Hurry! This Cyber Monday Peloton Bike deal ends at midnight

Peloton Bike deal for Cyber Monday
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If you’re looking to cash in on an exercise bike this Cyber Monday, then this excellent Peloton bike deal is perfect for you. While Amazon has the Peloton Bike for $1,145 (a 21% reduction), for the same price, you could get the “Premier” bundle from Peloton itself, which offers cycling shoes, an exercise mat, bike mat, water bottle and light weights as part of the package. These extras, worth $310, make it the best peloton deal we’ve seen in the festive sales. But don’t delay — this offer expires at midnight tonight. 

For a slightly higher price ($1,225 — still a $600 reduction on the full price) you could also get the “Ultimate bundle” which includes Peloton cycling shoes, dumbbells, a heart rate band, bike mat and reversible workout mat. These extras would usually cost $429 on top of the standard $1,145 cost of a Peloton bike alone. 

If you're in the market for one of the best exercise bikes, you can't do better than a Peloton. We rated the bike 4.5 out of 5 stars when we tested it, with particular focus on the bike’s excellent construction and the immersive experience offered by the app. 

Overall, we simply cannot fault Peloton’s products for their top performance. Not only are there a variety of fun and effective workout options via the Peloton App, but the bike’s supreme build quality supports you effortlessly throughout even the toughest HIIT ride.The only negative is the premium price that you have to pay for the experience, which is why this Cyber Monday offer is worth taking advantage of.

The Peloton bike alone (with no added extras) costs $1,445, so this Premier bike package offers a great deal with the bike and much more for $300 less than a bike alone —at just $1,145. 

If the Peloton isn't for you, then you can find the Echelon Connect EX3 for $549 at Amazon You can also get the bike in white for a further reduction — down to $519.00

, Now $1,145

Peloton Bike Premier Bundle | Was $1,745, Now $1,145

Save $600 on the Peloton Bike Premier bundle, which includes the bike, cycling shoes, light weights, bike mat, reversible workout mat and water bottle. All for $300 cheaper than the bike alone.

, Now $1,225 at Peloton 

Peloton Ultimate Bike Bundle | Was $1,825, Now $1,225 at Peloton 

This fantastic exercise bike bundle is reduced by $600 for Black Friday, giving you a top performing Peloton bike, plus light weights, dumbbells, a cycling mat, Peloton shoes, a heart rate band and reversible workout mat.

If you're not sure you want a Peloton, the brand offer the option to rent a bike and cycling shoes, with access to the app included in your monthly payment. You can also try the bike at home for 30 days and return it if you are dissatisfied with its performance, which shows just how confident Peloton are in the quality of their products. 

When we tested the Peloton bike, we simply could not fault it for its performance. Not only are there a variety of fun and effective workout options via the Peloton App, but the bike’s supreme build quality supports you effortlessly throughout even the toughest HIIT ride. The only negative is the premium price that you have to pay for the experience, which this deal cuts into handsomely. 

There are a variety of workouts available on the Peloton App, from classic spin-style workouts, to boxing classes and relaxing yoga sessions. It’s worth noting that, unlike the Peloton Bike Plus, you can’t spin the screen around to view it during workouts that aren’t on the bike. However, you can download the app on your phone, laptop or smart TV to stream non-bike workouts there instead. 

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There are a number of other exercise bikes on sale right now too, but if pedaling isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of treadmill deals and rowing machines on sale too.

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