Pro: Was $199.99, now $159.99 at Best Buy
Save $40

Beats Fit Pro: Was $199.99, now $159.99 at Best Buy
Save $40
on these earbuds that are essentially AirPods Pro but for working out.

The Beats Fit Pro, which earned a 4.5-star rating in our glowing review, is a lot like the AirPods Pro. We said at the time: "If you’re fed up with your AirPods slipping out of your ears, the Beats Fit Pro are as close to an instant buy as you can get."

They offer great audio (although are a little more bassy than their counterparts), and also offer the same noise-cancelation and transparency modes.

That means you can focus on your workout, or hear as much as you want to from the outside world. But what makes them so good for exercise anyway?

In a word, it's the shape. The Beats Fit Pro are small, in-ear buds with a handy 'fin' that keeps them in your ear no matter what you're doing. Laying flat on a bench press, doing situps, or the most strenuous cardio hasn't dislodged them in our testing, and that's not something we can say about every pair.

They charge via USB-C, and can get six hours of battery per bud, which extends to 24 hours of charge in total when popping them in the charging case. There's even the same instant-pairing you'll find with AirPods, so long as you're using an iPhone or another Apple device.

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